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Guest Post: “Let’s talk about Chris’s first attempt on the life of his wife in North Carolina”

TCRS: It does seem suspicious that on July 31st, the day Watts arrived in North Carolina, he was not only off towards Shan’ann, but Shan’ann immediately felt sick…

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Please note not all the views expressed in this post reflect those of TCRS.


Let’s talk about Chris’s first attempt on the life of his wife …

Shan’ann, at that time, was wary of Chris’s emotional state regarding her and their future together, but she obviously still trusted him, as did his in-laws, or they never would have let him in their house . And they shouldn’t have!

Chris had come bearing, unbeknownst to Shan’ann, some of her Oxycontin, an opiate derived from heroin and therefore a potentially lethal drug, which Chris referred to more benignly as “Shan’ann’s Lupus medication.”


He arrived in Aberdeen and proceeded to mix an unknown amount of ground-up Oxycontin into Shan’ann’s Balance formula. Balance is a supposedly digestive support supplement that can be taken in either capsule or powder form, and that can be added to juice, or whatever.

We don’t know when Chris ground up the Oxycontin, but we know that he had it with him when he left Colorado. After all, the basement of their house was full of the stuff. So, bringing the Oxycontin with him from Colorado shows that it was not was not a spontaneous decision on his part to feed it to his wife. He arrived in North Carolina fully prepared.

Recently [in mid-2019], he called up his sister, Jamie, and ‘confessed’ to something he had done, informing her that he had placed ground-up Oxycontin into Shann’ann’s Balance that night “hoping she would miscarry. It was only two pills and I felt so bad I threw the rest of them out.”

No doubt he did indeed try to poison her, but I refuse to believe he saw the Oxycontin as a possible abortifacient (who ever has?), nor that he only used two pills. And I don’t think he threw the remaining pills away. Why would he do that? Oxycontin, by that stage, was as familiar to him as M&Ms.

Nichol Kessinger wasn’t the only one actively deleting her browser history…


What he wanted was for Shan’ann to appear to die from an overdose, and if she did, well, the prescription was in her name, and she was known to be beside herself over her failing marriage – suicidal, even.

As for Bella and Celeste, they were right there safe with the Rcuzeks who could then raise them, and Chris could then use the money from Shan’ann’s life insurance policy to clear up some of his more pressing financial problems.

Of course, the insurance would pay: after all, hers was an accidental overdose, wasn’t it?

Then, once Chris obtained enough money from Shan’ann’s life insurance policy to catch up on the mortgage of his vanity house in Colorado (nose-to-nose with the neighbors and with a team of derricks in the yard), he could sell that white elephant of a house, collect over a hundred thousand dollars in equity from the sale, and ride off into the sunset with his beloved Nikki (well, she might not be his “beloved Nikki” for long, as it turned out).

He probably even told himself that he would go and visit the girls from time to time when he happened to be visiting North Carolina. They’d be fine with the Rcuzeks. He just loved the Rcuzeks (always had), calling them “Mom” and “Dad,” and reminding his own mother that these people understood him so much better than she did, and that they never questioned him in the annoying way that she constantly did.

Sadly, from Chris’s viewpoint, all poor Shan’ann did was spend the night convulsively hugging a toilet bowl and blaming it all on her being pregnant. She never connected Chris’s arrival on the scene with this sudden volcanic onslaught of vomiting – no one did until Nick made that post.

August 1, 2018: Chris Watts’ First Day in North Carolina #1yearagotodayCW

Certainly Chris’s sister, Jamie, didn’t. Jamie had kept well out of Chris and Shan’ann’s life for years, since they’d kicked her out of their wedding, in fact. Happily married with two kids and a husband she loved and a career she enjoyed, she never wanted to hear from her mother about Chris and Shan’ann’s latest dramas out of Colorado. The first time she’d seen Shan’ann since forever was when she showed up to pick up her children one day in July 2018 [Nut Gate] and walked into the maelstrom of an epic Shan’ann scene. Wanting no part of that, she immediately grabbed the kids and ran for it.

#6 July 9th, 2018: Nut Gate: “My heart is still racing 30 mins later and tears of anger…” #1yearagotodayCW

Her mother was upset about the turmoil Shan’ann had caused that day, and she was sorry about that, but Jamie had been saying for a long time that those two were going to do what they wanted and that it was best not to get involved.


When Chris called his mother the day after this incident and accused Cindy of trying to poison CeeCee with ice cream, Cindy decided she had finally had it too. She told Chris that their relationship had become too toxic to continue, and while she wished all of them well, she was agreeing with her daughter: Don’t involve me ever again.

That’s the way things still stood when Chris arrived in North Carolina a month later in early August of 2018, and if he had successfully killed his wife that night, that might have put an end to it.

But Shan’ann lived, and so Chris moved on to Plan B.

Jamie and her family typically spend a week at Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, in August every year, and they, her parents, and her mother-in-law, were at that beach the day after Chris’s attempt on Shan’ann’s life with the Oxycontin.

Out of the blue, Chris arrived. He was all smiles, and it was as though he and Jamie had been seeing each other daily for years; as if he had never accused his mother of attempting to murder his children and subsequently ended all contact with them yet again.

Why, here I am, nice Uncle Chris, come to visit my niece and nephew (two strangers to me), and my brother-in-law (who barely gives me the time of day). Let’s all take a group photo, and while I’m here I want to tell you that I’m leaving Shan’ann. I’m afraid of her, in fact.

Predictably, his family welcomed him back, the poor, beleaguered prodigal son, and when his mother said, “Son, you should put what you’re afraid of in a letter and leave it with us in case anything happens,” he greeted her idea with enthusiasm. Indeed, he’d been hoping she’d say that. Finally, the mother he’d always disliked had said something right.

Fullscreen capture 20190909 100836

#34 August 6th, 2018: “This has been the worst week of my life” #1yearagotodayCW

He wrote and sealed a letter to the effect that he and the children were in eminent danger from Shan’ann’s homicidal ways, and left cheerfully.

By the next morning he’d probably already come up with his next idea: I know, I’ll kill her and make it look like she killed the girls, and then my family will remember that letter, and everyone knows how mean she was to me. And if they find her, I’ll say I killed her because I lost my mind and was so angry that she’d just killed my children. Yeah, that could work!

Of course, there are no foolproof plans when it comes to murder. He probably used a little more Oxycontin the night of August 12, 2018, to kill the girls hours before Shan’ann was due home, but for poor Chris, the success of his cunning plan was contingent upon Southwest Airlines being on time, proving, if nothing else does, that he isn’t half as smart as he thinks he is.

Shan’ann was three hours late! Damn her, now no one will believe that these cold dead little bodies just got killed by my psycho wife. That’s where Plan C came in … But that’s another story and best for you to read about in Nick’s next book.

One last thing: Why did Chris want Jamie to hear the story of his first attempted murder? I think I can answer that one: He hates his mother, she dearly loves her daughter, and what hurts Jamie hurts her … and, besides, Chris has a book coming out, one just filled with more grotesque stories. And he thought it might be entertaining to let his sister, the happy one, the non-murderous one, the one his mother likes best, to have a preview to disturb her peace, to make her shame deeper, even to try to implicate her in his hideous crime. She now knows what I tried to do last August, the first time I tried to kill Shan’ann. Will she tell?

Jamie has never wanted any part of Chris’s secrets; she hasn’t trusted or felt close to him since childhood. And Chris remains every bit as dangerous as he ever was. He comes up with one story, then the next story, then the next story – all mutually contradictory – that what he did was everyone else’s fault.

Well, at least he cannot implicate Jamie in his first attempt on Shan’ann’s life: she hadn’t seen either of them forever, and Chris and Shan’ann’s house was already Oxycontin heaven. It is the very definition of redundancy.

But I’m sure he’ll try … I’m sure, by the time he is finished, everyone in the entire world will have murdered Shan’ann, and Bella, and CeCe – or at least have been in a conspiracy to do so. Only Chris will be innocent of all wrongdoing … in his head, at least.

Who is the most MYSTERIOUS woman in the Chris Watts case [it’s not who you think]



  1. sunnie23

    What evidence supports the claim that “their basement was full of it [Oxycontin]” and it was as familiar to Chris “as M&Ms?’
    And if he drugged the girls before Shannan arrived home, would that not show in the autopsy? Even if she’d arrived home on time, how could he claim she killed the girls if they were full of opiates?

    • nickvdl

      It’s good that you’re asking questions. I’m not going to answer based on the Guest Poster, but I do think it’s worth bearing a few aspects in mind.

      1. Watts Googled Oxycodone 80mg and then deleted this search. 80mg is a very large dose of Oxycodone. As far as I know you don’t get a higher dose than 120mg.

      2. There is currently an Opiate epidemic sweeping America, and guess which is the #1 opiate drug of choice? So to suggest that it’s unlikely Shan’ann used this drug, when much of America is addicted to it, is a little dismissive.

      3. Oxycontin/Oxycodone is the classic pain medication used by Lupus sufferers. Besides this, and the fact that Watts specifically Googled it, in some images of the piled up containers in the basement it does appear to be medication and pain medication. An orange plastic tablet container in Shan’ann’s office also looks like medication of some sort. Shan’ann’s business involved the wellness industry and taking tablets daily, powders daily and shakes daily. It’s hard to imagine she would take it easy on medications compared to the alternative.

    • Trinket78

      Great question! I don’t recall seeing any of it in basement footage or police searches of home. Seems probable the Oxy (if used) was related to the NC visit somehow. If it were at home he would not risk flying with it. I think he got it from family members

      • nickvdl

        Trinket78 – why does that name a bell? Hmmmm…

        • Kathleen

          Nick, just a short sorry. I had no intention of using your site as a plug. These things always go sideways quickly. Yikes, I won’t post or comment on your blog again, but will continue to read your books with pleasure.

        • shellyp12

          That name does ring a bell 🔔

  2. Suga

    Interesting. Always enjoy your posts.

    Do they prescribe this for her type of neck surgery? As it’s normally for end of life patients or serve pain where no other medication works.
    Not for neck surgery or lupus. Shanann also didn’t take medication for lupus she said often enough, so did her friends, so did Chris and so did her family.

    If shanann used this for lupus and any other medications and used it regular for all this pain. Her autopsy results would show this. Same for bella and cece.

    Chris disliked his mum? Cindy said in the interview he was closer to Ronnie. No proof where he dislikes her.

    Are you sure the ghost poster is not deflecting away from themselves? Or deflecting away from something? Did his sister contact the fbi with this information about drugging? After chris told her.

    The guest speaker said oxycitin, Chris googled oxyconde. Aren’t they two different types , slow release, not crushable and so on?

  3. Mama McCloud

    In the discovery there was mention of pharmacy records being obtained. This was to make sure no refills were given since she left the meds at home. We know the detectives have this information. What if Jamie gave him the Oxy since she is in the medical field? She works with dying patients. Maybe that explains the note that was left in NC. They knew he had a plan?

    • Rachel Leigh

      This is reaching. His family did not plot to murder Chris’ family.

  4. Sandy

    I think the poisoning theory is a solid theory and fits the evidence we have seen on the police body cams and in discovery. I think leaving the children alive also has merit because in the second confession In Wisconsin, CW touched on children being raised by grandparents (in general).

  5. Sheis

    Hmmm. I won’t dismiss this out of hand. The only question I have is, how do we know that Chris confessed this to Shanann?

    I always chalked her sudden sickness in NC to factitious disorder. She was acting sick to get Chris to pay attention to her. He was glued to his phone and being “cold” and “distant”. She was trying to manipulate him by “spotting” and being nauseous. (it didn’t work)

    I do remember some old family friend who owned a restaurant, speaking about Shanann’s trip back to NC. Naturally, Shanann visited her and tried to recruit her for Thrive. Later,Shanan claimed to have gotten food poisoning from the restaurant. I always assumed the friend declined to sign up for Thrive, and the “food poisoning” was a little soft slander in return.

  6. valgal

    This theory is crap and then some. Two Oxy are NOT going to kill a grown adult (unless there is some type of severe allergy) nor is it going to cause a miscarriage. CW is brainless but even he can’t be that dumb to think two Oxy were going to cause her death. IF SW was taking the Oxy somewhat regularly, she would have a degree of tolerance so it would affect her even less. Also, “..the basement of their house was full of the stuff”? Come one! Don’t you think that would have come out in the discovery? That’s kind of tough to hide, right? I’m not sure where your guest blogger gets their “information” but they got played.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Why would you believe Chris’s statement that he only used two of the Oxys? By now we all know he’s the King of Unreliable Narrators.

  7. Kathleen

    The way I read it, it said Chris told his sister he used 2 oxy, so that’s just Chris saying that and he lies ( and uhm you know murders people and stuff) This matches her being sick that night and there must have been pills from neck surgery or her fibromyalgia. I’m guessing Nick was right when he said Watts drugged the girls the night of the murders too.

    • Ralph Oscar

      I was prescribed a few oxycodones when I was recovering from a fractured shoulder (no surgery) so some, at least, could have been left over from Shan’Ann’s neck surgery.

  8. Sandy

    Guest poster stated that they didn’t agree only 2 oxy’s were used nor that it could cause a miscarriage. The pharma stash was abundantly shown on police body cam. Do you have a theory you can share here?

    • Kathleen

      Hi Sandy, it’s exasperating what Watts says, or doesn’t say. Any theory I have is based on his inability to tell the truth, so for me it’s more what not to believe. For example, there’s a new 19 minute video out on YouTube, about Watts shading NK, that someone put up, it’s just a clip from his Wisconsin confession.

      I thought, I,d watched that 2nd confession carefully but guess not. Cause at 15-19 minutes in you listen to Watts talking about NK making videos of being bipolar, if those existed wouldn’t good ole Plunder Media or Nancy Grace or Scott Reisch or Armchair man, or somebody have posted them long ago? He say,s that either his dad or John Walsh-whoever that is, told him about these videos, huh?

      Then he implies that it was NK who wanted to hear the Metallica song., ( right cuz women just love them some Metallica lol). Here,s where I start wondering wtf?

      I mean this guy is a convicted killer and I think everybody thinks he lies about everything, but then when he makes one of his confessions everybody, Weld County included, goes ahh yeah that’s how it must have gone down. So for me at least, I believe that it was totally pre-meditated as Nick posited last year. I think it probably started in the basement, cause I trust cadaver dogs ( see McCann case).

      And I think he drugged the girls and jumped S from behind, that makes sense because he seems to hate and fear confrontation. I bet he has more confessions to make, he seems to enjoy attention and I don’t know if they were alive or not when he went to Cervi. But one other gross thing there, is that Nick pointed out that he put those big plastic containers on the back seat, so no room.

      Wouldn’t that mean that dead or alive he laid them on top of their dead mother on the floor of the back? Horrible thought but then again we know he killed small children so anything is possible. I can’t wait for The Silver Fox series, while understanding that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth may be years out there, paging Dr. Cyril Wecht 🤓

      • Suga

        Kathleen as in jamie’s Kathleen? Coincidence? Ghost?

        • Mel Protor

          Kathleen is an author. She is writing a book for my friends Jamie and Cindy. She told me she saw Chris while he was at Myrtle Beach and knew he did not want the baby. This is why Jamie knew he used the Oxy for miscarriage. She did not know if he used it on the girls or not.

          • Kathleen

            Hi Mel, yes I am, well me and about two dozen other people, or if it follows the Simpson case, 50 more books. Mine is based more on a sociological question, why are some relatives of killers hated. What brings it out, and why. There have been so many murders and mass shootings in this country, since the Watts case, but no one seems at all interested in the family members. It’s a curious phenomenon.

            Why are Cindy and Jamie targeted? That in particular was what drew me. Victims interest me. No matter how many books are written, I,ll always find Nick,s dispassionate look at the case the best one, distant social overviews tell the truth without emotion. I usually write about the very rich who will never face indictment or trial or much in the way of public censure. I get that, it’s not what you do, it’s who your attorney is, and people also tend to admire the rich, the case in San Antonio of the woman and her daughter’s being killed is a good case in point, as is “The Gone Girl” Dulos case in CN.

            Poor families on the other hand are much more heart rending, they haven’t the money for the great lawyers, they remain at the mercy of the kindness of strangers, or lack thereof, vulnerable and easy to strike at. With the sole exception of Alex Jones, calling the Newton families liars, I haven’t seen this sort of bloodlust towards people already struggling with disaster. Well maybe the Hurricane Katrina victims, but somebody wrote that book.

          • Bethany


            Is this confirmation that you are in fact writing a book with Cindy and Jamie?

          • nickvdl

            Just to be 100% clear, Mel Protor isn’t Mel Proctor.

          • Rachel Leigh

            That is definitely not Mel Proctor

          • Karen L.

            So, Jamie knew he gave Oxy secretly to Shanann and didn’t report it?

  9. Stefanie

    Who came up with this garbage? No one tried to poison Shanann with medication that first of all, doesn’t induce a miscarriage, second of all, that Shanann was more than likely taking on her own. The only person in my opinion that would even remotely be able to obtain Rx medication that didn’t belong to them is Nickole Atkinson. Just because someone works in the medical field, that doesn’t give them access to pain medication. The fact that some idiot would even suggest something that anyone with sense and access to Google could debunk, is laughable. Whoever this, “guest” is, clearly doesn’t have the wherewithal to even begin speculating on this case.

    • PJL

      What a load of crap all of this. Where do you people come up with this stuff. It’s amazing to me that you have nothing better to do with your time, life, than to spend every waking moment trying to figure out every second leading up to that horrific day! My friend and her babies are gone. Nothing is going to bring them back. All you are accomplishing here is giving this very, sick, disturbed man more attention! Why can’t you see that? He is probably sitting in that cell feeling all the love from the freak, lowlife women who are sending him love letters, visiting him, feeling like he is in some way a celebrity. Those writing books trying get their little piece of this tragedy! It sickens me! It’s perplexing to me how there are people out there sitting behind screens playing Murder 101, and think they 1. Know more than the investigators and police on the case 2. Think they picked up on things these trained criminal and forensic investigators somehow overlooked. Please!!! It’s almost humorous if it wasn’t so asinine. I think you can trust that those involved in this case want/wanted to find every morsel of info and evidence they possibly could.
      You all should just do yourselves a favor for your own mental well-being and stop obsessing and fixating on this case.
      I don’t know how I even came across this…but I can tell you this you can sit there and continue to surmise what took place, or how Shanann lived her life, what kind of a Mom she was, wife she was, if and when she took medications, etc. The only people who know the answers and the truth are those who knew and loved her. To think that any of you especially those meeting with him writing books would actually accept anything that streams from his mouth even in the slightest way trustworthy is simply astounding to me.
      He’s found God…he’s found God and yet still not even a tear has formed in the corners of his eyes! Not one tear for his baby girls. You tell me what father who is supposedly remorseful for murdering his beautiful girls and disposing of their tiny, innocent bodies in THE most horrendous way possible can’t find a tear to shed?! You found God, you believe you’ve been forgiven, even more reason to make one finally break down emotionally and sob over the heiness act you committed. He is a compulsive liar like no other among other things. He still hasn’t spoken the truth! If they did another polygraph it to would be a big fail. Unfortunately, he is now living a comfortable enough life on the peoples dollar the way we treat our prisoners…after all we must be politically correct…guys like Chris have rights come on. He gets his meals, he gets to work out, he’s got cable, he gets to buy stuff at the store, he has a trac phone, he has girlfriends, he even has protection! Something Shanann, Bella, CeCe, and Nico didn’t have. 😢

  10. Kim Coffman

    This is written like a .25 cent novella from a goodwill store. I find it ludicrous to believe that his sister is turning the tides of events into being a “victim” of “the Chris and Shan’ann show” as I like to refer to it. Jamie and Cindy were the writers and directors of this epic disaster imo. They have played out many conspiracy theories. Was it sleepwalking(Chris was smothering Bella in her sleep as an infant), autism (Chris was always different), brainwashing (Chris did as he was told), demons (we are a Christian family and a Jezebel came in ), no empathy (Chris threw ticks on a neighbor), PTSD(His wife batterered him for years), Sandy in the basement (it’s not fair the Rzuecks are millionaires and we aren’t ). I wish someone would write a book about the making of Chris Watts.

    • Kim Kauffman

      When people try to be you.. but don’t get your name right. 🙂 Nice try..

  11. Dirty Gerdie

    So here is what I’m confused about? Why would he bring the oxy to NC? He is not going to risk Bringing oxy on a plane when he can kill her with it once home . Your guest post person obviously is a ghost writer for Jamie so this is skewed info. Ok so let’s examine this… we are supposed to believe he brought oxy from his home but mixed it into pills? He told her two pills then regretted it? So he was planning on trying to cause her to lose the baby in front of inlaws? They would do blood toxic screen at hospital so how would this work? The only logical info I have heard is his sister gave it to him. He used it once home. Still nick is right. But how was he to know Jamie gave it to him.? Can we get Pharmacy records bc discovery mentioned them? I bet Rzuecks would gladly give them to stop this nonsense. I wonder if Jamie does home visits with critically ill as a respiratory therapist. Oxy 80mg is used for chronically ill. Chris Watts killed alone but Jamie definitely is hiding some secrets with the letter and this ghost writer? Is there a new book? And if Jamie saw Chris several times this is important

    • Ralph Oscar

      How is there any “risk” to bringing prescription medication on a plane? I’ve flown dozens of times with prescription medication in a little bottle, and TSA has never even taken it out. Now, that one time I was flying home with a big block of cheese – they were sure interested in that! I got to keep it, though.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Thing is, there *are* abortifacients that people can get ahold of without a prescription. Chris was obviously savvy enough to search medical information online – if he’d been planning to induce a miscarriage, I think he’d have been doing a much different kind of search.

      I believe it’s more likely that he slipped Shan’Ann a much *stronger* dose than just 2 pills because he was hoping to kill her there, as described in the Op-Ed up top.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Just remembered – I’ve even flown with several pills of Oxycodone before. No trouble at all.

  12. Shine Bright

    This is so ridiculous.
    1. Someone who is addicted to Oxy as the “Guest Author *cough Kathleen* poorly insinuates Shanann was, would not have bins of it in their basement. They use it not stockpile it- which is why we have the words “user and addict”. OxyContin and Oxycodone both of which are misspelled above, are indeed synthetic heroin and highly addictive. To imply she took it a lot but left it at home is asinine.
    2. If indeed this was “so common to Chris as M&Ms” and was a medication that Shanann used, she would have had it with her for her extended stay in North Carolina and there would be no need to him to bring along some with him.
    This is yet another pathetic attempt to deflect poor behavior by the Watts. Will someone tell them being quiet is an option too??

    • Sandy

      Shine Bright,

      I think the Watts Family is on a mission to repair their reputation.

      Because of what we learned from the Discovery, as well as their own taped interviews, I think it’s safe to say that certain members of the Watts Family are as strongly disliked by the public as is a certain Mistress.

      In the beginning of CW’s affair, the words “karma” and “honesty” were used so much, by both him and his new love. Now, isn’t THAT ironic.

  13. Kasey

    It’s interesting how this article insinuates that Chris is a stranger to his niece and nephew but where are the photos of said niece and nephew visiting their cousins and aunt and uncle in Colorado? Has Jamie even been to visit her brother in prison? Has Cindy? Seems as though Chris’s own family despised him before he murdered his own family. No wonder he liked his in laws better.

  14. A

    About that letter, why didn’t Jamie and Cindy immediately call the police and tell them about it when they heard Shanann and the girls were missing? Clearly they weren’t concerned that Shanann may have taken the girls and run away or worse. And why didn’t Ronnie mention the letter in his interview? Could it be that Jamie supplied the oxycontin to Chris in NC and her family was fearful that the letter that they had him write would prove premeditation? This article is a crappy attempt to deflect blame away from Jamie when in fact they know that Chris used the oxy that Jamie gave him to aide in the murders.

  15. Robert Williams

    Ok so Kathleen states she won’t use this as a “plug”!! I believe we have confirmation the Watts are doing a book folks !

  16. Charmed Life

    Three questions for the guest bc now I’m super intrigued.
    1. Jamie was present at Nutgate and grabbed her children and left?
    2. Did Jamie see her brother at the beach trip as well?
    3. Why did Jamie hang up on media and say “I shouldn’t be talking to you!”

    • Sandy

      Charmed Life,

      I’m not the guest poster, but would like to offer an answer of my own if you wouldn’t mind.

      To your question #3:

      Because it would implicate Chris as well as herself. I believe it was LE not the media that Jamie hung up on.

    • Stefanie

      • No, Jamie was not there when Shanann went crazy over a vanilla ice cream cup.
      • The letter was given to the defense attorneys. • Jamie did try to reach out to Shananns family and they blocked her. Not the other way around.
      • No, the Watts are not writing a book.
      • Yes, these people and their hatred of a family that’s stood in silence is utterly insane.

  17. Linda Lou

    One thought – OxyContin is not crushable. Oxycodone is but not OxyContin. So that part is inaccurate.

    • Georgia

      Oxycontin – Medsafe
      Do not break, chew, crush or dissolve the tablets. OXYCONTIN tablets are only designed to work properly if swallowed whole. The tablets may release all their contents at once if broken, chewed, crushed or dissolved which can be dangerous and cause serious problems, such as an overdose, which may be fatal.

      • Linda Lou

        They changed the formulation years ago – 2010 or 2011. They are now tamper resistant and uncrushable. 100%. Doesn’t mean people don’t still try.

      • Linda Lou

        Also, oxycodones are not made in 80mg pills. Only OxyContin is. So there is something off on this part of the story.

        • Linda Lou

          Highest strength for OxyContin is 80mg. Highest strength for oxycodone is 30mg. Something isn’t adding up. He can never ever tell the full truth.

          • Ralph Oscar

            I seriously doubt that Chris Watts’ question in his mind when googling “oxycodon 80” was “Does oxycodone come in an 80 mg tablet??” The pills were already there in the basement! Whatever their dosage, that’s what he *had!* He had no access to getting other forms of this medication – it was his *wife’s* medication.

            So the question in his mind was more likely “How toxic/incapacitating is an 80mg dose of oxycodone”? He might have pulled that number out of his nethers; he might have heard something about higher dosages – we’ll never know because he’s not telling. But I *guarantee* you he was not looking up “What’s the highest tablet/capsule strength oxycodone is made in – asking for a friend?”

        • Ralph Oscar

          “80mg” could be a single pill strength, or it could be a multi-pill *dose*.

          • Linda Lou

            I think you’re missing my point. CW’ story is specifically that he gave SW (2) ground up 80mg OxyContin. My point is that isn’t possible – for a couple of reasons. His story doesn’t add up.

  18. Sandy


    According to Frank and Frankie Ruzceks taped interviews, Jamie did not respond to their attempts to reach her through Facebook Private Messaging after Shan’ann and the girls disappeared.

    According to Cindy’s first taped television interview, she said that she was not worried or concerned when Sha’naan, Bella and Celeste disappeared. She states that she thought Shan’ann Had left in order to punish Chris.

    The letter that Jamie was holding came out much letter in a PR rescue attempt by the Watts that went sideways. It was on utube for a short time on a very tasteless and disrespectful channel. CW’s legal counsel saw the letter and wanted nothing to do with it.

    Why didn’t Jamie and Cindy call the police and tell them about the letter? Because it would implicate Chris. Yes, in answer to your question I believe the Watts family feared the letter would show premeditation.

  19. aziannguyen

    Have CW’s sister Jamie ever explained why and under what circumstances he came up with this letter? Have they ever heard Shannan threaten to harm him or her kids? Was she a very violent/unstable person? If it was me…I would be worried sick about my brother’s life and would definitely do something about it. If he was that scared of his wife to that point….should he ask for a restraint order. It sounds really weird especially for a man. Is there a conspiracy? Whatever it is, he wrote that letter with certain purposes. He had planned to get rid of them at least at the time he wrote the letter.

  20. Shannon

    Unless your doctor shopping there’s no way you would have a basement full….good thing they didn’t know any drug addicts.
    I myself wrote a letter to anyone who found it, letting them know to check my ex husband and his wife…..should I meet my demise.
    There are wives, husband who try to put “distance” between family members….to have control.
    Shannan’ probably faked the sickness to get Chris’s attention.
    He could have left girls at Grandma’s house and him and Shannan fly home…..instead of 1 killing, now there’s 3.

  21. Shannon

    Quickly….I almost get the feeling the “guest post” is Laughing as this is being written by them.
    Do they have a name?

  22. Ralph Oscar

    “Unless your doctor shopping there’s no way you would have a basement full”

    Shan’Ann was clearly a hypochondriac – chronically ill with whatever had the least detectable symptoms – and, since they’d moved from NC to CO, it’s likely she’d doctor-shopped enough to get enough, if you know what I mean. Who knows how much of her stash was left over from her “wah wah look how sick I am” performance(s) in NC? She only stopped using when she saw an “angle” to distinguish herself from the rest of the Thrive MLM pack – “I haven’t needed to use my pain medication since starting with Thrive.”

    “I myself wrote a letter to anyone who found it, letting them know to check my ex husband and his wife…..should I meet my demise.”

    I’m sorry to hear that, and glad it never came to that. People suck.

    “He could have left girls at Grandma’s house and him and Shannan fly home”

    Shan’Ann would never have left her girls unless it was to waste even *more* money on some MLM scam boondoggle. Because *that* was her *identity*.

  23. Shannon

    Well Ralph.
    I’m not to sure how to respond to you ….lol… commenting on my comments.
    Since we both know, how we each think.
    This was just my view on the guest post.

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