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What are your thoughts on YouTuber Mary Marlowe reading Post #32 Verbatim?

On September 10th, the day after this video [which has since been removed] was posted, a concerned reader contacted me on Facebook. It referred to a 40 minute video posted on YouTube, in which Mary Marlowe read out the contents of the following blog post:

#32 August 4th, 2018: For Over Two Hours, Nichol Kessinger searches for Wedding Dresses in the Wee Hours of Saturday Morning #1yearagotodayCW

Although Marlowe credited CrimeRocket as her source, and mentioned a “Crime rocket” in the video’s description, she also read the entirety of the blog’s contents. What do you guys think of that? Is it time to put CrimeRocket behind a paywall, or, instead of writing up posts, put them up as YouTube videos or podcasts?

In the meantime, please keep your eyes peeled for those who lift the content that’s provided in this archive


  1. Krisitn

    That lady drives me crazy. What is wrong with her?

    Sorry, had to vent. I love your blog. Keep up the good work!


  2. Tracey

    I have contacted you previously about being a ex mod of MM. I can attest that this is one of many times she has read from your content.
    MM is not a person to be trusted. She has miss used and created so many issues around her channel. I have been vocal these past months on her behaviour and how she has victimised the victims and made outrageous statements to provide clicks and money for her channel.
    She has created a GoFund me page in early April and was called out by Nicole Atkinson and Thrivers and proceeded to state that she has been ‘hacked’.
    She has currently using the same narrative once again and is blaming everyone for this as something has happened behind the scenes.
    As she has no further content she therefore used your content to fill her post to make money and continue to keep her subs satisfied. I know she has used your information at least 4 times previously.
    She is known to lie and make disgraceful content on Shan’ann and the children and she has blamed myself and her other mods at bullying her and invading her private information which is utter rubbish.
    MM is an old friend of AD and now these 2 are in battle against each other.
    I have considerable information on her and should you like further info I would be happy to extend this info to you. She will continue to use your information as she believe’s she is intitaled to do so.
    I want her to stop using victims and making money at others peoples expense.

    • dana426

      Correction: MM is not an old friend of AD.
      She was a subscriber & asked him to help her get her channel going around March this year.
      the accusations she is lodging against other you tube creators, moderators & her own subscribers is awful, especially since she’s turned off commenting on her videos & email so nobody can defend themselves against her accusations.
      It seems off the rails already.
      As Far as the content here; “Nickvdl” Nick Van Der Leek really should create his own channel & use his content & Not Be Associated With The Pathetic Drama & False Accusations of Blame going on in you tube. It will drag Nick’s reputation down by association.
      That’s just my opinion.

  3. dana426

    Although Mary loves your content as many of us do, her behavior is off the rails on you tube lately, accusing creators, moderators & even subscribers of awful stalking behavior & acts. When she uses your content in her videos – It appears that you two are collaborating………… and her awful behavior is a dark cloud on your reputation.You have books on amazon that I’ve bought & are way ahead of her in professionalism. Mary likes to latch on like an understudy & then turn on you as soon as she feels confident to keep going on her own claiming your material was actually her ideas. Watch Out.

    • Tracey

      Dana, when I meant ‘old friend’ it was not meant literally.
      MM up until a month and half ago was still contact with AD sending him the Weld County files that he finally blasted across social media.
      I agree with everything else you have stated and I think that you have been close with her and have been burnt like the rest of us.
      Here is a link to her reading from his files here in the school that she is subbing too. She has no shame and I like that Nick has finally addressed the Elephant in the room. Only he can stop her from using his work.

      • dana426

        I’ll agree to disagree with you regarding Mary supplying the Weld County DA files to Alan.
        I know where he got them – seen I with my own eyes. And I got them too. It wasn’t Mary.
        I haven’t been “close” with Mary, (who really is?) & I did subscribe to her channel up until last night!
        Her accusations against so many people are making me very uncomfortable.
        Nick should beware. Mary makes it seem like she’s collaborating with Nick – then shortly down the road she’ll accuse Nick of stealing “her” content 🤯 ‼️

        • Tracey

          Dana, I agree with you and I know you have been with her for a little while.
          Could we chat off this site?
          Sorry Nick, if that is not permitted to ask.

          • nickvdl

            No problem Tracey,

          • dana426

            This situation is going deep down the rabbit hole………….& I’m not participating in it. I don’t know what the situation is with Mary’s computer – I feel sorry for her IF it’s been hacked – I do not like all the accusations being hurled by her publicly on you tube & I don’t believe any of the people she’s accusing is responsible for the “hacking”.
            I love Nick’s research, have bought his e-books & believe it is his content & he should open a you tube channel of his own using his material & get monetized too.

        • DrT

          When she started her channel, myself and others ( before I stopped watching her) had to correct her as she knew nothing about the case.
          YT is a place where your image or voice or whatever intrigues people can make you a “ star”. Even if your content is “ borrowed “ from someone else.
          If there’s something about you that others like and thus will want to watch you, that’s all that matters.
          In the art world on YT, the new thing is acknowledging your “ borrowing” and “ collaborating” with one another so you both can profit.

          • dana426

            Another important key to success on you tube is not to Ridicule, humiliate & demanding other creators get off of YT by hurling false accusations them without proof, then cutting off communication from everyone so they can’t defend themselves. I found Mary to be interesting & used to subscribe. But her incessant bad mouthing of people who had nothing to do with her computer ‘hacking’ when the fault lays with a moderator she trusted to give her computer administrator password to & in turn this mod snaked thru her entire lap top & all its information for nefarious purposes. Yet she continues to drag others into this imagined group conspiracy plot. It’s uncomfortable to watch & hear, so I unsubscribed.

          • Dana Miller

            Hi Dana 426. Yes, I agree with you. Creators also should not be allowed to make their subs, admins or mods (who are volunteers by the way) to ever make them feel like they are being forced to choose one creator over another for any reason, especially if the creator is fighting and airing out crap during their lives or videos against a particular creator or group. A creator should not be telling any of their viewers to unsubscribe to another creators channel and should NEVER make their subs/mods feel that if they don’t stop following a certain creator that they will be banned from their channel, removed or blocked! And finally, A creator should never personally name a subscriber or moderator during their videos or lives without prior consent to do so.

            In my case, during MM’s 9/7 live, she mentions my first name during her rant against AD, therefore defaming me personally and making not only her community but AD’s community and viewers think that I was in full support of what she was saying. I had no prior knowledge of what she was going to say during that 9/7 live and I did not give her my consent to mention my name in support of her of what she was accusing him of and the hate speech. Because she did mention my name during her 9/7 live, since then I have been harassed online in several ways, which I will not air out here. What I will share is that since that 9/7 live, I am being followed in YouTube specifically when I am in other creators live chat feeds, that has nothing to do with her or the accusations she made, and I am being cyber stalked by complete strangers by way of unwanted FB Messenger messages and replying to my comments left on other true crime community creators channels that don’t even apply to her or AD… I am not only being harrassed by her followers but his too. That is called online gang stalking and gaslighting folks! Most recently the other creators subs have been also harassing me online and I am being accused of donating superchat to the creators that I subscribe to and do so simply as a motive or “MO” to get the creators attention, get them to trust me, and leave the creator or kick them while they are down? I have never done such things and know how to treat ppl with respect. This is insane! All of this aggravation because of her out of line commentary, that she dragged me into, an innocent subscriber and moderator ? This will not be tolerated! She messed with the wrong person, I have rights and the mental anguish and mind games that I have had to endure because of this woman’s mouth and paranoia the past month will not be forgotten. If any other ex moderator of subscriber has been thru something similar either with her or any other creator on Youtube… please come forward and contact me.

            YouTube needs to create guidelines and rules that protect Admins, Moderators and subscribers from this type of treatment. I can no longer visit any of the 5 channels that I did follow and actively participate in and enjoyed, because of her mentioning my name during that 9/7 live. It’s wrong and I am not putting up with it. Being cyber bullied is illegal, being cyberstalked is illegal, being defamed is illegal, I can go on and on, but I felt it was appropriate to point out that this type of thing is happening on YouTube and innocent well intended ppl are becoming victims too…..not just creators….with all this being said…I shall digress here! Thank you Nick for allowing me to post this here. I don’t want drama and I am done with MM. She will never admit to it, or apologize and I don’t need her validation anymore. There are plenty of other ways I can advocate for mods without any further mention of this woman.

          • dana426

            Dear Dana:
            I sure everything you wrote is true.
            I was watching it happen.
            MM thrives on “divide & conquer” “slavery & abuse”.
            It wouldn’t surprise me if she employed those same tactics at her most prized job within the radio industry & got fired before the vulture could fully spread its wings.
            I watched as she lured you under the false sense of friendship, security & warmth under her vulture wing.
            I believe there is a former moderator here named “Tracey” on hear that did board the “SS MM” & jumped off to save her sanity before it was too late.
            I don’t doubt for a minute that she would love to chat with you.
            I’ve watched you moderate and you’ve been supportive, warm, friendly & very generous.
            She tricked & forced you under her slimy – unwashed wing on 9/7.
            Brighter days are ahead.
            Dana (a different one, I promise😘)

          • Dana Miller

            As you may or may not know , shortly after I posted this comment, Tracey was in touch with me. Along with several other ex mods. We went live on a Panel On At the End of the Day YouTube Channel and respectfully told our stories. Feel free to check it out if you haven’t already, or not. 🙂 thank you for always being so kind to me whenever we do cross paths on YT and any other Social Media Platform. Have a great Day! ~D

          • A

            Dana, I read this and understand more what happened with you and MM. I’m sorry to say the least that this terrible person has dine this to you and many others. She is a mean and spiteful person and needs to be banned from YouTube altogether. I know nothing I can say will ease the pain she has caused you, but know I am working hard to set the record straight.

  4. LW

    Nick, maybe you should do a Cease & Desist. I hate to see your work being used by an interloper like this.

  5. lucystan

    MM is a mad woman. Have no clue why people follow her rantings. SHE CRAZY !

    • dana426

      Lately it does seem like she is getting more paranoid by the day. The accusations against so many yt creators, mods, FB & subscribers is off the charts & it’s painful seeing her suffer that way or inflict it on other innocent people. Mary began well in March & I don’t know what’s happened lately.

      • Dana Miller

        Yes Dana 426, I agree with you. There is something wrong with her. I’m an ex moderator as of immediately after her 9/7 live. I won’t go into why out of respect for Nick and his community. She even accused me of being you because we have the same first name on YouTube. She asked me the morning of 9/7 if I was Dana 426 and I responded to her that I was not and sent her screen shots of your channel and my YouTube profile along with a screen shot of me actually saying hello to you in on of her lives and she still didn’t believe me I think. Newsflash I am me, have 1 YouTube account and my name is Dana Miller. Unfortunately I used my real name, which I am finding out I should have because I am being harrassed by her subs that have no idea what she put me thru and now AD subs too all because I gave him superchat that I felt he earned and deserved. This is a big problem in my opinion and isn’t right that subs have to tolerate harassment from complete strangers and or creators because someone supports more than one creator covering this damn Watts case. It’s insanity really. I enjoy your channel Dana 426 and I wish you much success sweetie! See you around the community.

        • dana426

          Oh Dana‼️ I’m so sorry she’s putting you thru that‼️ you were so generous in her superchats & truly loyal to her‼️
          Why are AD subs giving you a hard time? You were generously him too‼️ I used to follow both. I unsubscribed to Mary because of her paranoid delusional rants were making me uncomfortable & the accusations against other people on you tube was disgusting. Then she closed her comments & email & hurls horrible crap at so many people & they can’t defend themselves‼️ I never did anything to her so what was that accusation about❓ 😲 I didn’t know she was at war with me too😂😂 She must be reading comments here😂😂🤣🤣‼️

        • dana426

          And I like you a lot too Dana Miller‼️ can’t talk right now – in the ER but will resume conversations later 🤗🤗🤗

          • Gi_Gi_Alight

            Dana 926, don’t get sucked into this drama. Stay in your lane and keep going with what I hope will be a successful channel. Why didn’t you tell Dana Miller that I was the one that got the September documents including the redacted copy of the Discovery and some new pics. Remember I kept pushing for JGs interview, you even asked me to upload the doorbell cam footage as I told you how good and clear it was. I also passed it onto AD and MM knows this. I applied on the 30/8 and got it a week later. Why is it a big deal? People are fighting about it. Is it about contact with Rourke? To me it’s only ever been about the case not personalities. I operate under the Rule of the Negative which means no bias, Nick knows that about me too. I really want you to keep building your channel, you know I support you.⚖️

    • Lisa

      lucystan– Actually, I believe she is BATSHIT Crazy!!
      All “joking” aside, she appears to be descending further & further into madness and looks as though she is either under the influence or perhaps she stopped taking necessary medication….

    • Catwoman

      lucystan– Actually, I believe she is BATSHIT Crazy!!
      All “joking” aside, she appears to be descending further & further into madness and looks as though she is either under the influence or perhaps she stopped taking necessary medication….

      • A

        I agree 100%…but she is also very calculated and manipulative. She knows that her behavior will get her views…shes on very thin ice.

  6. Frances

    Are you referring to the above video?

  7. Sandy

    How aggravating for you. So sorry this happened.

    I think we can all see that this lady has some escalating issues going on. She doesn’t appear to be well.

    I’ll follow you whatever changes you decide to make.

  8. Tracey

    Well Nick she is at it again starts at 14.11
    I find her repulsive. She is a parasite.

    • Dana Miller

      This is just another piece of information I have filed into my memory about this creator. She did speak very highly of Nick and did tell all of her subs to check his site and writings out, but that doesn’t give her the right to use every word verbatim. I won’t watch her content anymore so my opinion on solely based on what is being shared here. It is also my response to Nick personally saying that I too, think that it shouldn’t be allowed, unless prior permissions were received.

    • Catwoman

      Who on earth could listen to this woman half an hour let alone an hour and a half 🙄…

    • Catwoman

      I just watched a few minutes of the video you posted (starting at 14.11). So now, Nick should be thanking her for expanding his base? WTF??

  9. John Martinsen

    I noticed you started to post on Youtube again. Brilliant! And SO needed. Youtube is a madhouse atm, Clowns like Mary Marlowe and Armchair detective has hijacked the whole debate. This should give you an idea what kind of people they and their subs are Remember to use content ID . Next time Mary or someone else steals your content, they’ll receive a strike.
    PS: The girls who commented above are telling the truth. You do not want your name associated with this woman. I’m in IT security and her hacker story is fabricated. Yeah, she’s THAT crazy…

  10. Shannon

    Nick. Report her.
    Don’t let anyone steal Your work.
    Your analysis are priceless.

    • JC

      Shannon, I agree completely. It’s downright theft (good to see you here again, btw). I regret clicking on her youtube link, as she’ll think we are actual fans. This sight is doing more for her ego, number of views, and giving her more coverage than she deserves. I’d never heard of her until now. Refusal to participate in the youtube insanity and misinformation is the reason people frequent this sight – to the tune of 3 million hits. Mary Marlowe can only hope for this kind of recognition by intelligent people, and she’ll never hold a candle to the integrity that Nick represents in his coverage of crime and criminal psychology.

      • Shannon

        JC, nice to see you also. I was off the site for awhile. Just getting caught up. I might check out this broad…..MM….lol and see what’s she saying.
        I’m not to sure how YouTube works, making money, stealing others work, and so on. But I would be checking this out to make sure no one is doing that.
        Nick said, his shakedown was used by the Police in regards to NK.
        Maybe they might get more insight into this case and see what they missed.

  11. Tracey

    Hi John,
    Thank you for your sensible post. There is a whole lot of crazy going on lately. Thank goodness Nick has been posting his content on YT lately and raising the bar again! T

  12. DrT

    Over the year , I have linked this site on many CW YT channels bc you had great info here and many were posting nonsense about the case.
    I was watching AD last night and people were sending money as it was live.
    I had an idea for YT years ago and I’m sorry I never created a channel.
    Many are profiting incredibly from YT.
    it’s a career at home for a few hours research a day.
    I’ve seen all the channels and people talk for hours so I guess the longer you are on one video the more they pay you.
    Everyone’s battling for subs and views and now they are on each others channels buddying up..
    If your are putting in the time and effort why not your own channel.
    My thought.. TV in a few years will be obsolete.
    Everyone is watching YT.

  13. DrT

    PS I started linking this site on YT channels very early on bc of the great content.
    Most never heard of it.
    You had Info on Jim from his FB, and Anadarko.
    No one was even mentioning they had info on him, so I was linking to this site.
    So I hope I have increased your viewership by doing do.

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