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Chris Watts told Shan’ann: “I want another baby”

In the last four minutes of the 31 minute interview with the Thayers, a female reporter off-camera asks whether baby Niko was planned? At 26:06 Amanda answers.

AMANDA: He was [planned], actually [laughs]. Nick and I had been talking about having a second child. Uh…for quite some time. You know, Shan’ann was…she was always…I mean, on our side…you know, pressuring Nick [both Amanda and Nick laugh]. Um…and just really supportive of it. And then Shan’ann and I were…I dunno…going to get our nails done or something one day, and she told me that Chris, that night before, told her he wanted another child. Um…and she was…she was all on-board and…we talked about being pregnant together [smiles]….and [voices quavers] going through all the ups and downs of pregnancy…having our babies be best friends. So…yes, her pregnancy was planned. [Nick nods besides her].

REPORTER: Was the baby his?

AMANDA: Yes, 100%. There’s no doubt about it.

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But if Chris Watts planned the pregnancy, if it was his idea, if he was so excited, if he really wanted a third as Shan’ann claims, why would he kill his pregnant wife effectively putting an end to it, and her?

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  1. Pauline

    The Thayers needn’t be so hard on themselves. We usually do take people at face value. Both Chris and Sha’nann were very practiced at deception, they thought their lives and livelihood depended on it so that’s what they projected, everywhere they went.

  2. Cheryl

    I don’t think Chris wanted a third child–“when you want it to happen, it does.”

  3. Karen

    If he did want to have another baby and if she had a difficult time with the first two pregnancies being sick and very tired and if he premeditate killing her then it’s quite possible he knew the condition she’d be in during her pregnancy thus weakening her and making it easier to attack her when she came home. They knew the schedule of the trips months in advance. In one way it worked to his advantage that her flight was canceled and she had such a long ‘tiring’ night on the 12th and into the 13th.

  4. Pauline

    According to a post “truth in” published 8/5/15: “Since 2013 the FDA has received 16 adverse health event reports concerning Thrive products, documents obtained by through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Common symptoms reported so far have included abdominal pain, headache and increased blood pressure. Three of the 16 reports cited the need for hospitalization or a visit to the emergency room.” Then there was a correction in the amount of reports cited 2/25/16. In any event the weight loss Thrivin’ experience is expensive. Vitamin supplements are less expensive than a Thrive “experience” or simply eating right and exercise. But is it actually harmful? There have been complaints to the better business bureau as well. Studies have shown that there are no proven instances where the powders, potions and patches have caused weight loss. I suspect Chris Watts lost weight and packed on muscle the old fashioned way – through diet, exercise and going for a run with Nick Thayer.

  5. piktor

    Sounds like he was settling on a very macho situation with his little lady.

    Down here we have a mucho macho saying: women should be like shotguns- loaded (pregnant) and in a corner.
    (I apologize for writing this. It illustrates a despicable view of women as tools, handy at her man’s beck and call.
    At the same time subservient push-aways ignored and duty-bound awaiting in their rightful place: a corner & out of the way in her man’s imperial domain).

    Why pregnant? It’s a traditional macho ploy to get their way unbothered in a second, third or as many escapades as may be Mr. Mucho-macho-man’s wont.

  6. Pauline

    Happy Halloween Piktor. I thought you might enjoy this – Sha’nann says she uses the babywise method to get her girls to go to sleep. I looked it up and it is indeed a “method”, recording your baby’s sleep cycles, and then changing them as they get older but yikes! Isn’t this another example of controlling behavior?

    And I wonder how the babywise method may have played into the events on August 12 when Chris was alone with the girls

  7. Jackie

    I love crime rocket. I’m ashamed to say how much time I spend watching the videos. They are such eye openers and make you think.
    I can’t understand what was happening to CW at the time of conceiving Niko. Shan and Amanda Thayer were good friends. Amanda and Nick were thinking of having a baby and Shan confided in her that CW had told her the night before he wants another baby. Shan posted this on Facebook that he talked her in to it. Around this time CW had an increased sex drive where he couldn’t keep his hands off Shan. Nicole Atkinson said they were in the act like rabbits. Even in the pantry when the kids were playing in the kitchen.
    In a matter of weeks Shan went from feeling loved and highly desired to absolutely nothing. Can you imagine how bad she felt with pregnancy hormones and everything and then he tells her he doesn’t want the baby. She posted “you just don’t fall out of love in 2 weeks what the heck happened?” I can understand underlying financial and control issues but this sexual thing has me puzzled. Was he taking sex stimulants?

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