The legal game around the autopsy reports was a warm-up to the hand-wring that’s this plea deal.I’ve maintained from the start that the autopsy reports are so shocking, they’re being suppressed precisely to avoid stoking public outrage. If people knew what was in them, and what happened to Shan’ann’s, Bella’s and Celeste’s bodies, they’d DEMAND a full-blown trial, is what I’m saying.

But it goes further than that.

If you were Shan’ann Watts, if you’d been murdered, wouldn’t you want your murderer put on trial to account for what he did, and how and why he did it? Even more so, if your murderer murdered your chidren, your unborn child, wouldn’t you feel the crime absolutely deserved to be heard as a criminal trial?

So why not the Watts case? What’s so special about this case that it need to be shut down, and as high-profile true crime goes, this case has been shut down in record time.

It’s good to see a working defense attorney coming to the same conclusions as TCRS on the dodginess of this deal. Whoever is giving Chris Watts advice isn’t looking after Watts’ legal interests, and because of that, Watts could later claim his rights to proper counsel were [and are being] violated.


One may argue, boohoo, who cares about a murderer’s rights? Well, if due process isn’t followed, you can end up with a Making a Murderer type situation, where the suspect has been so badly “victimized”, that apologetic documentaries series come along years after the fact, made in his name crying foul, making the case that he’s a victim of the justice system.  That scenario can end up turning your monster criminal into a cause célèbre that ultimtely gets him acquitted.