When FBI Agent Grahm Coder asked Watts about his worst moment with Shan’ann, Watts offered a surprising answer. [It’s at about 40 minutes into the clip below].

WATTS: Only once did I ever see that happen [Shan’ann completely losing her temper].

CODER: And was that a time before or on the night that happened?

WATTS: No that was right back in North Carolina. It was just a fiery [laughs]…I just got mad and slammed the door and she was like…that was 2010, 2011. I don’t remember what it was about. I think it was about someone [a woman contacting him] from my past. She was like: ‘Don’t have that happen again.’

CODER: Was she fiery? Does she have that Italian blood that her mom has?

WATTS: Good Lord, yes.

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