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Guest Post: “The Watts family are not on board with the release of this book”

A friend of the Watts family has reached out to CrimeRocket to publish the following  Guest Post. The statement below has not been edited or redacted in any way.

“Cherlyn Cadle wrote to Christoper Watts three times before he responded. At some point she must’ve caught on to the fact that he was reading the Bible because the third letter that she wrote to him was in regards to his new found Christianity. The context of her letters had changed from the first two at that point, so he responded and third times a charm I guess. So she essentially heckled a murderer into writing her back.

She gained his trust by discussing scripture, and over time she began visiting him. Even visiting him once before his parents ever even learned of her existence. He has been discussing details of the murders with her because he trusted her and believed she was using discretion. He was solely interested in writing about his testimony with Mrs. Cadle. According to Chris Watts he had no interest in writing about his crimes in a book for the world to see. 

Once the book release was announced it was news to the Watts that the book was about anything other than spiritual growth and marketed as such. The Watts family are not on board with the release of this book or the way it has been promoted. Cindy Watts declined to read the book prior to release until she found out it was about Christoper Watts crimes.

Once this was discovered she requested a copy and was denied. Mrs. Cadle touted “This book has the ability to help Chris appeal and get a reduced sentence” in one message to Cindy Watts. She continues “did all of you think the book wouldn’t be marketed” in that same exchange.

At this point the Watts family are painfully unaware of the contents of this book and any admissions made by Watts that have been included in it. At this point they are reduced to snippets of the book that are being released by Mrs. Cadle’s promoters. Excerpts of a murderers letters are being dropped like bread crumbs as if they aren’t a part of someone’s own personal nightmare. Reaching out to Mrs. Cadle has proven to be pointless. “It’s too bad Christopher has to deal with this crap while sitting in prison” in another message where Cindy Watts attempted to reach out in regards to the context of this book. It’s a sad situation all the way around.”


  1. Sassy

    I’m sorry, but this friend of the Watts family need to let it go. The Watts family just continues to make themselves look worse each time they try and show how much of a great guy this monster is. As his family, support him and keep loving him. But stop trying to get the rest of the world to feel bad for this guy who killed his his whole family for no reason. I finish it highly offensive when they try and spin a narrative that first he was on the spectrum and now he was was abused by his wife. This may not by the Christopher the Watts family knows. Stop watching a YouTube and remeber that man. The rest of us don’t want to hear how great of a guy he is. First impression is that he is a monster. He killed them and then went on TV and lied to everyone. He’s a great liar. Seems the rest of the Watts family is too.

    • Deanna Codrey

      Abuse spouse = couples therapy or divorce court. Not murder,anytime.

    • JezMyOpinion

      But they are fine with the book psycho Cindy Watts lied through. Reading Shannans mothers written statement to the Colorado police shows what a witch Cindy really is along with her daughter Jaime.

  2. Martha Stewart

    Is this possibly a division over Cindy wanting another author writing her own story? Why is this the only book they are objecting? It seems money may be an issue for them. Imo. Nick has a fantastic book and they haven’t protested it. There is also one by Brenda Irishman on Amazon. Neither of these authors have faced scrutiny. If the Watts family wants to write their own that’s fine too. My sympathy towards the Watts’ family has faded. They seem to focus on themselves as the primary victims by these quotes from Cindy. Cindy ,on news interviews , had the same rhetoric. With all the support this family had, they could have chosen to make a difference. The Rzuecks have been active in supporting several charities. I believe I read this Cadle author was doing charitable donations as well. I have watched several psychological videos about narcissistic mothers and the connection to son’s that murder. I Want to know more about the Watts Family as a case study. We all want to know how Chris became a monster. We all want this to never happen again. How could Cindy still be worried about an appeal for her son? This is quite disturbing

    • Shannon

      Can you verify the Charities the rzuceks have given to?
      I have read nothing anywhere that this has been done.
      So do you believe all Murderers are Monsters, or just Chris Watts?
      The rzuceks made over $150.000.00 in fundraising, along with Frankie trying it to.
      The Watts have made Nothing.
      If Cindy wants to right a wrong by trying to write a Book…..who cares.
      Why not try to make some money also.

      • Deb

        Excuse me. The Watts haven’t made any money? “Nothing.” Their monster KILLED his whole family including three babies! All Watts of that family are monsters; that’s for certain. They deserve the hatred they receive. They deserve the hatred because they still try to blame Shan’ann for the murders. They STILL don’t see their part in CW’s psyche. You’re all to blame but especially Mama Watts. Covert narcissist. I have no sympathy for any of you. You raised that pig. You live with the consequences of his depravity. Read Cheryln Cadle’s book that features your spawn’s letter, describing his decision to put the girls’ bodies in the tanks so they didn’t get up again, and if they did, they’d be killed in the tanks. Sounds just like his mama, doesn’t he?

  3. northlandfox

    Complete opposite of what the author allegedly said being she was upfront about wanting to author a book with CW the first time she wrote him. I’m more interested in written exchanges between all parties otherwise it will just be another invitation nutgate he said she said. Also curious about the language in this “contract” and how it balances out against the supposed new lawsuit the Rzuceks attorneys have filed.

  4. Rachel Leigh

    Just to clarify.. The author, Cheryln, made the comment about “Poor Christopher”. It was not Cindy Watts.

  5. Karen

    Cindy has no interest in the book when she thought it was about his spiritual growth. Didn’t care. When she found out it had something to do with his crimes she was interested. Why was she denied it then though? Cadle must have done her homework because she knew just what to say to get Chris to talking. Was Chris tricked by Cadle?

  6. Anon

    The day Chris Watts gets a reduced sentence is the day pigs fly. He’s lucky as hell he didn’t get a date with the electric chair. Tell this woman to wipe her ass with her book.

    • dana426


    • Shannon

      In the State there is No death sentence.
      They lied to Chris.

  7. Jennifer A. Sinclair

    Who cares about Chris Watts??? Who cares about whether the book is fair or unfair? Who cares about his spiritual growth? He murdered 4 people that trusted him the most. Who cares if Chris Watts is comfortable, or not? Nobody should.

    • Kathleen

      I second that Jennifer!

  8. cox1961

    CW murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters, it is illerevent what his thoughts are now. I believe if he was more upfront as to how he murdered his family and what his daughters went through before he took their lives the sentence he is currently serving now would have been completely off the table. There is not going to be anything new, we all haven’t heard before, it will just be worded differently. Yes he has found god, big deal, it is not going to bring his wife, unborn son and 2 daughters back. The horror of his crimes have sent hardened police investigators to go on sick leave, suffer from PTSD, some interviews that I have read, investigating police have been quoted as saying their lives will never be the same. Yes their have been many books written about crimes such as this, but personally for me I simply cannot facilitate to the proceeds of this book. I only have to think of how CW showed no mercy to his wife and little girls. How he disposed of them like pieces of garbage. That alone stops me in my tracks.

    • dana426

      I’d be very interested if Detective Dave Baumhover would write a book about this case. It would be preordered for sure.

  9. Mia

    “chris has to deal with this crap while sitting in prison.” pretty sure he can handle a book being written about his crimes when he put his hands around his flesh and blood and took their lives. There is no poor Chris in any of this and there shouldn’t be!!

    • n cam

      Oh, I’m sorry…are we supposed to feel sorry for the Watts?? Pleeease! Btw, his parents didn’t need to be aware of the fact that this woman was visiting chris. He’s a grown man. Why would he need to report this information to them?? He didn’t tell them because he didn’t want them to know. They should lnow by now, he’s shady. Everything he said to this woman is probably the truth and now that mama watts doesn’t approve of what he told this woman, she wants to get out in front of the shit storm. Sorry, not gonna work.

  10. Tammy Vaughan

    Why anyone writes or visits this person is beyond my understanding. He should be forgotten, never brought back into the public’s thoughts.

    • Shannon

      Wouldn’t it be Kool to sit across from a Murderer, to look at him, to listen to him, to Try to get into his thoughts….It takes Years for Killers to give YOU their thoughts.
      This book is Confession Number #3.
      I hope Chris is working on his Appeals.
      Too bad he wasn’t OJ Simpson……walking free!


    Well said … Chris doesn’t want to hear about a true book being written while he’s in prison , well guess what CW, you could be sitting in a beautiful home right now with three beautiful children and a wife who loves you and all the freedom in the world Chris but you did an abominable act and you are where you are the consequences will probably live on until everybody’s dead everybody’s in pain so join the club Chris

  12. Shannon

    I’m not sure if any of the above people, I don’t believe are followers in this case, done by crime rocket, from beginning to Now.
    Most high profile murders do make the News for years. Books, movies and anything else that can be done is done to make Money.
    As for the hardened cops who worked on these case…. either there not seasoned detectives…..newbies….because I can Guarantee there are far worst cases of people being Killed!
    Interesting a detective needs time off….but then again this area of the world, has alot of murders….so they should be used to it by now!

    • northlandfox

      Regarding the detective read he initially transferred to that Department and one person position because of wanting something more low key, less stress, so perhaps history of personal health issues prior. And really no crime scene at the house, mostly observed at the oil site, other than a mention in the State Hazmat report of handling something which surprised me. So PTSD disability retirement surprising as the article alluded to.

      The article stated: “Baumhover said he’s not sure what he will do if he decides not to resume police work, but he’s considering using his experience to talk with other law enforcement about the importance of mental wellness.” Yet can’t work but can do a synposium, conference, talk tour going forward if that’s how it turns out.

      Were inconsistancies in one if not two of his official statements, questionable practices in the investigation, so maybe just wanted out all along. Especially with involvement of such a high profile case.

  13. Linda Diaz

    At least he is alive in order to “deal” with anything. Can’t say the same about his innocent wife and 3 beautiful innocent angels.

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