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“I don’t believe Chris Watts’ First Confession. I do believe his Second Confession. Why would he lie about something so horrific…?” Here’s Why

When 21-year-old Nicholas Ninow was caught in flagrante delicto – covered in blood – after raping a 7-year-old child in the restroom of a restaurant, it made national news that horrified South Africans. Now, a year later Ninow is in court confessing what he did. He’s admitted in court that yes, he raped the little girl. So why shouldn’t we believe him?

Because there’s an even worse scenario, and it comes from the little girl herself.  But what could be worse than Ninow admitting to raping the girl? To ask this question in the context of true crime is naive – there is always a worse case scenario.

Ninow’s version, while appalling is that he spontaneously, impulsively saw the child while he was “innocently” snorting drugs, and “just snapped” in the sexual sense. He got off the toilet to let her urinate, and helped her undress so she could. In this scenario he sketches himself as a caregiver right until the moment he violates the little girl.

The little girl’s version provides an even more disturbing impression of what happened. Ninow followed the child into the restroom, like a predator, and carried out the attack in a premeditated fashion. The fact that he flushed her bloodied panties down the toilet confirms just how quickly Ninow recovered himself, and started to dispose of crucial evidence.

What is the clearest evidence of premeditation? It’s the where of the crime. It didn’t happen because the little girl got lost and walked into the men’s toilet, Ninow followed her into the ladies toilets. Ninow was where he shouldn’t have been, not the other way round. And if Ninow acted in a premeditated way, it’s possible this wasn’t the first time he’d acted as a pedophile predator, and the court [when it imposes sentence] ought to make sure it’s the last.

Dros rape: Child gives a different sequence of events to Ninow’s – News24

Interestingly, about 10 months ago when the child rapist first appeared in court, his defense argued “mental illness”.

The defense added that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013 and had spent time in rehab for substance abuse. The alleged rapist had attempted suicide several times due to depression caused by the bipolar disorder, said his defense.

Source: The Citizen

What is the opposite of mental illness, or “just snapping”. It’s making the calm, calculated decision to commit a crime, while having the self-possessed confidence that one might be able to escape the consequences.


Just like Ninow invents a fictitious scenario where he pretends himself in the role of the child’s guardian [even though in the same version he rapes her], Watts does the same. He has sex with Shan’ann before killing her. He has some tender moments with his children before killing them.

Fullscreen capture 20190911 191501

Chris Watts’ latest versions  include him 1) “finding God”, 2) God extending forgiveness to him, 3) Shan’ann praying to God while he’s murdering her, and 4) taking his kids to the well site [because he had no idea what he was going to do] . All four of these fictions contrive to do the same thing. It’s an effort to minimize his crime. In the minds of many, perhaps most, he’s succeeded.




  1. crimetravelerswife

    As a person who suffers with bi polar (medicated) I’ve never once had in any shape or form thoughts that this freak tries to say caused his sickening behaviour towards this child. That’s is in no way a reason for defence. As per the Chris Watt’s part, don’t you ever feel no one ever writes, reports or does a YouTube video ever asking the question of why this is such a weird case? Like not in terms of what he did do, but the way the whole investigation and the way everything was so quickly wrapped up in such a short time. He was asked to come in for questioning, given and failed a lie detector with the way that agent was going on at him after he failed was wild, he speaks to his dad lies, he’s arrested after telling them where the bodies are, the DA knows what he’s going to say in court and yet allows his parents to go on national television and say there truth, and in the process hateful things about Shannan, when all his parents knew was what Chris told his dad, they believed there son, the DA could have told them before they did this and got massive hate, the parents are not at fault for his actions one bit, his family had a bad relationship with Shannan, then the court case starts and he pleaded guilty to save himself from the death penalty, which he could have gotten free lawyers to appeal and a much better environment than gen pop, then the DA gave press release, they then release the autopsy and she had been drinking that’s why he didn’t release it point blank fact, then they release absolutely everything and everyone goes overboard with the story, that’s the end according to the DA. Then when you have a lot of people asking questions and doubting shit, that Frankie extorting generous people asking them to at first donate to the gofundme and then his personal PayPal, as he lost his new job due to the press attention of the case, really? What company is going to do that with the world obsessed with the case and they are going to risk the warth of the country by doing this, he was talking with a few small YouTube channels and doing this, (100% fact as the texts etc are on YouTube) he even did a video that was so cheeky to say golightly was talking with him, even though she had made fun of Shannan when she was first murdered. Then after all this talk and the massive popularity of the case it didn’t die down it got worse, boom the DA goes and speak to Chris again and it’s a completely different story to what the DA told the judge at trial and the media, then DR Phil is the go to source of the newly released interview with a exclusive, how does DR Phil end up with an exclusive of a murder case? Is that so everyone tuned in and heard the worst parts of the second confession, I mean seriously, I feel like a man in prison probably with restrictions on who he can speak to and being kept away from everyone else for a long period of time and nothing to lose but everything to gain by doing another taped confession, a confession that just happened to cover all the information or facts that people where disputing, that takes 5 hours? Then it’s released via DR Phil, you have to ask what did Chris get out of doing this? No one ever talks about this? When does the DA ever go back to a already convicted murderer and get a second confession taped? Chris had already been tried and the case is complete and he’s in jail no parole, bodies have been found, so there’s nothing for the DA to go back to an already solved case? They move on and concentrate on the new ones they have, yet they go back, personally I think he was told what to say to debunk the conspiracy and shut everyone up, he was most definitely given privilege’s in some form, Chris or the DA had nothing to gain fr this at all, no prisoner freely talks after conviction for free. It’s not the murders of these innocent people it’s the way in which this case was investigated from the start till the end that’s the problem, the innocent victims are lost in a battle online of who was the Saint and who was the Devil and everyone forgetting it’s a mother and her children who are no longer here and that is what people should be talking about. The fact of the kids last words is they most shock value statement in the interview and as a parent and if I was in his shoes which I wouldn’t be, I would take that to my grave, not tell a sole. I wouldn’t speak just like I never at trial so again my question is why did he do the second one and why do you believe it’s the truth? What did Chris get in return for sitting in front of the camera?

  2. Shannon

    With Chris giving different stories, it shows his mental health is all over the place. Just in case he gets to go back to court, by appealing.

    • Jan Thurgood

      Yes, I see that. Now I’m hearing about Chris writing a book/ or should I say Cindy is . I’m hearing through the grapevine that he said The girls had to go. I honestly think he had help committing these murders. I don’t think he snapped and he thought this out, along with someone else.

      • Sandy

        Jan Thurgood,
        I agree.

    • Sandy


      I think you are right.

      He reminds me of a child telling tales, very confident he will be believed and like a child, he appears completely unconcerned that the new tale he is telling is completely different from the previous one. I think Coder and Lee’s treatment and handling of him encourages him and gives him confidence to do this. They appear at times to be kind, patient older brother/sister figures encouraging him, yet Indulging him. It reminds me of the saying about giving someone enough rope to hang themselves with.

      It’s fascinating to watch him, it’s like when you pass a car wreck and have to try and see what happened.

  3. Sideaffected924

    Yeah I don’t understand why one person believed the second story. I think he was MORE honest in the first confession about the crime, and he said she killed the kids! I REALLY don’t understand why they believe all these conversations are happening (are you going to do the exact same thing to me?”). That’s not a realistic detail, everyone would be crying and panicking if they were mobile (which is one reason they were not.)

    The paragraph you posted about the defense talking about bipolar and substance abuse is the kind of thing that makes me crrrAZY!! They might as well have said “the defendant’s favorite color is blue and he likes lattes.” They have nothing to do with each other. All you could argue is that substances impair your ability to resist your impulses-but they won’t make you have such an impulse. Certain drugs definitely bring out “the real you”. Any psychiatrist/ologist worth a salt will know that, and if they say otherwise their “opinion” can be bought

  4. Shannon

    I believe Chris might have hindered Hatred in his mind, for quite some time. We all have this in us. It’s how we deal with it….makes the difference.
    There is so much history here between Chris and Shannan. With them not really having other married couples to hang with, Chris never really saw how other married couples act. Until, Shannan went away. He gets freedom, finds a lady, sex, laughs,cuddles, being able to speak his thoughts. No back-talk directed toward him.
    Why he decided to kill, easy way out?
    Wipe out the past, hoping to start fresh….not exactly.
    Why he never asked for a Lawyer….good god, is he really that stupid.
    He can’t write a book, no money for him… rzuceks made sure of that. Yes his Mom can do it.
    Do we know if it’s really the truth…No.
    I believe he killed them by himself. He can handle all 3 of them. He’s a strong guy now.
    If I lived close to the jail….I would try to visit him. I’m still thinking of writing to him. I have all the info on that.
    Mind frame of a killer… can’t think straight, unbelievable power within. Heart pounding…..mindfuck.
    There truths and lies in both his confessions.

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