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Time to do undo some of the media mindfuckery around the Watts Trial

It’s time for a Jerry Maguire moment. Around the Watts case I mean. Are you ready for it? Are we all wearing our friends hats, because unless we’ve got our friends hats on, how can we speak plainly to each other about this? And when we speak plainly it stings. So get ready for some stinging.

On HLN recently the reporter described the incredible detail of the 13 minute submission by the District Attorney. Detailed? Really? Then she regurgitated the District Attorney’s bogus motive verbatim as if it was gospel, and then had an expert psychotherapist mindfuck the idea into the brains of the mainstream.

I don’t know what Robi Ludwig meant when she said the problem with divorce is that it can be “timely”, but what I do know is if Watts’ motive was that all he wanted was a fresh start with his new girlfriend – if that was the sum total of it – then why would he decline to just say that?

If the District Attorney was going to say it on his behalf, and that’s what it was, why not just say it? Why not tell the cops, or his parents? “Mom, dad, I don’t know what I was thinking. Shucks, I just wanted a fresh start, you know.”

The actual answer is because – for reasons of lock-in, because Watts was an introvert, and because of very particular scenarios and dynamics inside the marriage that had to do with status, her work, his earning capacity and more that we won’t go into here – Watts felt murder was the easier option.

He was in a bind he couldn’t get out of.

We stand on the other side of the rainbow and judge him, but no matter what we think, he thought – being in his marriage – murder was going to be the easier way to get out of it than actually trying to leave and divorce. He said he wanted to leave. For whatever reason he was having trouble leaving. A lot of trouble.

Uh…has that ever happened in a marriage? Where one spouse is like…I dunno…sort of…trapped? Where the other refuses to divorce no matter what?

One oh-so-obvious symptom of a potential lock-in factor was the pregnancy.  Having a pregnant wife while having an affair is a de facto scenario for being torn in two.  Where the pregnant spouse [and unborn child] are both murdered, doesn’t that seem like a very clear expression from the husband that neither the wife nor the child are wanted. Instead their unwanted. But the mistress is wanted, in fact, very much so. He can think of little else. Why is that so difficult to comprehend?

When Shan’ann hollered on social media that he was so excited and that it was all his idea was it true?Fullscreen capture 20181030 123441

Fullscreen capture 20181030 101241Fullscreen capture 20181030 101040

Or was this an attempt to lock-him in and chase his mistress away? Don’t sniff at the possibility. Maybe it was a possibility and maybe it wasn’t, but if it WAS a possibility, can you imagine Chris Watts being pretty pissed off with the state of affairs. Especially if he’d communicated with her that he wanted out, while she was twisting his arm in public assuring everyone he really, really, really wanted in.


If the first thing he did after committing the murders was call a realtor to put the house he couldn’t afford to pay on the market, why would he be delirious and crying with joy at the prospect of having a third baby and another small mountain of bills and obligations?

Why, during his Sermon on the Porch, would he look clean-shaven, relieved, almost happy at the prospect that he’d cast his “burdens” from his shoulders, in fact, made them “vanish” to use his word. Not a single tear about the baby he wanted so much that morning, and in court, only a single a single tear when it was all over. That tear seemed more about the grief he’d caused his own parents, than the pain he inflicted as one.

maxresdefault (1)

Moreover, Cindy Watts said in an interview that he wasn’t excited about the child. Did she make that up? Why would she? Surely it would paint a better portrait of her son to say he was excited and proud to be a dad again if that was the case.

But it wasn’t. And he tried to go along with it until he felt he simply couldn’t. She wouldn’t let him and so something eventually snapped in his mind.

Fullscreen capture 20181122 023711

If the motive to murder is 100% accurate, that Watts simply wanted a fresh start with his new girlfriend, then America better watch out. It means any time anyone wants a fresh start they’re going to commit murder, double murder, triple murder, whatever it takes to taste that free air again. Apparently “wanting a fresh start” is now considered a real motive by law enforcement and court room professionals these days. Who knew?


  1. Blexy

    All the documents already downloaded

  2. Sylvester

    Blexy – really great find here. Some things stand out in stark relief. Too numerous and I’m on document page 463 with more to go and taking notes. Apparently many many friends knew this marriage was headed on a disastrous course, but no one could foresee the holocaust that was to come. Something caught my eye – Chris had been sleeping in the bed down in the basement. And,the dog handler said his dog showed interest in the unmade bed in the basement and an area just below the stairs. I think this was mentioned here as an area of interest on this blog – going back further. The basement. And of course the stairs.

    IAnd some cleaning had been going on. Officer smelled cleaning products upon entering the house, backed up by Jeremy Lindstrom’s observations about Chris cleaning as well as officer stating in his report “house was very clean from mid to upper level of house.”

    I’m left with a question as to why he felt it necessary to join Sha’nann and the girls in NC for that sixth week, when I suspect he had already made up his mind – it wasn’t going to work, it was never going to work, and he was done.

    Happy Thanksgiving –

    • nickvdl

      Some great observations here Sylvester. I don’t think he’d made up his mind when he was on his way to North Carolina. I think a lot of things were playing into making up his mind, and if you read some of the latest posts on CrimeRocket, you can see the meltdown on June 9th was still rippling outward on August 9/10 when he was there.

      I think her 5 weeks away was a chance for them both to reassess their relationship. He came away convinced it was over, she that it was still worth fighting for. And the final weekend of her trip, that’s – I believe – when he made up his mind. When he was babysitting the kids and she was about to come back for an extended stay after almost 7 weeks out of the house…and that would mean baby stuff and the gender reveal party, which he actually asked her to cancel.

    • nickvdl

      Btw and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

      One more thing – do you know where in the DD’s you saw the part about the dogs smelling in the basement? First 25%, middle, end, or if you can be more specific 😉

  3. Sylvester

    Discovery page 85 – 8/19/18 Officer K. Lines 989 Frederick PD
    top of page

  4. nickvdl

    Gotcha, thanks.

  5. Sylvester

    I get the feeling the handlers hold the dogs back? Some alerts were not “finalized”. Might this have something to do with their sense of smell, in that they can’t be allowed to get over stimulated or overpowered? During the aftermath of 911 a dog died from exhaustion tracking all of the death.

    • nickvdl

      Jeepers, I can imagine. Must be like a teenager playing a computer game. Just couldn’t stop. No I think the “finalized” thing refers to the interference of chemicals/cleaning products with the cadaver odor. The dog detects something but the bleach is in the way of giving a strong alert.

  6. Sylvester

    Oh, that makes sense. Did you read where Chris had mixed laundry in the laundry basket? That would confuse scent too. He said two or three times he was doing laundry or that he had done laundry. They ended up using a shoe to do tracking. I have to re read all of it, and will do so later. Cops also found a light blue nitrile glove on top of the refrigerator. I looked up nitrile gloves and they come in different thicknesses everything from light to super tough. It’s possible it was a “dishwashing” or cleaning glove but the officer said “one” and that it was on top of the refrigerator, an odd place to be. Odd enough that he made note of it. I know you will analyze all of the documents at a later time.

    • nickvdl

      He said two or three times he was doing laundry or that he had done laundry. >>>Is that in the DD, because I haven’t see that anywhere else. If so please gimme the location. Great work Sylvester, good to have a few additional eyes on the job 😉

      I swear, the biggest flag suggesting culpability in virtually every crime is laundry taking place in the middle of a murder [well, just after]. You see it in the JBR case, Amanda Knox, there’s washing and wiping in the Oscar Pistorius case, Scott Peterson, Madeleine McCann and so on.

  7. Sylvester

    p.57 officer observed “washing machine door open and appeared there were a couple child clothing items in the washer and a load of clothes in the dryer.” Chris also mentions that she usually washes the sheets the next day to get the airport off them.

    p. 84 – 3rd paragraph (report 8/14/18)
    – paragraph 6 – mentions doing laundry a second time

    p. 86 – paragraph 4 (plus opening sentence) “showed Det. Tkach basket of laundry and said his clothes were mixed with hers and he had touched Bella and Celeste’s covers and pillows” (implying dogs would not be able to separate scents)

    I think that’s it but I’ll read on. He’s mentioned doing laundry, handling laundry, changing sheets, there are dirty clothes, children’s clothes, clothes in the wash and clothes in the dryer. Yes, it would be naive of us to think he didn’t try and clean up or had no opportunity to do so.

    • nickvdl

      100%. That’s a whole lotta washing up for a bachelor, wouldn’t you say?

  8. Sylvester

    Yes, and he’s noting reasons for doing it for the detective. “Bella likes to throw chicken nuggets at him” he says as if he needs to give the detective a reason he has done laundry. He’s adding info not asked and being helpful.

  9. MittensKitten

    I’m always shocked that people seem to think women become pregnant on their own, with zero participation by a male. If he didn’t want more kids he could’ve gotten a vasectomy, used condoms, pulled out- it can work, stopped having sex- maybe say his back hurt if he was too “brow beaten” by Shan’ann to say no.

    He knew how women get pregnant. Stop excusing him!

  10. Sam

    Why does this sound like an excuse “he’d had it and it was the easiest way out”…..This man didn’t just murder his wife and unborn son he smothered his two little girls and disposed of them in oil tanks – that takes this to a whole different level…..two little girls he’d raised, loved, taken care of….why would his parents lie? Because they are crazy which is evident in his Mom giving Celeste nuts when she was very allergic…..his parents didn’t show up for wedding or funeral and denied he would ever hurt the kids so their words mean zero!!

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