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Shan’ann Watts: Just another [Chaotic] day in the life of a “Stay-at-Home” Mom

Le-Vel wasn’t the only MLM company Shan’ann Watts was hawking products for from home, there were others too including Lula Roe clothing and Younique cosmetics. Rocket Science has covered this in a recent post listing these MLM brands in the top 15 most hated in America.

It’s one thing to name and shame these companies, it’s another to go behind-the-scenes and get what this looks and feels like.

In Shan’ann’s Facebook Live video below all the usual suspects are there – Chris Watts, the Thayers, Nickole Atkinson and her daughter Madison. Far from being just a regular stay-at-home, Shan’ann was working hard to turn her home into a MLM shopping mall.

If there was a fair amount of time spent on Facebook Live promoting Thrive patches, that wasn’t all. There was also Younique, to be promoted while Shan’ann was going through her morning ritual. She apologizes halfway through for her daughter Bella watching Mickey Mouse on television. This is her attempt at monetizing every marketable moment she can from home.

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