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Both Chris Watts and Shan'ann Watts signed a receipt of summons on June 30th, 2018 – or did they? Wyndam Hill Master Association Inc.VS Defendants: Christopher L. Watts and Shanann Watts [58th Tranche]

The signatures are both dated June 30th, 2018. But June 30th was 4 days after Shan’ann’s departure to North Carolina?
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Does that mean Chris Watts faked his wife’s signature, and if so, did he not tell her about the summons?
Look closer at Shan’ann’s signature. Does it seem crooked to you?
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  1. edebitetto

    Wow.. that would freak me out personally. Not to mention the 3 months behind on the mortgage. How do you declare bankruptcy ( years prior ) and still be able to obtain a mortgage for a house of that size and then proceed to follow the same path? Baffling….

    • Clean Queen

      That’s what I don’t get. It seems like no bank would ever give them a loan so soon, especially with that price tag. However, I think the reason for the 2nd giant house is that the first bankruptcy was declared only in SW’s name. I know the CO house was in Chris’s name only. (SW later had her name added to the deed, but she was not responsible financially for the house.) If they were to declare bankruptcy again, it would definitely affect Chris this time around. I’m sure that didn’t help in terms of the decision he made to kill his family. I also have no doubt that Shan’ann pushed for the giant house and all the stuff in it.
      What I really don’t understand is how willing she was to head right down the exact same path again, just a few years later. In my opinion, a bankruptcy would be humiliating and traumatizing. I would think she would never want to be in that position ever again. I can’t imagine the stress and the sleepless nights. This is especially true after you have had children. I think it points to some of the deeper issues within Shan’ann.

    • Ralph Oscar

      You’ve got the “if/then” in the wrong order. It was after SW and CW moved to CO that CW got that big house SW wanted in his own name, on his own credit. SW had apparently trashed her credit through whatever Shan’Annigans she was involved with in NC (which she fled like her backside was on fire). The SW/CW bankruptcy was in 2015; she was 9 months pregnant with CeCe when they filed, so they already had the big house. They weren’t getting any mortgage after that!
      But your question about “How could they be so far along that same self-destructive path (several months behind on their bills/all credit cards maxed) only 3 years after a bankruptcy?” is valid. I think we’re all wondering that. Notice that SW got involved with Thrive several months AFTER the 2015 bankruptcy – she started shilling for LeVel in March 2016, I believe.

  2. kimj1111

    It looks like the same handwriting to me – a long, straight uptick at the end of the signature. My husband and I are rarely in the same place at the same time (he used to be gone with the military, now I travel for work), so we often poorly forge each others signatures when needed.
    I would guess Shan’ann knew about this from Chris calling her and letting her know. But I am wondering if this was the first time he heard about it…
    Her office looked ransacked and covered in bills, and the shopping bags in the closet look like she may have been hiding purchases. I wonder if this summons wasn’t one of the first confirmations that something was seriously wrong financially for the growing family, and he started digging around in her office, which was probably a room that he avoided.

  3. Sylvester

    I see what you are saying here – and the implications are frightening. It absolutely looks like Watts forged Shan’ann’s signature. I had to be sure. The only other place I remembered I’d seen her signature was on a tiny close-up of her driver’s license removed from her purse from the kitchen counter, and one of Chris’s license as well. It looks like he signed the document for her. We don’t have any texts on her end of it from her phone indicating they had a court hearing so what reason would he have for withholding that information? Selling the house without her knowing it? Pre-meditating murder? Or had he been caught off guard opening the mail and realized just how bad their financial situation was. We have heard no discussions on their phones regarding their financial situation. Also in the same slide video I looked at after the murders, closeups of the interior of the Lexus show two bills and a small package on the front seat. He would have seen that mail, probably brought it in himself and left it in the car. One of them is from a Medical facility, likely trying to collect on a past medical procedure. Small package doesn’t display much – but he left it in the car, not needing to bring it to her notice after Sunday. So now the shoe is on the other foot. Does this mean she was keeping their whole financial disastrous picture from him or the other way around – at least from June forward.

    • nickvdl

      Sylvester I think her signature is also on that call center nurse ID card she had. It would be good to get all the signatures we can find of her and put them side by side. Some of the receipts and papers found in her office [among them bank statements] may also have a signature.

    • mitzi2006

      Shananns mom had told detective Chris and shan’ann had a court date in weld county on a family matter, so she was aware there was a court date. I don’t believe either Chris knew the full financial picture but he did have to sign to cash in some 401K that was supposedly to catch up on some mortgage payments so he was at least aware there was some money problems. Really all they would have had to do was move to a smaller home or take the kids out of that costly school. What they desperately needed was for both of them to get jobs with consistent salaries. Chris was doing that, but with shan’ann it would mean she’d have to admit that what she had been selling as their life was bull. When I first got married my husband and I were living check to check, it was so stressful, always worrying something was going to break down or dreaded getting the mail that there would be a higher bill than we expected. I can’t imagine the stress these two were under, or Chris at least

  4. dermotspirit

    I figured she signed her part then took of to NC & chris signed & dated it when HE signed & posted it back to the court….. her mom was well aware of the upcoming court date so it was no secret , I am puzzled why she took off to NC as Chris states that being with her parents made her very anxious so if that is true it seems a strange place to go ,unless the thought of this court case was far more stressful than being with her parents for 6 weeks…… I had read a few times the purpose of the trip was to recruit new people to thrive.. but I think her drop in facebook posts indicates people aren’t thriving as she would have liked .. who knows maybe she had come to realise the court case was the prize for all that thrive hard sell… pretty soul destroying

  5. usmcvet152

    Wasn’t Shan’ann’s dad Frank R listed on the loan at one time? I believe I’ve seen something to do with the house at one time with his name on it. I have looked at so much stuff to do with this case that it is all running together. It’s hard to tell what Chris knew about and didn’t concerning the finances. Seems like when Shan’ann(or Chris) received a bill she/he just threw on the office desk with the others like it would pay itself. Looks like a hurricane went through the office which is surprising considering she was OCD. I am OCD especially when it comes to bills,payment due dates, after being in the military all the years. In the Marine Corps you did not want someone to start calling your Sergeant Major or CO about late bills, lawsuits, court, etc. Looks like the signatures are the same, but written different to try and conceal, especially the loops,

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