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THIS is where Chris Watts worked before switching to become an Operator with Anadarko

Chris Watts’ commute from Saratoga Trail to CERVI 319 I passes by a Ford dealerships right alongside the highway. Was this where he originally worked when he and Shan’ann moved to Frederick shortly after their marriage in 2012? I decided to find out.

Fullscreen capture 20181027 031923Fullscreen capture 20181027 230924

A Daily Beast article identified Shan’ann Watts’ boss as Greg Alore. Initially Shan’ann worked with her husband at the dealership – him on the floor as a mechanic, her in internet sales.

It wasn’t difficult to find Alore’s work history, or the Ford dealership in question.

Fullscreen capture 20181029 013617Fullscreen capture 20181029 013536

The Longmont dealership is less than 10 miles from the Watts home, about 14 minutes’ drive.

Fullscreen capture 20181029 013025

Not exactly the most Thrivin’ part of town is it?

Fullscreen capture 20181029 013037

In terms of his commute, when he approached the roundabout on Aggregate, he headed north and then west to Longmont. Once he changed jobs, to get to CERVI 319 he headed the opposite way: right and out the first roundabout exit, down Aggregate Boulevard and east to the oil and fracking fields.

Fullscreen capture 20181029 014043

Below is the dealership in Longmont where the Watts couple both worked.

Fullscreen capture 20181029 013311Fullscreen capture 20181029 013058

It’s probably through Longmont that Watts got his Ford Super Duty truck. It appears to be a 2012 model; it would have been new around the time he started working there.

After about two years at Longmont Ford, Chris Watts quit his job to start as an operator at Anadarko in January 2015. 2015 was the same year as their bankruptcy filing.

It’s not clear when Shan’ann quit working at the dealership. We know from the bankruptcy filing that she was pregnant with her second child by then and intended working “fewer hours”. We also know at the time of the bankruptcy filing Shan’ann was earning virtually nothing, and by the following year when she started at Le-Vel she was broke.

It’s possible by the time Bella was born in December 2013, after just over a year at the dealership, Shan’ann started flirting with the idea of being a stay-at-home mom.

Fullscreen capture 20181029 013134

These humble work stations, and the patch selling deal in 2017 and midway through 2018, really puts into perspective just how far they were living beyond their means in that massive house on Saratoga Trail.



  1. Cheryl

    I’ve rewatched several of Shan’ann’s sales videos recorded during what is likely perpetual lean times and am astounded at her composure. Perhaps the upper middle class Saratoga fantasy she promoted online had become her reality. I suspect that as the finances and marriage deteriorated she became more vested in her fantasy. In short, I don’t think Shan’ann could fully face life, which is evidenced by her insistence on staging it through her videos.

    • petecowell1

      So you’re trying to blame her for a grown man with his own mind murdering her and the children?
      He had no part to play in the marriage? Did he have special needs?

      • Anne

        No the post is simply saying the red flags were there.

    • Anne

      Absolutely. Anyone who comments and videos how great their life is and posts it means it’s really terrible and they just need validation from people they realky don3even know.

  2. Pauline

    Yes! I very much agree with your premise Cheryl, that she couldn’t fully face life. Maybe Leonard T. King wanted to put the brakes on too but she insisted on that big brick house furnished to the nines. She can’t hold on to it on her own so Chris moves in and they still can’t afford it, not on a mechanic’s salary and her low paying hourly job so off they go to Colorado . He gets a better job and time to get another big house they can ill afford. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. She wants the fantasy. But what does he want? I don’t think too many people knew what he wanted or more to the point who he was.

    • Cheryl

      Chris is still a puzzle, isn’t he—and probably one to himself. You’re right; I don’t think too many people really knew what he wanted, including shan’ann, so she branded him with all those T-shirts, and patches, and costumes. I think people like Chris are pleasers, who don’t form a core self because they’re too focused on others’
      needs, fearing articulating their own desires will be viewed negatively. Eventually the pleaser grows frustrated with being the supplicant. As a result, he blames the one he was trying to please rather than examining his own complicity in subordinating his needs to the other . It’s a terrible dynamic, and it usuallly doesn’t end well.

      Of course, I’m basing this on what I have perceived in the videos and could be totally off base. Despite the number of videos, there was a life lived off camera, and that could yield some surprises.

  3. Karen

    I wonder if this is the dealership Shanann was going to take Nikole to

    • nickvdl

      I don’t think Chris Watts was so much a puzzle to himself. If he was confused who he was he wouldn’t commit triple-quadruple murder. There’s a lot of intentionality right there, and intention comes from a solid identity. How he saw himself and how Shan’ann saw him is another question entirely.

      I don’t think Shan’ann was taking her to a Ford dealership. I think it was going to be Tesla, Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Lexus. Luxury vehicles.

  4. Pauline

    Would anyone like to consider that when Sha’nann was looking up houses in North Carolina she could have been thinking they could all move there and start over, not just her. Afterall, it takes a while to get another area started and look at that house in Mooresville. Think about it – she was already living in a big glorified house when she met Chris. They sell it quickly and move to Colorado – for a job with Ford? Chris then gets a better job – at Sha’nann’s insistence? and another big house. Who’s to say that she wouldn’t have been all for leaving that house behind too and moving all of them into another big house they couldn’t afford? She would simply paste her Thrive business from Colorado onto North Carolina but what about Chris. Give up his job with Anadarko – and his extracurricular activities – start over again. Unacceptable.

    • scolbydoo

      “Give up his job with Anadarko-and his extracurricular activities-start over again. Unacceptable.” Are you serious…he was an entry-level, low-skilled field inspector with Anadarko, not an engineer. And seriously, what were his extracurricular activities? SMH

      • JusticeForAll

        Extra Curricular activities is probably code for Nichol KESSINGER

  5. Mustang Sally

    @nickvdl “and intention comes from a solid identity.” I keep pondering these words. What Cheryl wrote made so much more sense to me; would you be willing to explain what you mean by your statement?

    • nickvdl

      Intentionality is rooted in identity. So the more intentionality there is, the more identity there is. And vice versa. Almost no one is interested in Chris Watts’ true identity, and that’s why they can’t understand this case. They like to think of him as a hollow psychopath or a narcissist, but those are little more than hollow labels. My books explain the reasoning behind these concepts in great depth and detail.

      • Mustang Sally

        Thank you for your response. Don’t you think figuring out CW’s true identity is what continues to perpetuate interest in this story? That seems to be the key to unlocking the mystery, however anyone defines what the mystery is to themselves. Is having a solid identity saying that CW knew himself? I’ll look for that answer and others in your books – if I can figure out how they work! I don’t own a kindle and have never purchased a download before! I have parents who put a big emphasis on reading but defined books as something that must be held, smelled, touched, savored, and ultimately shelved to be appreciated! Hahaha They have warped me; I get excited finding old leather bound books in shops or at auction. Gold embossing being a big bonus!

      • Bill

        Anyone interested in the case would have a an interest in Watt’s identity.

  6. David

    I worked at Longmont Ford with Chris Watts. To me, he was literally the most normal, unassuming person. I went to his house and Sha’naan cooked us all dinner and we watched Avatar on Blu-Ray on his giant flat screen TV. Its terrifying not knowing what people are capable of.

    • nickvdl

      I’d love to interview you to get more insight into the phase of their lives when they worked with you at Longmont.

      • Karen

        Did you ever get a response, Nick?

    • JusticeForAll

      I never knew who Chris Watts was or what he was accused of and ultimately convicted of doing and only became interested in the case after having a clairvoyant vision.

      《drum roll for the expected eye roll from all the skeptics. There are many, me included believe it or not. Having a skeptic nature, an analytical brain with an ability to predict events or see what’s already happened without an explanation for how or why has been a difficult existence for me lol. I fact check as much as I possibly can in situations like this, not because I am proving anything to anyone, but its because when i see things in cases like this it really bothers me so I do it for the sake of my own sanity》

      Right at the moment in the video where he said something like, “I am not a monster, i did not kill (or He may have said hurt) my babies.” that all the hair on my body stood up, I felt a cold electric chill run through me and I saw what i saw….i believed him 100% that he wasn’t the one that killed them (neither was Shanann). He is responsible for “allowing it to happen” though.

      I dont get the narcissistic vibe from him that everyone else does. I feel like his ego was being stroked for the 1st time in his life, he liked how it felt but the one stroking it has another agenda besides just him. He got in too deep and what started as pillow talk became his reality before he could stop it (I’ll just leave it at that).

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