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Nichol Kessinger told the cops Chris Watts told her the baby wasn’t his

Well, she claims she knew about the baby but only after his Sermon on the Porch. And  his explanation to her then was that it wasn’t his baby. Didn’t she know about it earlier? And if she did, isn’t that what he told her?

If so, a Gender Reveal party was going to send the wrong message, wasn’t it?

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  1. Sylvester

    Didn’t she also tell him that if the baby was his that was okay and then he admitted it was. How could you team up with this guy? He just lies constantly. I have a hard time believing that even in the beginning of his relationship with Sha’nann that he wasn’t lying about every little thing then. It’s a pattern, a way of life.

    Given Kessinger’s age, 30, she may have thought life is passing her by. She hadn’t found a steady beau by then, one she could marry and settle down with and this guy was it for her once he extricated himself from his wife, as he said he was going to do. She knew he was married, she knew he had two children, and she figured out his wife was pregnant with a third (it’s in the transcripts) but he told her he loved her so she was all in. If she’d stopped long enough to really think about it, was she, at age 30, ready to be a step mommy?

    • nickvdl

      I seem to remember someone somewhere suggesting she was married and had children of her own, unless I’m confusing that with McMahon. 30-years-old, as you say, is fairly old to be unmarried and childless.

  2. Sylvester

    Ha, well it’s not too old, but I would think around that age you are wondering when it’s going to happen for you. Looking up wedding dresses for hours though – it’s a bit teenagerish knowing your guy is married, not yet divorced, and has children. So mentally she would have been young, but getting up there perhaps for some kind of self-imposed timeline of when one should be married and considering having children of their own. Yikes.

    Chris told the CBI agent he had told “her” he was going to get separated from Sha’nann but he didn’t know what that was going to look like. He’s kind of leading her on too. He’s asking her to help him find a place, but he can’t afford much of a place, would he have even stayed with her had he have done the right thing and extricated himself from the marriage properly? I do believe finances played a huge part in all of this. He kills his family 3 days before his mortgage payment is due. Did he even have the money to pay it? So many layers to this crime in my humble opinion.

    • nickvdl

      Indirectly he did. As per the Discovery Documents the house was in this name. If they divorced, she would likely have taken half.

      • Carol

        What do you think of Chris googling how you should feel when someone tells you they love you, also how should you react when someone says they love you…..that stuck out for me. Does it mean he has no idea of human feelings? It’s something a 12 year old might question but a 33 year old seems so odd to me. I haven’t seen anyone address this and would like to know what your analysis of this might be.

        • nickvdl

          I don’t deal with dynamics in much detail on this blog. That’s what the books are for. I disagree with you though. You’re judging him, rather than seeing the more obvious fact that she meant a great deal to him. For him the relationship was very serious, he was in love with her. Ultimately, he killed his family for her.

  3. Diana

    Sylvester according to the documents they were 3 months behind on their mortgage!

  4. Maura

    I agree that the financial mess the Watts both created played a big part in the murders. I can’t understand why Chris would talk Shannan into having another baby as I read in the documents. Shannan got pregnant again to save their marriage and maybe viewed it as a sign that their marriage could be saved.
    Did Chris lie about wanting another baby? He lies to everyone.

    Even if he wasn’t cheating, a third baby would make their financial situation worse. Another high risk pregnancy adds up to more medical bills. If Chris wanted to be with Nicole the 3rd child was another obstacle.

    If Chris had gotten a divorce and had to pay support I wonder if Nichol would have married him with his fiances further reduced and additional children to help raise.

    • nickvdl

      If Watts’ actions are anything to go by, he didn’t think Kessinger would stick around unless he made sure his family disappeared. How could he wine and dine her if he had no money?

  5. Sylvester

    He’s also researching when to tell someone you love them. Not because he’s a sociopath and has no aptitude for determining his feelings, but likely because he didn’t want to scare her off too soon and to let her know he wants her to be there after he’s done what he’s about to do. Don’t forget this guy is cunning and sly.

  6. Maura

    @Nickvdl I agree. Think he wanted whatever money would be left from selling the house for himself.

    @Sylvester. All good points.

    In Shannan’s texts to friends she said Chris was the one who wanted a 3rd baby. Why? I would think another child is the last thing he wanted. Did he think it would distract Shannan from his affair?

  7. Sylvester

    Maura, if you go back to February-March, he is already starting to act out, he’s trolling for sex. He may have caught Nichole’s eye by then too but only a few hello’s in the lunchroom at that point, and being a good listener. Per his old relationship talk one of the points is having a child in order to fix a relationship. Around April they conceive. He could somewhat get his mind around it, if she has a boy, but by May he’s now seeing nothing is going to fix it, he wants out. Nathan T., the next door neighbor with the home surveillance says he hears Chris shouting at Sha’nann several times, arguments, etc., but he doesn’t say he hears her fighting back. It’s not on record when he hears the shouting,yelling, or loud arguments unless I haven’t found it yet. Guys don’t know if their advances will be reciprocated, and in Chris’s case I think he couldn’t believe his good fortune that he would attract a young lovely like Nichole K. and that she would like him back. Of course he had already impregnated Sha’nann and now he really doesn’t want it. Or her.

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