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Capturing Chris Watts – on REELZ, Sunday September 15th at 8 ET / PT

The Reelz documentary claims to include “more than 200 hours of never-before-seenfootage…” Maybe not on television, but likely it has been on YouTube by followers of this case.

Also, no way a single TV movie of no more than two hours is going to do credit to “200 hours of never-before-seen” footage. What the Watts case really needs – deserves – is a documentaries series.

What new insights will REELZ one-off movie bring to the table?

TWO FACE: CHRIS WATTS – A CrimeRocket Production

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  1. dana426

    Love Derek Van Schaik content! I never get tired of re-watching this video!
    “What new insights will REELZ one-off movie bring to the table?” I doubt there will be 0 new insights – can’t hold a candle to your word press articles, e books or the creators on you tube.

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