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The Flight to Paradise, Nevada – February, 2018

Vegas here we come! Our 5th earned Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway!!! So excited for this 4 day vacay! Much needed! Thank you so much to my awesome parents who help us when we travel! Nonna came to take care of girls while PopPop holds down the house in NC! We are blessed! #WattsVegas#ThriveVegas






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  1. Kaye

    Were all of these trips mandatory for promoters? Being forced to take a “spring break”-type trip every few months sounds completely exhausting. Why couldn’t it just be a really cool once-a-year trip? The people in these videos seem so stressed about trying to show how much fun they are having. Being an introvert myself, I can testify that being forced to go on trips like this would be nightmarish.

    • nickvdl

      The trip is part of the promotion. Look everyone, look how much fun we’re having! Don’t you want to be part of this too?

  2. Cheryl

    I was thinking about these videos and the various promotional trips. In the ones posted today, Chris is more present and seems engaged in the MLM spectacle. However, in the video of the later June, 2018 trip to San Diego, just a few weeks prior to the murders, when Shan’ann points the camera at Chris in their hotel room, he gives only a brief, perfunctory nod then resumes organizing his suitcase. In other videos from the San Diego trip, Chris is also disengaged, standing with his back to the camera, hands shoved into his pockets. I’m sure by this time their finances along with their marriage were hemorrhaging, and the videos serve as a witness to this deterioration.

    • BAMS13

      I thought he looked reasonably ok in that particular video with the suitcase – others saw something like you mentioned but I saw a bright smile and heard him say “what uuuuup” in a sing-song voice. This is what gets me. He always looked cheery, helpful, hands on with all of the them etc and I just do not see a killer. At all. This crime is still senseless to me and completely baffling and frustrating.

  3. Shannon

    They have to participate.
    He was disengaging…..

  4. Diana

    Kaye I’m not so much an introvert, but I’m with you – it would be tiring to go on trips like that so often. Yearly is too often for me, but I’m a homebody. Maybe it would be okay every couple years. I just stopped working and I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep, I feel like I never will. The irony of those trips is that Shan’ann talked like it was fun vacation time, but it looked more like work if you ask me. Shan’ann implies all expenses were paid, but I don’t believe that. There are various costs that she likely had to spring for. Its too bad she couldn’t see the true cost of this MLM to her and her family.

    • Cheryl

      Diana, I recently retired, too, and like you have been catching up on sleep ever since. My job involved attending conferences in other cities and sometimes traveling out of state. While the workshops were interesting and the networking valuable, I was always glad when they ended and I could go home. Although the city I worked for paid most of the costs, there were always residual expenses that I had to cover, although they usually didn’t exceed $100. Given that Le-Vel is structured to screw its promoters, I imagine there was some kind of offset ( reduced take on down line recruitments?) to cover the purportedly free rooms, meals, and MLM Roman spectacles. Of course, the ultimate offset to this seemingly fabulous lifestyle was the thousands of dollars in credit card debt you’d never be able to cover with your MLM profits.

    • BAMS13

      I can be an introvert and crave and love my alone time to recharge but I also feel depressed if I can’t get out and travel at least a few times per year. For certain people travelling and interacting with people is a necessity. As much as I hate thrive I do think it attracts a certain “type” – most likely driven extroverts.

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