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Chris Watts Plea Deal – things aren’t what they seem!

The legal game around the autopsy reports was a warm-up to the hand-wring that’s this plea deal.I’ve maintained from the start that the autopsy reports are so shocking, they’re being suppressed precisely to avoid stoking public outrage. If people knew what was in them, and what happened to Shan’ann’s, Bella’s and Celeste’s bodies, they’d DEMAND a full-blown trial, is what I’m saying.

But it goes further than that.

If you were Shan’ann Watts, if you’d been murdered, wouldn’t you want your murderer put on trial to account for what he did, and how and why he did it? Even more so, if your murderer murdered your chidren, your unborn child, wouldn’t you feel the crime absolutely deserved to be heard as a criminal trial?

So why not the Watts case? What’s so special about this case that it need to be shut down, and as high-profile true crime goes, this case has been shut down in record time.

It’s good to see a working defense attorney coming to the same conclusions as TCRS on the dodginess of this deal. Whoever is giving Chris Watts advice isn’t looking after Watts’ legal interests, and because of that, Watts could later claim his rights to proper counsel were [and are being] violated.


One may argue, boohoo, who cares about a murderer’s rights? Well, if due process isn’t followed, you can end up with a Making a Murderer type situation, where the suspect has been so badly “victimized”, that apologetic documentaries series come along years after the fact, made in his name crying foul, making the case that he’s a victim of the justice system.  That scenario can end up turning your monster criminal into a cause célèbre that ultimtely gets him acquitted.


  1. BAMS13

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Karen

    I agree that – that was wrapped up extremely fast but by him pleading guilty and saying the word himself, isn’t he essentially being held accountable?

  3. Shannon

    Yes something is not right here. I hope he Fires his Lawyers and takes Advantage of this plea deal clause. This Article very Good.

  4. Diana

    Speaking of knowing just how these murders went down……On another site it’s been pointed out in the legal papers that they read that Shan’ann died AS A RESULT of Chris terminating the pregnancy unlawfully, NOT that the pregnancy ended due to Shan’ann’s death! It makes it sound like Chris tried to kill the fetus BEFORE killing Shan’ann. I also am confused in the latest documents why the prosecution added domestic violence charges on Chris too. I do hope the autopsies are released. I agree these murders were probably even more horrifying than we imagined. There’s no doubt in my mind that Chris deserves the death penalty, I just hope his sentence doesn’t get overturned and that he loses every appeal that he’ll no doubt file. He never deserves to be free again. I will say too that as much as I think he’s a monster, I do want him to get due process.

  5. Shannon

    The Autopsy report and a Partial Motive is coming out after Nov 19.2018.
    Rourke the DA Bullied Chris into signing thinking he would get the Death Penalty. A lie on his part. He admitted that he wouldn’t happen.
    Chris needs to fire lawyers and File Papers Immediately. He has 49 days or 7 weeks to Appeal his Sentence. His Lawyers are Shit.
    I don’t think he killed baby first. He’d have to punch in the stomach. Baby dies when mother dies!
    This DA is looking for News about him . He had already Lied. Hopefully Chris Watts parents are Reading the News and inform him, he was lied to.

  6. Karen

    I don’t think it was a lie. What the DA said was that he could sit on death row for 25 years and still not be executed and did the Rzeuks was to commit the next 25 years of their lives dealing with appeals. He could have gotten the death penalty but that didn’t mean he would be executed. At least that’s the way I understood it. I could be wrong myself

  7. Diana

    Shannon you said, “I don’t think he killed the baby first”. At least we can agree on that, however, riddle me this…..Chris’s documents with his plea deal state the following referring to what Chris pled guilty to:

    “Terminated the pregnancy of the woman. Further, the woman DIED AS A RESULT OF THE UNLAWFUL TERMINATION OF THE PREGNANCY. UNLAWFUL TERMINATION of pregnancy in the FIRST DEGREE”.

    Those exact words are on his plea deal, I did not embellish at all. Its verbatim. In Colorado the law says UNLAWFUL TERMINATION of a pregnancy is a FOURTH DEGREE murder charge, not first degree as stated above. In other words, if someone assaulted the mother and she lives but the assault caused a miscarriage, that would be FOURTH DEGREE murder/UNLAWFUL termination of a pregnancy. Which begs the question – What is the State of Colorado implying when they state, “…..the woman (Shan’ann) died AS A result of the UNLAWFUL TERMINATION of the pregnancy”? Would like your thoughts on how you interpret that charge. It evokes some really cruel acts in my mind, but I’d love to hear any other way it could be interpreted. Could what he did to Shan’ann be the act he doesn’t want in the public domain, therefore he went with the guilty plea? I hope the autopsies are released, perhaps that’s where the answers are.

    • Karen

      I actually saw that about a week ago myself , Diane.

  8. Shannon

    I would have Research this point, to see what it means.But termination of pregnancy, maybe meaning of course the baby would die…with her body in the Ground it would be much easier for them to determine….Brushing, and other things. There are men who will punch or kick a woman in the stomach hoping to lose the baby. Maybe if they had a physical fight, but then there were no visible marks on him… scratches, to Early for bruise on him….
    It’s nice to talk with people who have brains.
    On YouTube, it’s a Disaster. I said there is a WHY this happened…lol…
    You’d think I said Earth died….lol
    Everybody pissed at me…there is a Why behind every killing.

  9. Shannon

    I did look it up. Didn’t write it down. But basically it means the baby died, direct or indirect.
    Just type it in, but by Colorado laws.
    Termination of a pregnancy, by murder.

  10. Diana

    Shannon thank you for your response. I think the biggest thing in that legal document plea that makes me say..WAIT! Would be where it says that Shan’ann died AS A RESULT of the termination of the pregnancy – NOT that the baby died as a result of Shan’ann dying! Hopefully the prosecutors or the autopsy will glean answers. That is such a confusing but eye-opening statement though!

  11. Shannon

    Its a tough call.
    How do you think he killed the baby before her?
    A hard kick of punch.
    Is there another way?
    I will do abit more Research.
    Thank you, Diana and Karen.
    We have to be mini detectives here…

  12. Shannon

    In Colorado, they do not recognize this, no law to charge someone with Homicide for killing an unborn child. .would become a lessor charge, a Felony.
    Why worded the way in his plea deal, is questionable. Personally I don’t Trust Rourke the DA. He has already Lied, saying he was never really going for the Death Penalty…on Record. I just don’t trust this guy.
    With this moving too fast…plea deal…Bad Council. It will be interesting to see what Chris does. Even if he Appeals, he still will be in Jail….a long time.
    Feticude: death of a fetus.

  13. Karen

    I was really hoping one of those reporters would have asked the DA or someone at the press conference about Shan’ann’s cell phone.

  14. Shannon

    So much unknown still.
    Karen. ((*-“))

  15. Phebe

    Can someone explain why there were blood on the shirt she was buried with ? If she was choked to death, why blood ?

    • nickvdl

      It’s a good question. One possibility is that the blood was associated with the expelled fetus.

    • D.V

      The reason was that Shan’ann had what is called a “coffin birth” which happens when the body expels the fetus after death of the Mother. It is like an abortion. I don’t understand why the body does this but I’ve read that it does happen.

      • Shannon

        Because the gases inside the dead body, expelled the baby. Coffin birth.
        Baby was in the sand when found. 15 weeks fetus size of an Orange.

    • Shannon

      Liguids expelled from the mouth, nose. Upon death. Also possible from the expelled fetus. Might also been colour of ground. Not sure if there was any rain those few days she laid there.

  16. D.V

    Chris Watts case went to a plea deal instead of a trial because the evidence against Chris was obtained so quickly, thanks to Shan’ann’s friend, Nicole & the next door neighbour’s security camera video which showed Chris backing his truck part way into the garage & going back & forth 3 X before going to work the very am they were reported missing by Nicole.

    Chris KNEW the police had the evidence they needed to nail him. All they didn’t have was their bodies but thanks to the GPS on his work truck, the police would very quickly have found Shan’ann’s body before he had time to burn it. I think he thought he would have time later to burn her body because one of the trips he made to his truck that am was to load in a gas container.
    Thanks to Shan’ann’s friend, Nicole,who called the police that very am, he never got the chance to return to where he buried Shan’ann to do that.

    Shan’ann parents were the ones to request the plea deal rather than a trial. Chris absolutely qualified for the death penalty but remember, every person who receives a death penalty sentence automatically qualifies for an appeal.
    This means the family members of the victims through not only have to endure the process of the trial, but they would also have to go through it all again for the appeal.
    And as the prosecutor pointed out, many inmates who receive the death penalty are on death row for years on end without their sentence actually ever being carried out. In may happen, but perhaps they would not see it in their life time so in fact, the result would be the same as what his sentence is….he is incarcerated for the remainder of his life.

    The prosecutor presented these facts to them & they requested that there would not be a trial. The prosecutor accepted their request & presented their request to the judge. The judge COULD have chosen to over ride their request because as even the judge said, the crimes Chris committed definitely DID qualify for the death penalty, but he accepted Shan’ann’s families’ request to waive that in place of a plea deal. The prosecutor would have informed Shan’ann’s family ahead of time all the charges the State was bringing against Chris & that they were asking that the judge to impose the maximum sentence.
    I don’t think anyone can blame them for not wanting to endure sitting through a trial & an appeal when they knew Chris was going to rot for years on death row any way & they may not even be alive to see his death penalty carried out.
    I’m sure they just wanted to grieve & to be able to start to heal & try to move on.
    It’s difficult to do that reliving the details every day during a trial.
    Chris got the sentence he deserved.

    • Shannon

      He can still try to Appeal. He had lawyers, from the State who didn’t have a clue how to handle this case. If he had not talked on porch, not done lie detector test and shut up in the interrogation, and said I want a Lawyer. He would have had a good case to proceed. But his legal abilities of not knowing the law….. F–KED him.
      We would be at a trial.
      Let’s hope he tries for the Appeal.

  17. K

    So if CW did appeal, what would be the most likely verdict? Would he be able to reduce his sentence or still face life in prison, if say, he was convicted of all the charges except killing his children?

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