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8 Inches – The Width of the Thief Hatches in Pictures

The thief hatches are small, about the same size at the white hard hat of the man on the right, exiting the gangway. When one zooms to directly above the hatches, the perspective shifts and you can see just how small they are. Bear in mind, the opening inside tapers, which means the silver dome is wider than the opening underneath. In fact the exterior of the hatch – at 15.5 inches – is virtually twice as wide as the opening underneath.

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  1. Seymour Glass

    I’ve read a lot of the evidence document released after Chris Watt’s sentence, and I thought it was very telling of the family dynamics that, in my opinion, majorly contributed to this devastation. For the record, this case is one of the worst cases of sociopathy I’ve ever read – more than O.J, Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, even Scott Peterson.

    To look at Chris Watts, you don’t need to look much further than Ronnie & Cindy Watts, his parents. They remind me so much of my own parents. The controlling, emotionally manipulative mother, whom clearly created the golden child / scapegoat scenario with Chris and his sister – his sister, according to Shanaan’s texts, the golden child. And Ronnie Watts, the Biblical Ahab to his Jezebel wife, Cindy; enabling, don’t-make-any-waves type of father.

    Shanann’s texts to Chris were very telling. These texts were flowing right after CeCe was put at risk by his mother and sister. Not only did his mother serve ice cream with nuts to their cousins, Chris’ sister’s children, right in front of CeCe and Bella. When Shanann came back into the kitchen, Chris’ sister put a bowl of nuts on the kitchen table – a bowl of nuts that wasn’t there when the ice cream was served. This is called GAS LIGHTING folks. It’s a mind-fuck game cluster B narcissists and sociopaths like to place, especially in pairs like Cindy and her daughter – just like my mother and sister. SAME MO.

    They do this to make Shanaan explode, and then say, “Look, Chris, Shanaan’s nuts (no pun intended). Shanaan’s the problem.” When THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!!

    Chris was the scapegoat – a not self-aware one at that, bordering on dumb. Shanaan’s texts confirmed this when she reminded Chris how poorly his parents/family treated him. That’s where Chris’ rage was born. I saw that rage in his baseball pic when he was really young. Shanaan got him away from that environment, and tried to stand up for Chris. They saw Shanaan as a major threat from the beginning.

    The only thing a scapegoat can do in run and not look back. Go completely no contact. Cindy and Ronnie treated Shanaan, Bella and CeCe the same way they treated Chris as his extension. Their princess daughter and her family got all the love and respect, and Chris and his family got the crumbs. Shanaan also made a comment about Cindy and Ronnie acting like they only had two grandchildren instead of four.

    I can’t believe they had the gull to go on national TV and shame Shanaan’s memory, the mother of their granddaughters. Shanann was emotionally and psychologically abused by his parents throughout her marriage, and by Chris, towards the end of her life. My heart absolutely breaks for Shanaan, Bella, CeCe and Nico.

    People need to wake up to what narcissism and sociopathy is, how it first breeds in families, even generationally. The scapegoat can break the cycle with their own families, but it takes a lot of therapy and self-awareness.

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