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On August 5th Shan’ann told Chris Watts: “You don’t have any balls…I had more balls than you…” On August 12th “I did belittle him…with his parents…told him to find his balls”

No one can understand why Chris Watts committed murder. He must be a monster, a psychopath. He’s evil, that’s why this happened. No, none of those are explanations. We need to try a little harder than that.

Murder is an aggressive act. Triple murder is a very aggressive act, so aggressive in this instance it’s aggression mixed with sadism. Where does sadism come from? That’s easy. When someone takes pleasure inflicting pain onto someone else, it’s seen as recompense [in their minds] for a perceived slight. Sadism in other words is revenge for humiliation.

In the Watts case the sadism is extreme. It suggests the humiliation is chronic as well.

Of course as soon as we interrogate the authentic nature of the relationship, as soon as we see a controlling, dominant and often sniping aspect in Shan’ann’s personality, then we’ve crossed the line into victim blaming. Shan’ann is innocent and good, we’re reminded, Chris Watts is evil, he’s to blame and that’s all there is to it.

If you want to know why, then you ask questions. If you don’t want to know why, we can stand on the rooftops and all scream together how EVIL Chris Watts is, and in typical social media madness, see who screams the loudest or comes up with the best meme. Whoever screams the loudest wins, and then, that’s your answer. There’s your 21st century why.

Except for the minority of intelligent people in this world, that’s not an answer, unless your standards for figuring out criminal psychology are based on the reptilian brain. We need to be less primitive, simplistic  and black and white in our thinking than that.

So let’s try to be a little more sophisticated in our thinking.

The last week in the timeline leading up to the Annihilation of the Watts family is crucial. And what do we find during that last week? In Shan’ann’s own words on august 12th, hours before her murder, she confirms there was plenty of humiliation.

There was belittling…


In the week prior, from August 5th:

There was insulting, threatening and undermining him and his family to his face…


There was her claiming to be the dominant, controlling figure in their relationship at his expense…


There was her telling her friends he doesn’t have any balls, or any game…

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There was her wanting him to choose between her family and his own.


This venting wasn’t the only reason for the murders. Their cratering debt [a situation they both contributed to], his affair with Kessinger and hers with MLM weren’t doing their respective families or finances any favors. The reality is, as horrible and tragic as the murders of Shan’ann and her beautiful children were, it wasn’t an act of madness, or evil, or psychopathy. It was a human choice made by an angry, deceitful, cowardly but also humiliated man.

Cindy Watts Extended Interview Transcript [PART 1]

00:00 – 03:14 of 21:56

CINDY:  I wake up every-every morning just crying, you know [voice breaks] thinking this is not gonna be…[paddles with her hand]…what’s gonna happen every single day…[with emotion] it’s just so hard to get through it. Mm…[voice breaks, sniffles] I just don’t know how to get through it. [Sighs].

REPORTER: Tell me about his childhood. Did he play sports, was he in scouts, what kinds of things…did…

CINDY: Yeah.

REPORTER:…did he do?

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CINDY: Yes, he played sports…he played sports from the time he was five years old, up until he was seventeen. And he was in basketball, he was in baseball, he was in football. And uh…loved NASCAR. He and his dad went to the NASCAR races all the time. Uhm…loved sports. Loved sports. And he had…he was a good kid. Uh…had…two best friends. And…that’s who he grew up with and still are friends with them today. And uh…there’s nothing…nothing that would have…predicted any of this [shakes head rapidly] could have ever happened.


CINDY: Nothing. Nothing in his childhood…at all. I would’ve never thought in a million years something like this could happen…to him…[licks lips] at all.

REPORTER: Yeah. You didn’t see things like him get into fights or…

CINDY: No. No fighting. He was…quiet…and he…got along with people. And he didn’t start anything. And he…was the perfect teenager to tell you the truth [laughs]. He did not even rebel. [Sniffs] He wanted to go to NASCAR-Tech. We…made that possible for him.

Fullscreen capture 20181118 145551

REPORTER: What did he do after he finished school.

CINDY: He worked at the dealership as a service technician…and…was making good money, and…loved it. He…bought a uh…toolbox…and he started buying his tools…and uh…um…[shrugs] enjoyed it. He was [shakes head] doing well. 

Fullscreen capture 20181118 150640

Fullscreen capture 20181118 150941

REPORTER: When and where did he meet Shan’ann?

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CINDY: They met and [looks down with sadness]…he liked her, she liked him but I don’t think [sneering] it was love at first sight [jolts head] or anything, [sighs] they took a little while and I guess got to know each other…and you know, dated. Um…it was always a little…a little strange…that [asymmetric curl of lip] she always said a lot of things about Chris in front of me [nods with conviction] that…I didn’t like.

Fullscreen capture 20181118 151410

Fullscreen capture 20181118 153709

CINDY: Like this isn’t the kind of person I would date. Uh, he doesn’t know how to…do this…or he doesn’t know to do that [leans in one way, leans in the other to give sympathy and emphasis]. Um…he looks like a skater-boy. Look at his hair. Look at how much stuff he puts on his hair. It’s just…it was just on and on and on and I just got a bad feeling.

It’s worth breaking in here to note that Cindy’s experience with Shan’ann parallels that of Amanda Thayer. Shan’ann also told Amanda that she doubted her husband was having an affair because “he had no game”. And Amanda laughed when she repeated this during an interview. When she did, her husband Nick sitting beside her sighs uncomfortably at this compromising and undermining disclosure.

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If Shan’ann was undermining of him to his mother and their best friends [and on Facebook], it suggests she was probably very undermining [rightly or wrongly] to him directly.

When Cindy quotes Shan’ann saying this isn’t the kind of person I would date I don’t think it was as much a comment on Chris Watts’ personality, temperament or looks, but his social status. Shan’ann’s first husband, Leonard T. King, was an attorney. That’s quite a status slide – from legal professional to mechanic, and in that sense then, in the social status sense, Shan’ann seemed to think she was better than he was, or that he wasn’t good enough for her.

Maybe she was right. But maybe if she didn’t think that things may have turned out differently. Maybe.

When this class divide forms the backdrop to a relationship, it can be fatally undermining, like someone putting you in a cage. And we know even before Watts met Shan’ann, all his school and college buddies described him as a very diligent, hard-working type. It appears that he brought this same work ethic into the marriage, and into his child-raising, and it was his efforts that paid the bills. But one has a sense – somehow – that no matter what he did it was never going to be good enough. It wasn’t going to get them out of their colossal debt situation, but more significantly, how it felt to him was nothing he did was ever going to be good enough in her spiel. And that I think was the source of his rage, against her, then against the pregnancy, and then while babysitting all weekend, against his entire family.

Source:, November 15, 2018

Chris Watts’ mistress claims their relationship was “never serious” – ANALYSIS

Nichol Kessinger sketches a portrait of Chris Watts as a lying, duplicitous slimebag, who duped her into thinking he was divorced. She had no idea, she maintains, that Watts’ wife of eight years was a few weeks pregnant when they started sleeping together.

Fullscreen capture 20181116 182330

But why would the finality of Watts’ divorce or the status of his kids be so important if their relationship wasn’t serious? And why did Chris Watts disable his Facebook a week before the murders if it wasn’t important to hide the truth from a serious relationship-in-the-making? And why would Watts ask her to help him [them?] find an apartment that “would be good for him” [them?]. And did she start prospecting for a new place for Watts to stay?

Remember this prospecting for a new place to stay also formed the backdrop to the murder and protracted disappearance of Casey Anthony’s daughter Caylee.

No matter how you cut it, if Watts was trading out of his family to start a new chapter with Kessinger, it’s difficult to imagine it wasn’t serious. Chris Watts believed their dalliance was serious enough to murder his pregnant wife and both daughters. Did he do something as serious and significant as commit triple murder because the mistress in the wings wasn’t serious?

Fullscreen capture 20181116 184147

In the Casey Anthony case, Tony Lazzaro was a serious flame in her life at the time Caylee went missing. Ditto Scott Peterson. In fact Peterson was so fixated with him [and vice versa] he maintained serious contact with her for weeks after Laci’s disappearance. Wasn’t that relationship really serious too?

On the other hand, Nichol Kessinger may have had a point. She may have put the brakes on, letting Watts know they could take things to the next level once Shan’ann and the kids were taken care of. Not murdered of course, but no longer in the picture. If that’s the case, then Watts started calculating how best to go about that. Separation? Maybe. Divorce? Alimony? Custody? How about making them disappear literally

Fullscreen capture 20181116 204725

Fullscreen capture 20181116 222315

Kessinger wanting to take it slow and wanting Watts to take care of his daughters within the schema of a divorce suggests a deeper level of commitment to the relationship and his children than the impression of a “brief affair” with a dude she “barely knew”.

Fullscreen capture 20181116 184517

It’s also worth noting that Watts worked at Anadarko from January 2015. The way Kessinger sketches it, each morning Watts gathered in an office break room and Kessinger walked through the operators – including Watts – to place her lunch in the refrigerator. Every day. But she never spoke to Watts until one day in the middle of June when he approached her.

Fullscreen capture 20181116 184712

Really? But wasn’t he supposed to be shy, cautious and not having any game?

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