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Chris Watts: Premeditated Murder started at 17:06 on Sunday Afternoon + Kodi Roberts Texts & Audio Interview [23rd Tranche]

At 17:06 Chris Watts texted his co-worker at Anadarko, Kodi Roberts to say he was going to go to CERVI 319 to inspect a possible leak first thing the next morning. Does this mean at 17:00 he’d decided for certain he was going to commit murder? Or had the idea been stewing in his mind before then?

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Were children still alive when he sent that text? These questions and many more are dealt with in the fourth TWO FACE book RAPE OF CASSANDRA.




  1. Diana

    The kids WERE alive at 17:00 for sure! Shan’ann’s dad Frank Facetimed with Bella. Bella was eating cold pizza for supper and Frank said he heard CeCe in the background. But I do believe he was already planning the murders. Well, maybe stewing about it at the very least. Don’t know how he could sit there watching his kids eat pizza knowing in a matter of hours that he was going to end their lives.

  2. Georgia

    In one of Nichol’s interviews she said he seemed off on the Saturday 11th they met up. Could have been having thoughts of what’s to come, or maybe dreading Shan’anns return and end of his freedom with girlfriend. The more I read of what Nichol says though there are discrepencies, as with Chris so it’s harder to piece together as don’t know what to believe as truth.

  3. Diana

    Georgia I think Nichol is a big time liar to be honest. She says she “encouraged Chris to fix his marriage”. Did she think him seeing her would fix his marriage! Nichol also said about Chris…”I think his cheese was sliding off his cracker long before he met me.” Odd thing to say about someone who your going after hot and heavy!

  4. Sylvester

    she’s now shopping for a book deal. Even the photograph of her the media has put out there is a little like the book jacket cover of the Ramsey’s “Death of Innocence” – also a picture that worked for a Beatles album cover long ago. It’s a look of coming out of the shadows, telling the truth, looking solemn and innocent. It screams “believe us, believe me.”

  5. Diana

    Sylvester NK wanted the world to see her as the next Amber Frey (AF)! But the world can read those dox to see that’s just not the case. AF didn’t find out Scott Peterson was married then proceed with the relationship, she immediately went to the police when she found out that Scott was not only married, but his wife had mysteriously disappeared. I think the dox show that NK knew Chris was very much married and still living with his family, but that didn’t stop NK from seeing Chris. No doubt NK knew Shan’ann was pregnant too! NK wasn’t duped into thinking Chris was free, she googled Shan’ann as early as January 2018. Some have said the dox show as early as September 2017 NK googled Shan’ann, but I haven’t seen that yet since I’m still not done reading the dox. From what I’ve read so far, NK was definitely obsessed with Chris as much as Chris was with her, no way was she giving him up, marriage or pregnancy be DAMNED! NK was no innocent victim like AF any more than Chris was. Despite NKs sometimes shady behavior, I don’t see her as some marriage wrecking harlot as some do. She didn’t make any vows to Shan’ann, Chris did. Besides, you can’t “steal” a husband who didn’t want to be stolen imo!

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