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Shan’ann’s brother Frankie is still venting on social media, but will the Chris Watts case disappear now that there’s not going to be a trial?

We get some insight into Shan’ann Watts through her brother Frankie Rzucek’s unfiltered social media. It’s not so much what he says that’s revealing, but how he says it.

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We know Shan’ann also had her moments on social media [don’t we all]. But since her Facebook page was also where her business was at, we can imagine she was pretty careful about keeping things clean and sanitary on Facebook.

Is it likely that the Watts case will fade now that a criminal trial is off the table?

Meanwhile, Chris Watts also has a sibling – Jamie Williams – that almost nothing has been reported on.


  1. BAMS13

    Shan’Ann and her brother were very close, actually the whole family was close so I definitely think the real Shan’Ann can be imagined when we witness Frankie “unhinged” on social media for the whole world to see.

  2. BAMS13

    When anyone of them don’t like something that’s happened, their response is just “F… You” and “I’m never setting foot in this house again”. Responses and actions seem to always be very hysterical and simple minded. All their supporters seem to behave in the same way and come from similar socio-economic backgrounds.

    • Jefferson

      I’m extremely wealthy- generational wealth- with nearly 8 years of college and I find that his reactions are in line with just about everybody I know and myself. When somebody brings up “socio-economic backgrounds” as a sleight and especially in a place where backgrounds really dont matter- such as a brother and family friends displaying pain, anger and confusion all at once because they’ve been hurt in a way that nobody could ever prepare for- it’s usually because they themselves are insecure about their own station in life. It’s usually the poor or newly rich who way things like you did and I’m doubting you’re newly rich. Your insecurities are your own, stop projecting on people going through hell.

      • Kate Moss

        Wow, it certainly appears as though your pedigree upbringing and extensive college education has gone right to your head Jefferson. Although, one would assume that such a prestigious and sound education (PhD.. Masters…??) would have provided you with rock solid grammar and spelling though? I’m fairly certain you meant SLIGHT instead of SLEIGHT and perhaps weigh instead of way? Either way, unless you also have a working crystal ball then you should stop making false judgments about people you don’t know. You’d do well to take your own advice and stop projecting your own failings or insecurities onto other people yourself. You can not assume someone’s character or financial status based off one comment but I can determine plenty about you by your own over inflated reply.

        For the record, if you bothered keeping up then you would have realised that the comment was regarding Shan’Anns reaction to the nut incident in NC and had nothing to do with Frankie or any grieving family members.

  3. Ralph

    I think someone with extensive education from a solid household with educated parents would have a very hostile reaction similar to Frankie’s when faced with the murders of their pregnant sister, and her two toddler age female daughters (all defenseless individuals). Then, on top of that, to be faced with the fact that the entire world is stalking you, to screen grab your grief stricken reactions so that they can put them into a blog and benefit financially off of your family member’s murders, and your grief. Oh, and don’t forget how low life people all over the country keep posting about how your sister deserved to be murdered while pregnant because she was a b****, or how she probably murdered her daughters. Or how your grief stricken reactions show your lack of education. Because that’s really what you need after your family is murdered, how low class your reactions to it are. How you and your murdered family are pieces of sh**. I’d ask if it’s lonely up there, on your pedestal, but I’m sure you’re one of those pathetic people who is going to make a list of my grammatical errors and respond with some self-righteous bs about how classy your reactions to the murder of your family members, and the entire world picking you and your dead family apart, would be. 😉 Why doesn’t anyone talk about how his family is white trash, who raised a POS soulless bas**** who is so stupid he doesn’t even understand it’s not OK to kill children? Is it because they’re in hiding from the media because they know they’re trash, and don’t have the balls to step forward and be ripped to shreds by the media and disgusting people like you, like Shan’anns family was? Maybe because they’re cowards, just like you and Chris Watts.

    • nickvdl

      The ambit of true crime isn’t to demonize anyone – not the murderer, and not the victim. It’s to figure out what happened.

      It’s natural that the family just want to crawl into a hole and disappear, which may explain why they don’t participate in trying to figure these cases out.

      But many people out there do care and want to know what happened.

      Frankie’s a carpenter, and works for his carpenter dad. Not sure where you get the “extensive education” from.

    • Teresa


  4. Ralph

    I’m aware that their family may not have extension educations or be white collar people. My comment was meant to state that someone college educated could still easily have a similar reaction to Frankie. I was responding to the first person seemingly criticizing Shan’ann along with her family for being from a poor “socio economic background” and stating that that would account for their “hysterical and simple minded responses” to the murder of their family. I’m aware that that person was also referring to Shan’ann’s reaction to her mother in law trying to poison her daughter being “simple minded”. I obviously got carried away. Most of your commenters are extremely self-righteous, judgmental and have no sense of humanity. Before they make their rude comments they should consider that these were REAL toddlers that were presumably strangled to DEATH by their own father and thrown away like trash. TODDLERS who will never grow up and be able to make pathetic comments on a blog site about the murder of toddlers, and criticize the dead toddlers family. Because they’re dead and rotting in the ground instead of playing on a playground. I understand wanting to know what happened and maybe use articles like yours to learn something. But I’m not sure many of your commenters actually care about more than throwing their little theories around, hoping for your validation and feeling superior to the next guy.

    • nickvdl

      No, you make a good point. It’s important to remember that these were real people, with real lives and real feelings, and they’ve left behind real family who are hurting.

  5. Shannon

    Ralph…as one who thinks he is Superior above others..
    Since you show total Disrequard for the Comments here..
    Why are you here, with a Negative tone?
    Compared to the YouTubers who are Narrow minded and can’t even think with logical answers. You would fit right in with them.
    This is an Excellent site with extremely logically answers.
    It makes me think and see things from different angles. Unlike YouTube.
    For the record, education is not a factor here. You forget Shananns family did a go fund me page and several fundraising events for money and received….how much? They and Frankie have no class.
    BAMS13, Excellent comment.

    • Teresa

      It sounds like Ralph has you dead to rights. Who cares if the family raised money? They had flight and funeral expenses, along with any psychological help they might need going forward. The money was donated freely, so why the criticism?

      • Shannon

        Teresa, you runing around to all the discussions yapping, about Nothing.

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