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Chris Watts’ 2nd Face: New Mugshot Released

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  1. Patty Serge

    Doesn’t even look like himself anymore, at all.

  2. Blexy

    The look of someone who’s been stripped of their lies. Be wary of those with that thin of an upper lip, sign of a selfish person (reading facial traits).

    • amandagildenhar

      My upper lip is the same size as my bottom lip almost, and now I feel better about it bahaha. Interesting to note though.

  3. Sylvester

    No more Thrivin’

  4. tbp

    the mask has been removed.

  5. Shannon

    Well no more Actively, no more Thriving.
    Wonder if he had withdrawals from anything.

  6. amandagildenhar

    Prison food and lack of sunlight (or possibly tanning beds as that we know Shan’ann had a membership and good friend who owned a tanning salon.) Also gay/bi guys LOVE hanging at tanning salons, met a good guy friend that way. I can say this because I was a manager at one in my early twenties, not being presumptuous or judgmental; it’s just a fact they like to look good. Wonder if he could have met a guy there ever…

    • nickvdl

      I’m sure vanity was a factor, but he worked outdoors so I reckon he got his tan that way 😉

  7. Sylvester

    I’ve yet to read anything in these documents about an interview with Trent Bolte but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Clearly in February, if we believe this Amanda woman he was trolling for sex.

  8. Kaye

    It’s the look you get when you plead guilty in order to avoid a trial so all your dirty secrets won’t be revealed, but then you hear that the info is being released to the public anyway.

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