TCRS: It does seem suspicious that on July 31st, the day Watts arrived in North Carolina, he was not only off towards Shan’ann, but Shan’ann immediately felt sick…

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Let’s talk about Chris’s first attempt on the life of his wife …

Shan’ann, at that time, was wary of Chris’s emotional state regarding her and their future together, but she obviously still trusted him, as did his in-laws, or they never would have let him in their house . And they shouldn’t have!

Chris had come bearing, unbeknownst to Shan’ann, some of her Oxycontin, an opiate derived from heroin and therefore a potentially lethal drug, which Chris referred to more benignly as “Shan’ann’s Lupus medication.”


He arrived in Aberdeen and proceeded to mix an unknown amount of ground-up Oxycontin into Shan’ann’s Balance formula. Balance is a supposedly digestive support supplement that can be taken in either capsule or powder form, and that can be added to juice, or whatever.

We don’t know when Chris ground up the Oxycontin, but we know that he had it with him when he left Colorado. After all, the basement of their house was full of the stuff. So, bringing the Oxycontin with him from Colorado shows that it was not was not a spontaneous decision on his part to feed it to his wife. He arrived in North Carolina fully prepared.

Recently [in mid-2019], he called up his sister, Jamie, and ‘confessed’ to something he had done, informing her that he had placed ground-up Oxycontin into Shann’ann’s Balance that night “hoping she would miscarry. It was only two pills and I felt so bad I threw the rest of them out.”

No doubt he did indeed try to poison her, but I refuse to believe he saw the Oxycontin as a possible abortifacient (who ever has?), nor that he only used two pills. And I don’t think he threw the remaining pills away. Why would he do that? Oxycontin, by that stage, was as familiar to him as M&Ms.

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What he wanted was for Shan’ann to appear to die from an overdose, and if she did, well, the prescription was in her name, and she was known to be beside herself over her failing marriage – suicidal, even.

As for Bella and Celeste, they were right there safe with the Rcuzeks who could then raise them, and Chris could then use the money from Shan’ann’s life insurance policy to clear up some of his more pressing financial problems.

Of course, the insurance would pay: after all, hers was an accidental overdose, wasn’t it?

Then, once Chris obtained enough money from Shan’ann’s life insurance policy to catch up on the mortgage of his vanity house in Colorado (nose-to-nose with the neighbors and with a team of derricks in the yard), he could sell that white elephant of a house, collect over a hundred thousand dollars in equity from the sale, and ride off into the sunset with his beloved Nikki (well, she might not be his “beloved Nikki” for long, as it turned out).

He probably even told himself that he would go and visit the girls from time to time when he happened to be visiting North Carolina. They’d be fine with the Rcuzeks. He just loved the Rcuzeks (always had), calling them “Mom” and “Dad,” and reminding his own mother that these people understood him so much better than she did, and that they never questioned him in the annoying way that she constantly did.

Sadly, from Chris’s viewpoint, all poor Shan’ann did was spend the night convulsively hugging a toilet bowl and blaming it all on her being pregnant. She never connected Chris’s arrival on the scene with this sudden volcanic onslaught of vomiting – no one did until Nick made that post.

August 1, 2018: Chris Watts’ First Day in North Carolina #1yearagotodayCW

Certainly Chris’s sister, Jamie, didn’t. Jamie had kept well out of Chris and Shan’ann’s life for years, since they’d kicked her out of their wedding, in fact. Happily married with two kids and a husband she loved and a career she enjoyed, she never wanted to hear from her mother about Chris and Shan’ann’s latest dramas out of Colorado. The first time she’d seen Shan’ann since forever was when she showed up to pick up her children one day in July 2018 [Nut Gate] and walked into the maelstrom of an epic Shan’ann scene. Wanting no part of that, she immediately grabbed the kids and ran for it.

#6 July 9th, 2018: Nut Gate: “My heart is still racing 30 mins later and tears of anger…” #1yearagotodayCW

Her mother was upset about the turmoil Shan’ann had caused that day, and she was sorry about that, but Jamie had been saying for a long time that those two were going to do what they wanted and that it was best not to get involved.


When Chris called his mother the day after this incident and accused Cindy of trying to poison CeeCee with ice cream, Cindy decided she had finally had it too. She told Chris that their relationship had become too toxic to continue, and while she wished all of them well, she was agreeing with her daughter: Don’t involve me ever again.

That’s the way things still stood when Chris arrived in North Carolina a month later in early August of 2018, and if he had successfully killed his wife that night, that might have put an end to it.

But Shan’ann lived, and so Chris moved on to Plan B.

Jamie and her family typically spend a week at Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, in August every year, and they, her parents, and her mother-in-law, were at that beach the day after Chris’s attempt on Shan’ann’s life with the Oxycontin.

Out of the blue, Chris arrived. He was all smiles, and it was as though he and Jamie had been seeing each other daily for years; as if he had never accused his mother of attempting to murder his children and subsequently ended all contact with them yet again.

Why, here I am, nice Uncle Chris, come to visit my niece and nephew (two strangers to me), and my brother-in-law (who barely gives me the time of day). Let’s all take a group photo, and while I’m here I want to tell you that I’m leaving Shan’ann. I’m afraid of her, in fact.

Predictably, his family welcomed him back, the poor, beleaguered prodigal son, and when his mother said, “Son, you should put what you’re afraid of in a letter and leave it with us in case anything happens,” he greeted her idea with enthusiasm. Indeed, he’d been hoping she’d say that. Finally, the mother he’d always disliked had said something right.

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#34 August 6th, 2018: “This has been the worst week of my life” #1yearagotodayCW

He wrote and sealed a letter to the effect that he and the children were in eminent danger from Shan’ann’s homicidal ways, and left cheerfully.

By the next morning he’d probably already come up with his next idea: I know, I’ll kill her and make it look like she killed the girls, and then my family will remember that letter, and everyone knows how mean she was to me. And if they find her, I’ll say I killed her because I lost my mind and was so angry that she’d just killed my children. Yeah, that could work!

Of course, there are no foolproof plans when it comes to murder. He probably used a little more Oxycontin the night of August 12, 2018, to kill the girls hours before Shan’ann was due home, but for poor Chris, the success of his cunning plan was contingent upon Southwest Airlines being on time, proving, if nothing else does, that he isn’t half as smart as he thinks he is.

Shan’ann was three hours late! Damn her, now no one will believe that these cold dead little bodies just got killed by my psycho wife. That’s where Plan C came in … But that’s another story and best for you to read about in Nick’s next book.

One last thing: Why did Chris want Jamie to hear the story of his first attempted murder? I think I can answer that one: He hates his mother, she dearly loves her daughter, and what hurts Jamie hurts her … and, besides, Chris has a book coming out, one just filled with more grotesque stories. And he thought it might be entertaining to let his sister, the happy one, the non-murderous one, the one his mother likes best, to have a preview to disturb her peace, to make her shame deeper, even to try to implicate her in his hideous crime. She now knows what I tried to do last August, the first time I tried to kill Shan’ann. Will she tell?

Jamie has never wanted any part of Chris’s secrets; she hasn’t trusted or felt close to him since childhood. And Chris remains every bit as dangerous as he ever was. He comes up with one story, then the next story, then the next story – all mutually contradictory – that what he did was everyone else’s fault.

Well, at least he cannot implicate Jamie in his first attempt on Shan’ann’s life: she hadn’t seen either of them forever, and Chris and Shan’ann’s house was already Oxycontin heaven. It is the very definition of redundancy.

But I’m sure he’ll try … I’m sure, by the time he is finished, everyone in the entire world will have murdered Shan’ann, and Bella, and CeCe – or at least have been in a conspiracy to do so. Only Chris will be innocent of all wrongdoing … in his head, at least.

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