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More Photos of Chris Watts’ Mystery Mistress [Updated]

Nichol Kessinger (3)Nichol Kessinger (4)Nichol Kessinger (2)Nichol Kessinger (5)Nichol Kessinger (1)

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Nichol Kessinger (1)Fullscreen capture 20181017 141644Nichol Kessinger (2)

Mistress of Chris Watts speaks out

Mistress of Chris Watts speaks outgettyimages-1062114220-1024x1024


  1. MaeBelle

    I’m sorry…. but not attractive…

    • BAMS13

      I think she’s very attractive.

      • darran

        jugs are ‘uge

      • BAMS13

        Whose tits?? Huh?? You don’t know me to comment on my standards. You clearly sound very low-class.
        To me, she is attractive and so what??
        I have no idea what her boobs look like, I haven’t looked and do not care to look but clearly you seem to have?? 😉
        Also, considering I’m a straight female, I’m naturally speaking about her face not her “tits”. Wow.
        By the way, swearing and verbally abusing people doesn’t make your argument stronger, it just makes you sound angry and uneducated.

    • Syndi

      I don’t see what Chris liked about her! Not cute AT ALL! I beleive she was involved and was intimidating him. Read all about her guilt

      • Lynn Jackson

        omg i need to stop with this case as i just prayed hard for this vileness to be hit by a car!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dee Morris

      Actually I think she’s quite a nice looking girl. Unkept, un made up, un ‘beautified’, but the good bone structure and good features are there….but she sounds like she’s a very attractive person INSIDE. A very nasty little piece of works, who doesn’t want to take one jot of responsibility in what happened! I think she played a HUGE role in this. No, not with the murders themselves, but putting the idea into Chris’ head, by being the tantalising ‘other woman’ providing reason for him to need to get rid of his ‘encumbrances’.

    • sue

      agreed, she is FUGLY! but that is what most cheaters do when married. they hook up with an uglier person than their spouse. and that friggin man voice of hers. how annoying as hell.

    • Jay

      Are you kidding?! She is hot!!

  2. Mmmm

    Nice boobies tho…

    • MaeBelle

      I guess…. but I mean… if you’re going to cheat, that’s what you’re going to pick?

  3. Ana

    This can’t be the same woman!

  4. Carrie

    She is Completely different then Chris’s wife . She is young and free. And it appears she’s enjoying that. We can see her in pictures hanging out with friends – drinking partying and enjoying her youth. Chris was a father and husband who had responsibilities .What seems false to me is her not knowing chri s was still married… Anyone i meet at work , I admit I spy. … Look how much she now looks like shanann- it’s clear she dyed her hair… Do you all see that? The police will get her full texts and I am quite certain they will be released to the public. Then and only then will we truly find out her truth.

  5. ana

    She doesn’t look like Shannan at all! She didn’t die her hair. Just professional photos and/or photoshop. It’s ridiculous, she has to look “good” to be presented as the mistress. There will be no texts released to the public, they are lost as she deleted them. Rourke said so.

    • Mallory

      Lol texts are never fully“deleted”…especially not by a civilian such as herself. She knew damn well he was married, she’s a deviant and disgusting pig. Can’t wait until the texts go public and she gets blasted for the whore she is.

  6. The Spicy Meatball

    That first guy she is with looks like Scott Peterson haha… Irony???

  7. Tbp

    Hopefully this young woman can move past this horrible crime. I believe she may forever be tarnished, especially trusting another man. She may or may not have known about his marriage situation, but probably not the pregnancy. Once she saw him on the news, she learned his wife was pregnant. She was probably angry at him, and she disassociated herself from him completely. He lied and told her that the baby wasn’t his…SMH. I would have rid myself of anything that reminded me of him, as well. It could have been a knee jerk reaction for her to start deleting out of anger. I know I would have wanted to do the same with a shower.

  8. S

    She’s a butterface. But typical men will do her just because she has a nice body. I read a study that men prefer nice bodies over beautiful faces.

  9. Marie

    She knew he was married. She had been searching out all info on Shanann since 2017, her intent wasn’t murder but it was to interlope into Shanann’s marriage. Now she wants to get paid for interviews and book deals. Home wrecking, skanky whore.

  10. Rachel

    Pretty certain that’s a major boob job there. Look at the photo with blue/white t-shirt w/#16 on it and then compare. She went big. Guess that’s her style.

    • amandagildenhar

      Kinda suspicious, I’m suspecting a boob job too

  11. PF Flier

    The guy she’s with in the top two pics is Phil D, back in October he was drunk and attacked and assaulted his wife in front of their three year old daughter. Looks like she just has a very bad judge in character.

  12. MR

    What married man will you date next? I hope you come forward with any additional evidence you have, along with whatever you’ve hidden and deleted. Which has mostly been found since. If not, I hope you get charges for tampering with evidence. I hope you change your life now. Get some morals and give your life to God. This is your one chance to do it. Don’t waste it!

  13. petecowell1

    I think he was just using her. Although she has brought out the internet bullies who like making up stories that she’s more involved. If he was getting rid of his more attractive wife and children, why would he want to be so closely attached to another woman so he can’t carry on meeting others in dating websites?

  14. Joe

    Chris Watts needed to go to the opticians badly – she is a dog, really naturally unattractive. Jesus Christ he killed his family for this cheap ugly slut who is over every single man in the pictures. He would have got bored with her in the end. What a evil moron.

  15. Glamazonprince

    This is one fuckin white trash greasy hair double chin FAT fucking pig .she looks like a fatter version of Amy hog cut my dick off before I let that diseased cunt 50 foot from it.shes a walking yeast infrection.her limp stringy hair her truck drivers voice thinking if that nasty gash watching pornhub because she’s an addict if all you can get is a mass murderer your one fuckin loser she’ll die alone maybe she’ll kill herself you know she pushed the legally retarded low IQ baby murderer to do it or she helped him.i think she was an accomplice Chris was to much of a pussy to do it she was there I wouldnt doubt her killing the girls she wanted all her 1st s with chris.this bitch doesn’t wear makeup looks oily and like a white trash no makeup retarded girls in school who’ll let a dog lick peanut butter out of her pussy for attention.shes trash nobody but a balding weak ass man who liked cock too would consider her catch because they are both so unappealing and legally retarded the low IQs and she just looks like she smells like tuna or hot cheese and farts.chris looks like he smells like the dick he sucks .the clown car that is theirs life ruined the lives of good people I hope she can’t find work I hope she can’t find a place to live I hope she kills herself like she did to those kids.

  16. cp

    She’s very plain, not even remotely pretty. Just hard to believe he killed his wife and kids for that.

  17. Tom Peety

    I’m not a Shannan lover but my God, Nick-ole here is such a homely, mousey, kinda manly trash heap, it’s comical. What’s with the pics with the black background, too? Every time I see them I laugh, like she did some kind of TIME magazine photo shoot for Fug of the Year. I am surprised that some people find her attractive; then again, some thing Casey Anthony is attractive and she looks like a retarded horse. I mean, Chris Watts wasn’t much of a looker, and dumb as a box of rocks, but come onnn

  18. David Thompson

    Jurassic Park (2018) just popped on my TV less than a week after I watched the Netflix documentary on the Watts family murders. I’ve been reading everything on this case as it is new to me and has me mortified yet curious.

    I saw that Nikki and Chris went on a date to see Jurassic Park at the theater.

    As I watched Jurassic Park just now for about 20 minutes, it came to the part where the antagonist grabbed a pillow and smothered the boss in his bed. It made me wonder if Chris seeing this scene stuck with him somehow in the back of his mind.?

    It was very unexpected and ironic to catch that tonight…

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