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Chris Watts: Discovery Documents [1st Tranche]

Some of Chris Watts handwritten notes and to do lists…

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On the note below notice the words “Social Media Freeze”

Fullscreen capture 20181122 051252Fullscreen capture 20181122 051542Fullscreen capture 20181122 051612Fullscreen capture 20181122 051626Fullscreen capture 20181122 051645Fullscreen capture 20181122 051700Fullscreen capture 20181122 051715


  1. Karen

    Some of his handwriting is difficult to read and man did he have a brain when he wrote down some of this stuff and kept it?

  2. Kaye

    I don’t think Chris wrote any of this. It looks like lists the various police officers were making while keeping track of where investigators were and what they were doing/needed to do.

  3. Josh

    Those are the police notes.

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