A friend of the Watts family has reached out to CrimeRocket to publish the following  Guest Post. The statement below has not been edited or redacted in any way.

“Cherlyn Cadle wrote to Christoper Watts three times before he responded. At some point she must’ve caught on to the fact that he was reading the Bible because the third letter that she wrote to him was in regards to his new found Christianity. The context of her letters had changed from the first two at that point, so he responded and third times a charm I guess. So she essentially heckled a murderer into writing her back.

She gained his trust by discussing scripture, and over time she began visiting him. Even visiting him once before his parents ever even learned of her existence. He has been discussing details of the murders with her because he trusted her and believed she was using discretion. He was solely interested in writing about his testimony with Mrs. Cadle. According to Chris Watts he had no interest in writing about his crimes in a book for the world to see. 

Once the book release was announced it was news to the Watts that the book was about anything other than spiritual growth and marketed as such. The Watts family are not on board with the release of this book or the way it has been promoted. Cindy Watts declined to read the book prior to release until she found out it was about Christoper Watts crimes.

Once this was discovered she requested a copy and was denied. Mrs. Cadle touted “This book has the ability to help Chris appeal and get a reduced sentence” in one message to Cindy Watts. She continues “did all of you think the book wouldn’t be marketed” in that same exchange.

At this point the Watts family are painfully unaware of the contents of this book and any admissions made by Watts that have been included in it. At this point they are reduced to snippets of the book that are being released by Mrs. Cadle’s promoters. Excerpts of a murderers letters are being dropped like bread crumbs as if they aren’t a part of someone’s own personal nightmare. Reaching out to Mrs. Cadle has proven to be pointless. “It’s too bad Christopher has to deal with this crap while sitting in prison” in another message where Cindy Watts attempted to reach out in regards to the context of this book. It’s a sad situation all the way around.”