Chris Watts’ commute from Saratoga Trail to CERVI 319 I passes by a Ford dealerships right alongside the highway. Was this where he originally worked when he and Shan’ann moved to Frederick shortly after their marriage in 2012? I decided to find out.

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A Daily Beast article identified Shan’ann Watts’ boss as Greg Alore. Initially Shan’ann worked with her husband at the dealership – him on the floor as a mechanic, her in internet sales.

It wasn’t difficult to find Alore’s work history, or the Ford dealership in question.

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The Longmont dealership is less than 10 miles from the Watts home, about 14 minutes’ drive.

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Not exactly the most Thrivin’ part of town is it?

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In terms of his commute, when he approached the roundabout on Aggregate, he headed north and then west to Longmont. Once he changed jobs, to get to CERVI 319 he headed the opposite way: right and out the first roundabout exit, down Aggregate Boulevard and east to the oil and fracking fields.

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Below is the dealership in Longmont where the Watts couple both worked.

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It’s probably through Longmont that Watts got his Ford Super Duty truck. It appears to be a 2012 model; it would have been new around the time he started working there.

After about two years at Longmont Ford, Chris Watts quit his job to start as an operator at Anadarko in January 2015. 2015 was the same year as their bankruptcy filing.

It’s not clear when Shan’ann quit working at the dealership. We know from the bankruptcy filing that she was pregnant with her second child by then and intended working “fewer hours”. We also know at the time of the bankruptcy filing Shan’ann was earning virtually nothing, and by the following year when she started at Le-Vel she was broke.

It’s possible by the time Bella was born in December 2013, after just over a year at the dealership, Shan’ann started flirting with the idea of being a stay-at-home mom.

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These humble work stations, and the patch selling deal in 2017 and midway through 2018, really puts into perspective just how far they were living beyond their means in that massive house on Saratoga Trail.