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In 2010 Shan’ann Warned Watts Unequivocally: “Don’t EVER let me catch you cheating on me!”

When FBI Agent Grahm Coder asked Watts about his worst moment with Shan’ann, Watts offered a surprising answer. [It’s at about 40 minutes into the clip below].

WATTS: Only once did I ever see that happen [Shan’ann completely losing her temper].

CODER: And was that a time before or on the night that happened?

WATTS: No that was right back in North Carolina. It was just a fiery [laughs]…I just got mad and slammed the door and she was like…that was 2010, 2011. I don’t remember what it was about. I think it was about someone [a woman contacting him] from my past. She was like: ‘Don’t have that happen again.’

CODER: Was she fiery? Does she have that Italian blood that her mom has?

WATTS: Good Lord, yes.

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  1. Ralph Oscar

    Shan’Ann: Jealous, suspicious, controlling

  2. Sylvester

    I did think about his reference to a fight when they were dating in NC earlier today. He was seeing a woman who was divorced and he was trying to help her or something. I’ll listen to the video above. In my notes from the second confession he said “you’ll never see the kids again” was a different time (a different fight) but that the night in question (Aug. 13) it was a new kind of fight, “anger, emotion, no love there.” He said anger from him, desperation from her. I flagged every question put to him where he claims he didn’t know what to do or says he didn’t know what he was doing. Many many such answers to questions in the second confession. But I still believe there was no fight August 13, at any time. And yes Ralph, she was jealous, suspicious and controlling. In some ways I think she was jealous of his easy-going demeanor, because she couldn’t be that way.

  3. Jenn H.

    If Shan’ann was so jealous, then how come she wasn’t certain that Chris
    was cheating on her? ( Remember all the emotional turmoil she was going
    through, not quite sure why he was being so cold, the conversations with Addy, and her friends?
    If she had been truly suspicious, wouldn’t she be sure to find out one way or another?

    • Ralph Oscar

      Jealousy ≠ good judgment/discernment

      Often the opposite, in fact.

    • Bill

      She did find out.

      The affair was only 2 months long and Shan’ann was away most of that time. By the time she came home she knew her marriage was in trouble and that the second trip to Arizona was another big mistake.

    • Ks

      I have read everything to read. I believe with all my heart that there was no CONVERSATION. He didnt have the guts to even say I don’t love you I don’t want to be married to you ; people kept asking did you have a fight or disagreement and he thought it made him look better to say ya I just lost it wasn’t thinking he kept saying or I wouldn’t have done it. It’s been proven he was texting work which he never does, on his day off they said, while watching his girls at a pool party to arrange a reason to go out to a far oil site with the Intention of dumping the bodies while he watching them swim! Wife being late from trip rushed his plan. It can be proven it was planned. I think he had sex with her yes just like he said and I think his sick mind was thinking one last time for old time sake, and didnt have the guts to say a thing and used his physical position in sex to gain advantage over her. Because that’s the kind of man he is didnt even approach her or look in her eyes but took over when she was on her back. Chicken narcisist man

  4. Sylvester

    Right Bill – the trip to Arizona cost her and her children their lives. Because by then he knew that was his window of opportunity – he had to do it when she was away from the kids and so I think he encouraged her to go not just so he could have one more date with NK, but because it was going to be the only opportunity he would have to do it. I think you could say he suckered her. Made her think everything would work out, he would read the book and leave her a note, take the kids to the birthday party, just go on and go. One last date with NK as a married man, the kids go first, then his wife, get them buried, then deal with the house and finances, move to Brighton, etc., like a list of things to do.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “I think you could say he suckered her.”

      I disagree – Shan’Ann had only posted a half dozen videos in the last couple of months before her death, and I believe that LeVel required much more activity than that. So Shan’Ann was already on thin ice with LeVel – besides having apparently been told she would NOT be having a Thrive pregnancy or a Thrive baby! Shan’Ann knew she needed to keep her sales volume high even without being able to sell the way she was accustomed to (“Look at MEEE!! YOU could have this for *yourself*!”) and she was desperate to keep that car allowance coming. Plus, Chris was in her downline, so she was probably expecting him to maybe pick up a little of the slack, since he was looking *great* and could thus take over the promotion part of her “business” while she was out of commission (heh heh – literally) due to the pregnancy. But Chris deleted his Facebook account and disappeared off social media, the primary (only?) marketing platform for Thrive! Shan’Ann was still out of town when Chris did this – I can only imagine what she was thinking: “WTH, Chris?? WTH??” That single action, deleting his social media presence, was an obvious “I *quit*!” from Chris. So, with Chris refusing to help and Shan’Ann knowing she had to somehow pick up the slack despite her *own* lack of game at that point, along with potentially walking a very fine line with LeVel (they’re quick to cancel distributors), Shan’Ann wouldn’t have missed that Arizona rah-rah session, as doing so might well have gotten her canceled. Those things were *not* discretionary for the distributors!

  5. Sylvester

    I meant Chris suckered Shan’ann into thinking he wanted to work on their relationship, and go away to Aspen together, and whatever else he told her as he kissed her goodnight and went down to sleep in the basement before she left for Arizona. He encouraged her to go on and go, and that he would fix everything. But her fears were renewed when the $68 dinner charge appeared on the credit card.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Well, what *else* would he do before her trip, if he was attempting to behave according to Shan’Ann’s idea of “normal”? I just don’t see it “suckering” her. She *had* to go – they both knew that. What good would it have done to create a giant scene and possibly risk her canceling the trip? He *definitely* didn’t want that. What would he have said or done that would count as NOT “suckering”? I’m not seeing it.

      Chris’ whole MO hinged on keeping things as consistent with “normal” as possible. So he’d be playing that role in the run-up to the required trip to AZ as well.

  6. Jenn H.

    Shan’ann’s trip to Arizona, to do her work for the company she’d been affiliated with, was not the mistake.
    What the mistake is her being married to a man that was capable of
    anihlating his wife and very own children.
    Whether she had to leave on business, as she had done many times before
    that really wasn’t a mistake.
    The truth as it’s been proven, is that Watts is this person who did
    carry out infidelity, and murder.

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