June 30th, 2019

1. DEATH AT THE MANSION – The Final[e] Analysis [WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES] [Part 1 of 3] – CrimeRocket II

DEATH AT THE MANSION – The Final[e] Analysis [Part 2 of 3] – CrimeRocket II

2. Contradictions of Democracy: Vigilantism and Rights in Post-Apartheid South Africa – Oxford University Press

June 29th, 2019

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1. Cell phone photos and a rideshare helped lead to man’s arrest in the killing of Mackenzie Lueck – CNN

Here’s what we know about the person accused of killing Mackenzie Lueck – CNN

Police arrest Ayoola Ajayi and seek aggravated murder charges in the death of MacKenzie Lueck – Salt Lake Tribune

2.  Avtar Grewal, accused of killing his wife, takes the stand in murder trial – ABC

12 years after woman’s murder, her estranged husband is on trial for killing her – Fox10

“I killed this selfish b**** who tortured me for two years.”

The jury also heard from the victim’s co-worker, who went to the home after she didn’t show up for work. Police discovered Kaur’s body in a bathtub, filled with water. She had been strangled. The defense said Grewal will testify during the trial, in his own defense.Mon_charged_in_his_wife_s_murder_stands__0_7349005_ver1.0_1280_720

June 27th, 2019

1. It’s Gone Full ‘Lord Of The Flies’ On Mount Everest

Nahida Manzoor “Summit Photo”: Liespotting and Crooked Photospotting – it takes a keen eye [and ear] – CrimeRocket II

2. MADDIE BLOW Madeleine McCann news – Met chief Cressida Dick admits missing girl may never be found despite multimillion-pound search – The Sun


3. 5 Real-Life Locations That Inspired Vincent van Gogh’s Paintings – MyModernMet

4. Boy with ‘Contagious Smile’ Allegedly Smothered to Death by Mom Who Claimed Demons Made Her Do It – People

June 26th, 2019


1. Notre Dame fire could have been started by a cigarette, prosecutors say – CNN

2. Are you a True Crime Rocket Scientist? Test Your Observation Skills on this Everest Summit Photo – CrimeRocket II

3. First review of ZAHAU INSIDE THE WHALE:Fullscreen capture 20190626 231056

4. New flaw discovered on Boeing 737 Max, sources say – CNN

June 25th, 2019

1. Nurse connected to Patrick Frazee murder trial won’t face sentencing until after she testifies in upcoming trial – Denver Post

2. MCCANNS’ LIBEL HELL Maddie McCann’s parents Gerry and Kate owe £29k libel bill to the Portuguese cop who accused them of killing their daughter – The Sun

3. How Many Murder Cases Did Celeb Forensic Scientist Henry Lee Botch? – The Daily Beast

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June 24th, 2019


1. “Rebecca Zahau was probably sexually assaulted…” No, she probably wasn’t. – CrimeRocket II

2. Idaho nurse involved in Kelsey Berreth case has court date Monday – 9News

The Idaho nurse who reached a plea agreement in relation to the case of missing Woodland Park mom Kelsey Berreth has a court date in Teller County at 11 a.m. Monday. However, it’s unclear if she’s will appear for the hearing. 

3. Sacha Baron Cohen trained with FBI interrogator before trying to get confession out of OJ Simpson – Metro

June 22nd, 2019

1. Expert Witness Believes Rebecca Zahau Was Sexually Assaulted Despite Official Findings – Oxygen

Evidence That Points To Rebecca Zahau’s Death Being A Sexually-Motivated Homicide – Oxygen


Xena Zahau’s 911 Call – CrimeRocket II

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Just published – the second book in the Red Rope series: ZAHAU INSIDE THE WHALE.

Rebecca Zahau

2. WATCH: Van Gogh’s rusty gun used to kill himself has a new buyer – News24

June 19th, 2019

1. OJ Simpson’s Twitter debut sparks outrage and calls to action – The Guardian

2. Weinstein’s ‘Dream Team’ of Defense Lawyers Falls Apart – New York Times

One by one, the lawyers representing the movie producer against sexual assault charges in Manhattan have bowed out.

4. ‘Van Breda’s conviction was inescapable’ – IOL


June 18th, 2019

1. Did Van Gogh commit suicide, or was he shot by someone else? – LiveScience

Naifeh noted that there was no evidence linking the gun either to Van Gogh or to the manner of his death.

“What forensic evidence is there to tie Vincent van Gogh to this gun? And, even if there were forensic evidence tying Vincent to this gun, what does this say about who pulled the trigger?” he asked: “Those are the two big questions, and I do not see any answers.”

Although Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists in the world — one of his paintings of a farmed field, completed a year before his death, sold for $81 million in 2017 — he sold only one painting during his lifetime, for 400 francs.

The most expensive Van Gogh painting to date was sold for $82 million in 1990, the “Portrait of Dr. Gachet” from 1890. Gachet was the doctor who would ultimately attend his death later that year.

Fullscreen capture 20190618 0933222. Missing Colorado Mom Update: DNA Testing Of Tooth Fragment Allowed By Judge – International Business Times

3. Amanda Knox breaks down in tears in Italy – Reuters

4. Three easy questions that could help answer what happened to Madeleine – 9News

June 16th, 2019


2. Piers Morgan Tells Amanda Knox To Respect Meredith Kercher’s Family & ‘Shut Up’ – Radar Online

June 15th, 2019

1. Brad Murphree [an audio engineer] was able to detect what appears to be the sound of a second person present during Shacknai’s 911 call – Oxygen

2.‘I am not a monster, I simply am Amanda,’ says Knox on tearful return to Italy – CNN

Amanda Knox, Tearful and Angry, Speaks in Italy, Years After Murder Acquittal – New York Times

‘I’ve been portrayed as a psychopathic man-eating whore’  – Amanda Knox  breaks down in tearful first return to Italy – The Telegraph

Sobbing Amanda Knox reveals she contemplated suicide while in prison over murder – The Mirror

Amanda Knox feared attacks and accusations on return to Italy – BBC


3. He’s got a “little gettin’ even to do.” – ABC

O.J. Simpson joins Twitter: ‘I got a little gettin’ even to do.’ – Chicago Tribune

4. Kelsey Berreth Murder Case: Tests Will Be Performed On Fragment Of Tooth – CBS Denver

5. Gun that likely killed Vincent van Gogh goes on auction – New York Post


Van Gogh’s suicide gun up for auction – KULR8

“Van Gogh Pistol” Circus: Why Art Historians and Auctioneers should keep their long, crooked noses out of True Crime – CrimeRocket II

WATCH: Pistol ‘used in Van Gogh suicide’ on auction in Paris – News24

June 14th, 2019

1. ‘Calculated’ Casey Anthony Making A Movie With HER Side Of The Story — And Lots Of Sex Scenes! – Perez Hilton


2. Authorities Said Rebecca Zahau Was Suicidal. But Were Her Words Twisted? – Oxygen

3. 5 Defendants Found Guilty On All Counts In ‘Justice For Junior’ Trial – CBS Local

4. People from around the world come for an OJ Simpson tour of Los Angeles in a white 1994 Ford Bronco – My NJ

Have you drunk enough of the Juice yet? – People

June 13th, 2019

1. The feedback so far on OBLIVION is positive.

Fullscreen capture 20190613 203701-001

Read the first review on Goodreads.

2. Can The Hyoid Bone Unlock The Mystery Of How Rebecca Zahau Died? Paul Holes Thinks So – Oxygen

A Suicide No Longer: A Jury Finds Rebecca Zahau Was Killed at the Spreckels Mansion – AleidaLaw

The plaintiff’s forensic pathologist was none other than the famed Dr. Cyril Wecht, known for his consultation on other high-profile cases. Dr. Wecht performed a second autopsy on Rebecca on October 28, 2011, three and a half months after her death. Her body was exhumed and shipped to his facility in Pittsburgh. He found the cause of death to be asphyxiation due to hanging, and the manner of death “undetermined.” Revealing his findings on the Dr. Phil show, Dr. Wecht said there was a rush to judgment in the case and this “bizarre situation” demanded further investigation. 

Once retained by the plaintiffs for the wrongful death suit, Dr. Wecht did further investigation and came to a…definitive conclusion…At trial, Dr. Wecht testified, “In my opinion Rebecca Zahau’s death was a homicide. She was manually strangled, and it was set up to look like a suicidal hanging.” He found the fractures to her neck were more consistent with strangulation and questioned why her neck was not broken from the nine-foot fall. In attorney Greer’s closing to the jury, he said the drop hanging would have decapitated Rebecca, but since there was no fracture to her vertebra, it was consistent with someone slowly lowering her down. The bed only moved seven and a half inches. If she was falling, the bed would have moved significantly more.

Dr. Jonathan Lucas of the San Diego Medical Examiner’s Officer performed an autopsy on Rebecca on July 14, 2011, the day immediately following her death. He found the cause of death to be asphyxiation from hanging and ruled the manner of death a suicide. Although Dr. Lucas was listed by the defense as a witness for the trial and the defense informed the court he would be testifying, for reasons never disclosed in open court, he was never called. The defense instead called Dr. Gregory Davis, a forensic pathologist from Kentucky. He agreed with Dr. Lucas’ findings.

Dr. Lucas found Rebecca sustained neck fractures to her left hyoid bone, left thyroid bone, and the cricoid cartilage. Were these fractures caused from the length of the drop or were they from a manual strangulation, such that Rebecca was dead before being thrown over the balcony? Dr. Lucas found they were consistent with a drop hanging, and Dr. Davis agreed with this conclusion. Dr. Davis further testified with a manual strangulation, one would expect to see bruising and fingerprint marks. None were found on Rebecca’s neck.

The hyoid bone also featured in the Rohde trial:

Staged suicide‚ beaten-up woman: Pathologist’s verdict on Susan Rohde – TimesLive

Susan Rohde brutally beaten an hour before her death‚ says pathologist – Sowetan Live

Rohde questions police inquiry – IOL

The court heard the pathologist concluded Susan committed suicide because there was no “definitive fracture of the hyoid bone or the thyroid cornua” – an injury that usually [occurs] with manual strangulation.

The fact that Shan’ann Watts had no fractured hyoid bone is therefore noteworthy. How was she asphyxiated without injuring her?

3. Amanda Knox: Kercher family label her return to Italy ‘inappropriate’ – The Guardian

Amanda Knox writes a missive on Medium ahead of her speech in Italy accusing the media of a Trial by Media. Was it because of the media that she got convicted, or because of the media that she was exonerated? Or both? Or neither?

Amanda Knox, swarmed by media, returns to Italy for the first time since acquittal – NBC

Why Amanda Knox returned to Italy years after her harrowing murder case – Washington Post


4. Slain wife’s sisters elated as Packham gets 22 years despite daughters’ plea – IOL

5. Court denies IAAF’s request to re-impose regulations on Semenya – Sport24

6. Cuba Gooding Jr. Charged With Forcible Touching of Woman, Police Say – Hollywood Reporter


June 12th, 2019

1. ‘He Had It All:’ Nancy Grace On The Fascination With Chris Watts’ Case – Oxygen

2. Episode 3 of Death at the Mansion is this Saturday, June 15.


SHE SAVED HIM CAN YOU SAVE HER – what does it mean? – CrimeRocket II

Evidence From The Rebecca Zahau Scene That Raises Questions About If Her Death Was A Suicide – Oxygen

Was Rebecca Zahau’s Death An Asian Honor Suicide? – Oxygen

3. Amanda Knox Admits She’s Nervous as She Returns to Italy for 1st Time Since Being Freed From Prison – CNN

Amanda Knox: First return since leaving jail in 2011 – WantedIn Milan

4. Wife murderer Rob Packham gets 22 years – News24

Packham had inflicted more than one blow on his middle aged wife, who was of “petite stature”. He had broken the strongest bones in her skull, and “attacked her in the sanctity of her home”.

Judge Steyn also referred to the case of former property mogul Jason Rohde, who was also convicted of murdering his wife, and defeating the ends of justice by staging the crime scene to make it look like a suicide.

Constantia businessman Rob Packham sentenced to 22 years for killing wife – News24

6 quotes that stood out during Rob Packham’s sentencing – News24

1200x600810x400-2019-06-10T114703.784Fullscreen capture 20190612 182329

5. 10 Things Netflix’s The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann Leaves Out – Screenrant

June 11th, 2019

1. OBLIVION #9 Amazon Bestseller in the Hoaxes & Deceptions category.

Fullscreen capture 20190611 162230

It’s June 2019. When is 2825 Saratoga Trail going to be auctioned off?

2. MADDIE TROLLS Madeleine McCann’s parents slam ‘despicable’ trolls bombarding them with hate mail after £11.75m probe gets extra £300k funding – The Sun

Madeleine McCann’s parents targeted by ‘despicable’ trolls after funding boost – The Mirror

3. Amanda Knox to headline true crime festival in D.C. this November – WJLA

4. 25 years after murders, OJ Simpson says ‘Life is fine’ – IOL

25 years later, OJ Simpson says he’s moving on – Star Tribune

Fullscreen capture 20190611 053254.jpg

5. “Smallville” star Allison Mack pulled fellow actress into Nxivm Cult – CNN



6. SHAMEFUL’ Jon Stewart Rips Congress During House Hearing on 9/11 Victims Fund, Gets Standing Ovation – The Daily Beast

June 10th, 2019

1. OBLIVION, the 8th book in the TWO FACE series is available now exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Another YouTuber commenting on the enigma that is Chris Watts…

2. Amanda Knox is trying to drum up attention ahead of her trip to Italy. img-20190610-wa0000-1.jpg

3.  Helicopter crash-lands on top of building in New York City, killing pilot – CNN

June 9th, 2019

1. Coming soon, book 8 in the TWO FACE series.


Some interesting speculation here from Armchair Detective. Why does the GPS data refer to Watts starting his truck at 5:18 but only backing it up to the garage at 05:27? Watts also refers to this exact time – 05:27 – while standing beside Trinastich’s TV. The Vivint data shows the garage door opened at 05:27.

2. Court ‘erred’ in convicting, sentencing Henri Van Breda – defence ConCourt papers – News24

June 8th, 2019

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1. Chris Watts: The Plea Deal Document and the Second Confession Don’t Jibe

2. Michelle Dewberry’s comments on Madeleine McCann search sparks big reaction – Hull Daily Mail

3. Gauguin blamed Van Gogh over ear incident – The Art Newspaper

4. Prince William’s Lawyer Tries to Suppress Rumors of Affair – Daily Beast

ROYAL RIVAL  Kate Middleton has fall-out with glamorous best friend and tells Prince William to ‘phase her out’ – The Sun

Fullscreen capture 20190608 213242dd73d741-6bdf-44a1-abde-6c4d3e886339The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal

June 6th, 2019

1. Chris Watts said he told Shan’ann he didn’t love her anymore and then strangled her – CNN

Why would he need to “tell” her, and thus prepare her, get her defenses up before attacking her?

“I’m just finding this case too overwhelming…”

2. Rebecca Zahau death: Shocking details that convinced San Diego police that she hanged herself – meaww

My book on Rebecca Zahau is currently a #42 Amazon Bestseller in the Hoaxes & Deceptions category.

June 5th, 2019

1. A Theory about the Watts Case

2. A series of high-profile defamation cases have been brought against women in response to the outpouring of sexual misconduct allegations in the wake of #MeToo – CNN

June 4th, 2019

1. This isn’t new but nevertheless worth reviewing.

2. Scot Peterson, school resource officer criticized for his response during the Parkland shooting, faces felony charges – CNN

3. Five things to know about the Henri van Breda axe murder case – IOL

Judge erred in van Breda murder case, says triple axe murderer’s lawyers – IOL

Van Niekerk added at the same time it renders the State’s narrative, that he managed to attack his entirely family with an axe; engage in a severe struggle with Marli; and dragged Rudi around whilst the latter is lying in a pool of blood without stepping in any blood at all; highly improbable, if not impossible.

“If van Breda’s appeal against his conviction on premeditated murder is upheld but substituted for conviction on murder, it is also submitted that an appeal against the life sentences imposed also has a reasonable prospect of success,” she said.

The National Prosecuting Authority will file its replying affidavit next Friday.

4. Dutch girl, 17, who was raped as a young child, is legally euthanised at her home after contacting end-of-life clinic because she felt her life was now unbearable due to depression – Daily Mail

5. South African Wine Farmer in Land Dispute Is Shot Dead – New York Times

In South Africa’s Fabled Wine Country, White and Black Battle Over Land – New York Times


June 3rd, 2019

1.‘Bombshell’ information from girlfriend of Chris Watts helped investigators – NBC


2.  Swiss court suspends IAAF rules barring Caster Semenya – CNN

June 1st, 2019

1. Chris Watts Update: Convicted Killer Featured In A New Documentary Detailing the Murders Of His Family – International Business Times

Chris Watts’ horrific killings of wife and daughters still haunt investigators – The Mirror

True Crime Premieres this weekend – Washington Post

Death at the Mansion: Rebecca Zahau (Oxygen at 6) Zahau was found dead outside the home of her wealthy boyfriend in 2011.

Family Man, Family Murderer: An ID Murder Mystery (ID at 10) The story of Chris Watts, who killed his wife and daughters.

Truth Behind the Moon Landing (Science at 10) A dissection of popular conspiracy theories.


2. Madeleine McCann Documentary on Investigation Discovery:

3. The cult of Manson is still going strong – The Times