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The Final Three Weeks of the Phone Data Review #2YearsAgoTodayCW

In the last three weeks, the Phone Data Review becomes chock-full of drama, emotions, details and tension. As such, the episodes dealing with this period are invariably an hour to an hour-and-a-half in length.

Due to the time and effort editing videos and analyzing the data by applying True Crime Rocket Science [and what we know now] to what we thought we knew then, a world of possibilities, and a whirlwind of new insights emerge.

On Patreon, many who thought they had a clear grasp of the case have had their socks blown off. Are you ready to see the Watts case through a brand new lens, and from a brand new perspective?  If so, then you are go for launch.

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#25: Episode 25: Did Kessinger tell Watts she loved him on July 25th? Is that why he Googled “how does it feel when someone says I love you…” and “when to say I love you in a new relationship”?

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 25

#26: “3rd pregnancy & I’m feeling great! Not exhausted, not losing sleep, good mood!I’m glad I’m Thrivin” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

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#27: If Watts and Kessinger were Addicted To Each Other – what was Shan’ann Addicted To?Fullscreen capture 20200808 131743

#28:“So damn sexy.” “You mean a lot to me.” #2YearsAgoTodayCW


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#29: Shan’ann was onto him on July 29th: “You’re out of it from Playing” #2yearsagotodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 29

#30: Love Letters For Kessinger, Vials of Poison for Shan’ann and Niko #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 30

#31: On July 31st, Watts Makes His First Attempt Against Baby Niko’s Life

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 31

#32: “If you are not happy, it’s up to you to change that!” #2YearsAgoTodayCw

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 32

#33: Nude Photos #2yearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 33

#34: “You put a Dagger Between Us!” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 34

#35: “I’m not going to worry about family. I will just remove it.” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 35

#36: A DAY OF BIG DRAMA! “Would you stay with me if we didn’t have kids?” “I don’t want to lose the kids.” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 36(2)

#37: On August 6th, Chris Watts Drops A Bomb On Shan’ann #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 37


#38:  “I’m scared to death…I really don’t want to leave here” #38 #2YearsAgoTodayCW [VIDEO VERSION]

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 38(2)

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 39
TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 40
TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 41



#2YearsAgoTodayCW Analysis of the Phone Data Review [Free 24 Episode Video Playlist]

Below is a playlist of around 24 videos that are essentially the narrated blogposts from the #1YearAgoTodayCW series posted on in July and August of 2019.

The series of full episodes terminate on Sunday June 24th, exactly three weeks before the murders. The remaining 21 episodes dealing with the dramatic and critical final three weeks can be viewed on Patreon for $1. Previews to some of these episodes – some 20 minutes in length – are available for free on YouTube as well.

#1 June 12th:

#2 June 14th:

#3 June 17th:

#4 June 19th:

#5 June 22nd:

#6 June 26th:

#7 June 30th:

#8 July 4th:

#9 July 5th:

#10 July 6th:

#11 July 7th:

#12 July 8th:

#13 July 9th:

#14 July 10th:

#15 July 13th & July 14th:

#16 July 15th:

#17 July 16th:

#18 July 18th:

#19 July 19th:

#20 July 20th:

#21 July 21st:

#22 July 22nd:

#23 July 23rd:

#24 July 24th:

Watch the rest of the series on Patreon.

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 25

Why is Kessinger’s first Google Search for “Shanann Watts” becoming a Shifting Goalpost? [UPDATED]

It’s a simple question and yet so much rides on the right answer. The Discovery Documents provide a timeline of the interactions between 33-year-old Chris Watts and his 30-year-old mistress Nichol Kessinger.

Kessinger’s story in the press is that she only initiated the affair in May or June 2018.

Fullscreen capture 20181209 194038

Now the very first entry into that timeline – a Google Search by Nichol Kessinger for “Shanann Watts” on September 1, 2017 – is being called “a typo”.

Really? The first item on the timeline is a typo? What part is the typo? 2017? 1? Or September? If her phone was seized and analyzed in August, how could she have made a search in September 2018? And if the entire entry is wrong [which is not a typo but a full blown data-entry error], then WHEN DID KESSINGER SEARCH WATTS’ WIFE’S NAME FOR THE FIRST TIME?

You’d think this question [if it is a minor data entry error] would be simple enough to clear up, and CrimeOnline have made the effort:

The records supervisor at the Frederick Police Department told CrimeOnline on Thursday that the entry in the discovery report showing that Nichol Kessinger performed a Google search for Shanann Watts on September 1, 2017 is a typo.

CrimeOnline reached records supervisor Amanda Purcell on Thursday after repeated inquiries made to multiple Colorado law enforcement agencies to confirm the accuracy of an entry in the Phone Data Review included in the discovery documents connected to the Chris Watts murder case, released by the Weld County District Attorney’s office late last month.

Asked if the entry in the Phone Data Review showing that Kessinger performed an internet search for “Shanann Watts” on her cell phone on September 1, 2017, was typographically correct, Purcell said it was a typo in the report.

Purcell was not able to provide additional clarification about another section of the phone data review that indicates Kessinger searched for Chris and/or Shanann Watts prior to beginning her relationship with Chris Watts in the spring of 2018, and referred our inquiry to the Weld County District Attorney’s office. The above entry, however, appears to be the only questionable date in the chronological Phone Data Review. CrimeOnline has reached out to the Greeley Police Department for clarification or confirmation of the information listed in the entry, and has not yet received a response.

Fullscreen capture 20181209 193959

We already know, however, that Kessinger purposefully deleted messages between herself and Watts from her phone. We also know that at 17:00 on August 14th, Kessinger Googled “can cops trace text messages” and “How long do phone companies keep text messages”as well as “Difference between text message content and text message detail”.

We also see the first artifact after the “typo Google search” coming in as late as July 7th, about two weeks into Shan’ann’s six week trip to North Carolina.  This is also the first recovered call from Kessinger to Watts, but probably wasn’t the first actual call made to him.

Fullscreen capture 20181210 195107


So what is the truth and why is it so murky all of a sudden?

Just in:

‘This is not a witch hunt’: Chris Watts prosecutor cannot explain data from girlfriend’s phone showing Shanann Watts internet searches months before affair began

Greeley Police Detective Michael Prill authored the report that included a single entry of a September 1, 2017 search for Shanann Watts, and Frederick Police Detective David Baumhover authored the report, excerpted immediately above, that referenced multiple deleted searches for Chris and Shanann Watts.

Following a series of email exchanges and phone calls with the Weld County District Attorney’s office regarding the reports, CrimeOnline spoke by phone to Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke on Monday. Rourke said that the reports reflect what was shown in the forensic analysis of Nichol Kessinger’s phone.

“The dates to which you are referring — in 2017 where it appears she Googled or otherwise searched Shannan — was data that came off her phone,” Rourke said.

It’s not a typographical error in the report. [The detectives] are reporting what was contained in the data from her phone. I don’t know the answer to the question of why or how those dates ended up in her phone.”

Asked if the District Attorney’s office questioned or planned to question Kessinger about data suggesting she was aware of Chris and Shanann Watts for up to a year before the murders, Rourke said that Chris Watts’ guilty plea precluded any need to further probe the results of the forensic analysis of Kessinger’s phone.

We did not get to the point in our investigation of attempting to independently verify that or not because Chris Watts pled guilty,” Rourke said.

“When you ask me if I have verified that information, the answer to your question is no. Nichol Kessinger told us that she met and started the relationship with the defendant in 2018. So where that anomaly in the data comes from, I can’t answer it for you. I don’t know the answer to it.”

Rourke said that prosecutors are confident in the results of the murder investigation, which is closed. “I have absolutely no reason to investigate Nichol Kessinger at this point in time,” he said.”This is not a witch hunt.”

“My job is to investigate and prosecute who was responsible for the deaths of Shannon, Bella, Celeste, and Nico. We have done that. I have no information nor any belief that any other criminal defendant is out there who is responsible for their death in any way, shape, or form.”

The Frederick Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for clarification of their earlier statements about the Phone Data Review.

So much for the District Attorney wanting to know why…