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“The child was not his…” Nichol Kessinger FBI Statement [21st Tranche]

“They had financial differences…” – Kessinger referring to what Chris Watts said about Shan’ann.

Kessinger became fed up with Watts and deleted their text messages on Tuesday,  August 14 [the same day he spoke to the media in his Sermon on the Porch].

Fullscreen capture 20181124 162706-001Fullscreen capture 20181124 162717Fullscreen capture 20181124 162722

Fullscreen capture 20181124 162726Mistress of Chris Watts speaks out


  1. Tina

    So…did I read this correctly? SW told CW that the baby (supposedly) wasn’t his?

    • nickvdl

      That’s what she said he said.

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