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Sneak Peek: In TWO FACE III the dynamics of the Watts children is dealt with in High Resolution. Here’s a sample of what the 3rd K9 narrative will be analyzing

The last two months of Shan’ann’s Facebook is no longer visible to the public. Could there be anything there in the final six weeks of her life that drove the events leading to her death, and the death of the Watts children?

The posts below were sourced by  John Westrum and shared on the True Crime Rocket Science Facebook page. Thanks John!

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Since I deal in detail with these posts in the third narrative, I won’t be doing any analysis of them here. These posts are of course extremely insightful, and come at a critical time before catastrophe overtook the Watts family.

TWO FACE TWO POLLYANNAS, the third book in the series interrogating the Chris Watts case, will be available early November 2018

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