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Both Chris Watts and Shan'ann Watts signed a receipt of summons on June 30th, 2018 – or did they? Wyndam Hill Master Association Inc.VS Defendants: Christopher L. Watts and Shanann Watts [58th Tranche]

The signatures are both dated June 30th, 2018. But June 30th was 4 days after Shan’ann’s departure to North Carolina?
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Does that mean Chris Watts faked his wife’s signature, and if so, did he not tell her about the summons?
Look closer at Shan’ann’s signature. Does it seem crooked to you?
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The Drive to CERVI 319 [in PICTURES & VIDEO]

The screengrabs from Google Maps below are in chronological order taken along the 39.3 mile 47 minute commute between Saratoga Trail and Cervi 319. This was the route Chris Watts rose to drive to each morning, five days a week. These are the sights he would have gotten used to seeing twice each day every day, on the way out and back.

It also provides some idea, when the cops called at noon on August 13th, how long it would take to get home, even if he was driving as fast as he could.