True crime aspires towards omniscience, but it never quite achieves it. Thanks to you readers out there, true crime analysis never really stops, it never really sleeps. There’s always someone, somewhere chewing on some area of the bone, isn’t there? Like this one sent in today via WhatsApp from the lovely Amanda Gildenhar [follow her on twitter here].

Notice anything strange in this picture [from More Watts Family Photos posted yesterday]:


Look closer…


Right in front of Bella is a can of opened lime flavored Spiked Seltzer.


Amanda reckons Seltzer is the kind of drink that’s easy to get away with, with no smell. It’s the “sneak a drink drink” as she puts it. 6% alcohol.

Amanda thinks it’s weird the can is set right in front of Bella. In the foreground are other drinks too. It looks like Shan’ann may have had some sort of get together, judging from the board in the background. Unless this was an average day and Shan’ann was taking a few swigs to help her cope in addition to [or instead of] Thrive’s mood maintenance.

Let’s face it, alcohol does the trick when you’re on edge, and all those highly caffeinated patches aren’t going to settled frayed nerves.


This raises the question: Are there any other images of Seltzer or alcoholic beverages elsewhere in Shan’ann’s social media? Also, was Shan’ann putting alcohol in any of those Le-Vel branded shakes she was drinking?

More generally, MLM is associated with addiction. Not just any addiction, the sort that can cost people everything. If the Watts case isn’t a potential case study of this, what is? Think about the scenario we see here in technicolor; a wife so addicted to MLM [and not just Le-Vel], her whole family gets gobbled up into it too. Were they always willing participants? What if it wasn’t? What if it became like living with an unemployed junkie who keeps stealing from you and cashing in your stuff to keep the ball rolling?


There is reason to believe there may be a relationship between MLM and addiction, including alcoholism:

MLMers will slowly become dependent on their team, and their life will become more and more absorbed by all things involving the business. You will see the MLMer’s personality change as they become more involved with the group, and their day-to-day responsibilities will start to go unattended.

MLMers will start to get less and less positives out of the experience, because uplines will not continue to love bomb unconditionally without results. Upline may ridicule the downline, and the pleasure of the love bombing will fade as the downline continues to struggle.

I have heard of MLMers pursuing the dream to the point of foreclosure on their homes, job loss, and divorce. MLMs have been responsible for taking away retirements, and have made people lose friends and family. MLMs have the exact same downsides as any drug (legal or illegal), but MLMs may be worse because people can be harder to escape.22089836_10154901841296935_2015981467120201648_n