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These are the last known images of the Watts children, Chris Watts and Shan’ann prior to the murders

Jeremy Lindstrom held a birthday party for his five-year-old son sometime on Sunday August 12th. Within hours of the photos taken below, the man in the baby-blue Carolina tar heels shirt [he seems to be leaning into the shot] would murder the two little girls right beside him.

It would take three months before he u-turned on his dubious confession of August 15th. In exchange for avoiding a death sentence himself, he admitted to their murders in court – in tears – on November 6th for the first time.


Below is the back garden of the Lindstrom home in Erie, Colorado.  Bella is right at the back wearing a purple summer dress. Celeste is out of picture.

August 12 was a hot, windy day, with temperatures hitting 91,4°F [33 °C]. Since it was clear all day, it’s difficult to tell when this photo was taken. 


Many thanks to Jane Bos for providing these images. Bos is a member of the TCRS group, and a former cop currently based in the Netherlands.




  1. blogbynana

    Those precious, sweet, innosent souls.. :'( ❤❤❤

  2. BAMS13

    Chris took the time to take his little girls to this birthday party, he had carefully put Bella’s hair up in a little pony tail. You can see CeCe sticking close by him in the photo. Yet this is a “monster” who didn’t love his children? What do you all think?

    • Rebecca Pfeiffer

      I think he took them to the party, and had already planned their demise. It was a premeditated vicious crime, and he is a social pariah.

    • gemma andrews

      He killed them… I said he felt nothing but relief after he killed them.. he didnt love them! He was going through the motions.

    • haliehill

      I think he used that party as part of his alibi. Everything was normal. Nothing to see here.

  3. Hides

    By calling his work colleague up on the day of the 12th August at 5pm to say that he doesn’t mind going to the location first thing in the morning, makes it premeditated. He had already planned this out. What made it more difficult was probably Shananns flight getting delayed, she was meant to land at 11pm. What racks my mind is when he told the detectives that Shanann was in ce ce’s room when he apparently killed shanann? I think he might of killed the kids before hand and Shan’ann went into check on the kids ( ce ce room) and that’s when she discovered that she was already dead, Chris already in hiding/waiting jumps on top of her and kills shanann in ce ce’s room

    • kayinmaine

      No, if you’ve seen the crime scene photos, you would find photos of Shannan’s eye shadow smeared on her pillow case. He waited until Shannan was asleep. He killed her while she was sleeping. After killing her, that’s when he went to each of the girl’s rooms and used his hands to smother them. Bella may have regained consciousness at some point, because if you watch the neighbor’s surveillance footage, there is a moment when a small thin shadow under the truck walks towards where Chris Watts was, he turns around and scoops “it” up, and puts it in the truck. I think it was Bella. He either smothered her again at the oil tanks or he put her in the tank alive (one of the agents asked Chris if one of his daughters went into the tank alive). Gah.

      • haliehill

        I think you’re right. I don’t wear that amount of makeup but I do wear makeup and a pillow doesn’t get to look like THAT by sleeping on it with makeup on. Looks to me he pushed her face into it or held it over her face while strangling her. I’m also pretty sure the little one- that he called Rampage- wasn’t in any shape to go running about the house or in or out of doors while he loaded the truck. I think Bella May have been and god damn him to hell for what he put her through that night.

    • haliehill

      Why would he risk her finding out before killing her? She’d have fought like a tiger for her kids. I think you take out the biggest risk first; Shan’ann was the bigger risk. Why wait until she saw her children suffering or dead? She could have scratched his eyes or smashed him in the head or kicked him in the nuts and gotten away or broken a window and screamed. I think she went first. If she made it upstairs the kids were still fine or he wouldn’t have her her get that far. You don’t wait until someone is in panic-attack mode to “leap on them” and hope you don’t leave blood or other evidence. You neutralize the bigger risk first- having said that, if he did kill the kids first he’d never admit it.

    • Mike

      Yes that could be true. I think he’s lied about a lot if things and so has NK. CW Is a dirty man and I think he killed them all in a much more cowardly way so he changed his story a bit. Poor babies, I can’t even imagine as a mother knowing your husband killed your precious babies! Maybe that’s why Shanann didn’t fight, she knew her babies were dead? Or he pinned her. He’s a coward so I think he also pinned her that’s why he said she couldn’t fight back. This is so sad.

  4. Sara

    I think Nikki wanted Shannon’s life ….. And Chris gave it to her. How can you live with someone for eight years and really not knowing them. That’s what makes it so scary This ( other ) girl fueled this situation. For sure. She’s a. Evil person !! You know how girls are. I’m sure she had googled Shannon many times ….. She KNEW. ! Bella looked so sad sitting in that chair at the party. She missed her mom. So much ! Feeling so sad. 😔. What a beautiful. Family. Chris doesn’t deserve to be on this earth !! What on earth did he want ? He had it ALL.

  5. theresa

    I’m so glad I don’t have a potential monster in my home anymore! Freedom from this horror, not really knowing any man!

  6. Shaz

    It’s so sad those poor little girls and their mum and the unborn baby that never had a chance. And the poor mother and father and brother how much they miss their family.
    I hope he rots in hell.

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