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“Time for a Reset” + Shan’ann repeatedly pronounces her name on video… – New Orleans, April 27, 2018

New Orleans was where Shan’ann was celebrated for her “time for a reset” article, published in Thrive’s Strive magazine. Nick Thayer had taken the photos for the article.

This is them on the way to or back from that shoot:

The first few seconds of the video below, Shan’ann repeatedly pronounces her name to the guy holding the microphone.

Below: Nickole Atkinson test-drives a Tesla Model-X worth about $80 000.


  1. nan

    Thank you, Nick, for doing the dirty work of watching/choosing/and posting these “live” videos for us to view.

    Apologies in advance for the random thoughts, as my mind is racing watching these videos.

    These women behave like teenagers going to their first NSYNC concert. None of them look physically healthy or in shape. Drooling over cookies n cream bits on a tooth pick? Honestly, I don’t get this worked up with a glass of fine wine or the dreaded snickers on the way out of the grocery store.

    I kept waiting for Leah Remini to appear with an editorial on what we have been watching.

    This case has done a great service to those of us non-MLM’ers. What a disturbing insight.

    I believe Le Vel was the third person in this marriage, not Chris Watt’s trysts.

    • thetinytech2018

      You’re absolutely right. Everything you said it’s correct. The company also posts about how to get around people in your downline that have cancelled autoship. See, when that happens, the people above you lose commission and then that creates a great amount of issues. However your downline is what makes you money, not selling products. Since Shannon was part of someone’s downline, she wasn’t making anything. There was maybe one person below her if that. Anyway, the company was telling reps to log into their downline members account, and reprocess the credit card until it goes through. So essentially your logging into an account you setup for someone that isn’t even your account, and you’re processing a credit card that isn’t yours because whoever’s account it is cancelled the auto pay. That’s a great way to get charged with theft. It would be like an Amazon rep going into your account and processing the fee for your prime membership because you cancelled that month. Obviously Amazon is reputable and wouldn’t do that, but the people like Shanann and her friends aren’t really employees if LeVel, they’re considered independent contractors. That way the company didn’t have to pay them, instead they say they’ll get rich off commission which is obviously a farce. So when someone like Shanann gets in trouble for unauthorized credit card purchases, the company can just say “Oh well, they’re independent contractors so if you want your money back you’ll have to talk to the rep who processed the payment without your consent.” Then the reps end up BSing you, blocking you, not issuing refunds etc… It’s pretty terrible.

      Shanann and her LeVel buddies are too dense to realizes that the company has them as a 1099 so they get free labor and advertising ontop of having them buy products every month to fill a quota. Each rep has to buy something like $300 a month in product to stay active. The reps don’t realize they aren’t really reps, they’re basically customers with even less gratuities afforded to them. I wonder if her husband knew LeVel wasn’t paying for those vacations, you’re responsible usually for airfare, food, travel, etc… Very rarely do they pay for your hotel room even. They just promise you free garbage at the convention, but you’re required to not disclose that you’re picking up the tab. Some great company, huh?

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