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Nickole Atkinson forgives Chris Watts – now she wants to get back to “business-as-usual” Thrivin’

Nickole Atkinson – God love her – isn’t the most introspective of people. But after Chris Watts accepted the plea deal, Nickole – the friend who set the cat between the pigeons [she played a huge role in Chris Watts’ arrest] – got very deep, and posted this message to Chris Watts on Facebook.

She also used her profile picture to declare justice in this case. Done and dusted.

Below is a previous profile picture:

After remembering her murdered friend for a few minutes on Facebook, it was back to Thrivin’. Whose comin’ with me to Fort Worth? Nickole and her fellow Thrivers have been pushing out the invites.

And celebrating other things.

And then investing more of her thoughts in the less-introspective stuff in life.


  1. BAMS13

    As everyone is saying, it just makes her look like she’s stealing thunder yet again. She says she posted this just because she had finished reading “The Secret”. On the very same day that Chris pleads guilty? Sure.

  2. BAMS13

    Nick, have you seen the photos of Chris and the girls at the neighbours birthday party yet? Unbelievable. It just doesn’t look like a Dad who has planned to wipe out his family. Haunting.

    • nickvdl

      Yes, I posted them and then Crime Sesh copied them and put them up.

      • Deborah Conle Conley

        Ya you are not the person I thought you were. I don’t believe you and SW were that close at all. I believe Shan used her to make her own money because we all now how Thrive operates. Why do you were multiple patches?? Do you know how stupid you look!!! I don’t even think you do thrive at all because you claim you been on it for a year but your huge no weight loss your not big bone d you are heavy so is cassie. I don’t believe you use thrive because you would not look as sloppy as you appear. It really showed your true colors when you wrote I forgive you on the back of your hand. Right there proves you had no love for Shanann Bella or CeCe. Because if that were my best friend never in a trillion years be able to forgive him very sad. NEVER. Your hands for just as much dirt on them as NK but you are a sneakier version. RIP SHANANN BELLA CECE FROM SOMEONE THAT TRULY CARED ABOUT YOU . YOU WERE A BEAUTIFUL GIRL. AND PLEASE YOU MAKE YOU YOUR OWN MIND ABOUT NA. DO YOU THINK IT’S RIGHT YOUR SO CALLED BEST FRIEND FORGAVE YOUR MURDERER??

        • Betsy,M

          Wow,you know what an asshole you are slamming nickole.Maybe your not capable of true friendship.Nicole went beyond friendship and shows her love for her friend,and ya it takes along time to get over what happened.It’s been almost a year and she has every right to try to get on with her life,and yes it involves thrive.Back the f..k off.try walking in her shoes you idiot.

  3. Karen

    I said weeks ago that The Secret was involved in this somehow. She couldn’t be bothered to go to court yesterday to stand in for her “best friend” and she hasn’t missed a beat selling her Thrive crap. I saw her hand post yesterday. Talk about calculated

    • Nick

      The Secret is the self-help bible to MLM. Also featured in Arias case.The Gospel of Magical Thinking.

      • Karen

        Oh, it is? I didn’t know that. I should have but it didn’t click

      • Thriver

        Did you see where her dad and brothers donated Shananns clothes and personal items to auction? It’s for “charity of their choice” not named charity so curious if they get proceeds

    • Christmas Tree

      Are you nuts? Who are you to judge her? These people have suffered so much.

      • Shannon

        Nicole FB page now.
        Big time Thriving and nothing about Shanann.

  4. Thriver

    Not at all bashing or bullying BUT this is a weight loss supplement . She looks no different. I do not see a lifestyle change made from within that would inspire me to follow her lead. Her business is based upon Shanann’s memory not her own success. I find it disgusting

    • nickvdl

      If anything she seems more gung-ho about Thrive after Shan’ann’s death than before.

      • Ralph Oscar

        “If anything she seems more gung-ho about Thrive after Shan’ann’s death than before.”

        Shan’Ann was now out of the picture, and her clients were going to need to find another supplier, weren’t they? Why shouldn’t they choose Shan’Ann’s bestest best buddy?

  5. Kelly Rae

    I get the feeling that even though they were together on that business trip that they weren’t especially close friends, more like “thrive” friends, with the common goal of selling that brought them together. Also I have thought that Nickole must have gained many new customers as a result of this tragedy. I mean it wasn’t her choice to be shoved into this scenario but the “I forgive you” post was a bit off IMO.

    • Karen

      Very calculated indeed

  6. Shannon

    Maybe she has the hots for Chris.

  7. Shane

    Wow you are trash personified.

  8. Christmas Tree

    I just reading the horrible comments from people who are bashing the victims. They aren’t bashing the child murderer Chris Watts. They must be related to the Watts family. They sound just as evil as them.

    • Shannon

      I don’t think anyone here is related to
      “the Watts family”.
      Nicole tried to save her friend, alittle nosy I must say.
      But she tried. Good friend to have. If you were Now to look on her FB page today, not one word about Shanann. Thriving big time. She actually sounds and posts like Shanann, perhaps her mentor?

      • SarahD

        Who cares? Is she supposed to only talk about Shanann on her social media for the rest of her life? Is she not allowed to grieve and heal from this?

  9. Christmas Tree

    I don’t know how to edit this. I WAS Just Reading. The comments were so evil I couldn’t concentrate. Who are these people? How cruel they are. This woman lost her best friend. Her friend’s two beautiful little girls who had their whole lives ahead of them were murdered and shoved into oil tanks. She was the first one to call the police. Oh my God these people must be the Watts family. They are upset their son got caught. That is why they are directing all their hate towards the person who got the police involved. They showed they didn’t care what happened to those two little girls and their mother just like these commenters. Wow sick people. Evil demons from hell.

    • Karen

      To whom are you directing this? You say “they” “sick people” evil demons” “these people” “this woman” “her friend” “she” “their son” “the person” Do you see where I’m coming from?

      • Shannon

        Thank you Karen.😁

  10. Tammy

    Just to take a minute I think what u did was very heroic and I think u deserve an award and maybe more most people don’t get involved god bless you and don’t listen to negative I have a very strong feeling that woman had a lot to do with just a horrible feeling I have she seem to gloat a lot and thank god I don’t know anyone like her he had many whatever’s with both genders nothing. To proud of

  11. emily2070Emily

    Nicole Atkinson and her fellow Thrive colleagues/friends/cult followers certainly bring new meaning to the idea of honouring and remembering those dearest to you. If any of Shanann’s former LeVel ‘friends’ read this comment, I write the following comment to each one of you: Not only have Shanann’s purportedly nearest and dearest friends (AKA Thrive devotees) shamelessly capitalised on the attention that’s come from her death (the world is looking at you, Kristina), you’ve shamelessly, and without hesitation, triple dipped yourself in LeVel and Thrive to profit from a crime most foul. Your filtered and highly edited photos post August 2018 fool no-one. You’re very obviously deeply unhappy, unstable and financially stressed individuals, with no conscience about using someone else’s tragedy for your own narcissistic gratification and financial gain. What a repugnant excuse for a person you are! Frankly, I see very little difference between you and Chris Watts; afterall, you apparently have no boundaries when it comes to getting what you want. You have, without pause, sought to maximise your profits from the same snake oil Shanann was selling before the Watts family annihilation, shamelessly capitalising on one of the most macabre and sinister crimes of the century, perpetrated against one of your *supposed* best FRIENDS. Apparently, the word ‘friend’ means very little in the United States, apart from constituting a means of canvassing financial profit in the most mercenary sense. You’re a despicable excuse for a person and most certainly no friend to anyone but yourself and the snake oil company you continue to shamelessly represent! Most intelligent folks would tell you to go to hell. The rest would do the same if they grew more than half a brain!

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