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Audio of Nichol Kessinger August 16 Interview with the Cops

At 15:15 in the Audio…

INVESTIGATOR: So you guys, yin and yang. Got along pretty well.

KESSINGER: Very well.

INVESTIGATOR: And at no time, never gave you any indication that-

KESSINGER [Interrupts]: None.

INVESTIGATOR:…he was having issues.

KESSINGER: [No response].

INVESTIGATOR: So during your dating time, did you spend most of the time at your place?


INVESTIGATOR: Okay, always at your place.

KESSINGER: I told, well…or, we’d go out. But um…I told Mark yesterday, he asked me if I went over there, and I told him one time that I’d been to the house. I’ve been to the house twice, but it was very, very brief, and it was not like an extended stay.  I did not feel comfortable there, or like…I just didn’t wanna be there.  It’s not my life. Like, that is somebody else’s life.  And somebody else’s existence, and I respect that. That’s their space. And so I used to tell him, ‘Come to my house ‘cos this is our space, this is my space’.  And so, for me, out for respect, like, for whatever situation he had going on, and the fact that it’s not my home, um, I felt it was better to be in my place. And I live alone; I don’t have any roommates or anything, so it’s pretty easy to do that.

INVESTIGATOR: So during June and July, were you aware that he…uh…that his family was not. Did you meet his children?:

KESSINGER [Quick]: No. And I didn’t want to.


KESSINGER: And he didn’t ask me to.


KESSINGER [Reconsiders]: I mean, not that I didn’t want to ever. It was just – not now. It was like ‘you’re not finalized with your separation. And not only that, we’ve barely been dating. Like, you can’t introduce kids to somebody new in a situation like that. That’s something that takes time. I mean: would I have liked to have met them, of course. They, you know, I mean…that would’ve been a great honor for me to have somebody introduce their children into my life. You know. And-and… But not that…. It was something that was like…well, let’s see where we’re at in six months. Let’s see where we’re at in a year. If we’re still doing this, and you and me are still, you know,  happy with where we’re at, and you think this something that’s gonna be long term and is worth bringing your children into the picture, then yes, I would love to meet them. But  it’s like, not right now. You are still in this situation where you’re not even completely out of it, and I’m getting in it, and that’s not fair for them. And that was kinda the policy I had with him. It was like yes, but not yet.

INVESTIGATOR: So did he ask to introduce you to his children.

KESSINGER: Not at that time. Both him and I were on the same page of…eventually, if things went as they should’ve…

INVESTIGATOR: I understand, you guys relationship was very new and young.

KESSINGER [Upbeat]: Yeah!

INVESTIGATOR: So…although it was short…I’m just laying everything out. Helps us actually understand what was going on with him. I’m not going to share some information…you may go what…it protects you, it protects our investigation. So if it seems weird, there’s a reason I’m asking-

KESSINGER: That’s fine.

INVESTIGATOR: It’s usually relative to what I know. Um, so, don’t take offence to it. And it’s just, part of what we need to know. Um…

KESSINGER [Sighs]: Understood.

INVESTIGATOR: So you went to his house on two occasions. Was that recent?

KESSINGER [Croaky]: No. That was like, pretty early into it. And I…I did not like it, did not wanna go back.



  1. tbp

    When someone feels the need to over explain, it draws up red flags. She answered the investigator’s question about meeting the children with a firm answer indicating she had no interest in meeting his children, but then immediately backtracked from that. In some way, shape, or form, she must have given a signal that Watts’ weak mind perceived that she was not interested in his kids, The vocal fry way she indicates that his kids were “cute” is nauseating to say the least.

    • Cheryl

      Too funny, tbp, I just posted my comments and we seem to have very similar impressions.

  2. Cheryl

    First off, what’s with the accentuated gravelly voice? I understand there’s a term for it—vocal fry—but what does it mean from a psychological perspective? The woman sounds as if she’s much older than her chronological age. Maybe she’s aware of this and is using “the voice “ to make herself sound and feel more authoritative, credible. Secondly, given this interview occurred just three days after the murders, and I think only one day after the discovery of the bodies, Nichol is awfully nonchalant verging on arrogant in her overall approach to the interview, beginning with how “cute” she thought it was when she learned Chris had kids. This brings me to my next comment: Nichol seems to overcompensate when the interview focuses on Chris’s children, starting with Chris’s cuteness relative to his being a father to later talking about having bunk beds for the girls in Chris’s new apartment—only after initially stating she didn’t want to meet his children. Then there’s the issue of Shan’ann’s pregnancy and Nichol’s knowledge of it, which seems to create a stumbling block during the latter part of the interview to the extent that I think Nichol gets up to leave and her father asks her to come back. This is capped by her brief crying jag regarding the children’s murders and her seemingly quick recovery from what is the only demonstration of emotion just a couple days out from the murders. Finally, when they get to what she did on the fateful Sunday, 8/13, she pretty much draws a complete blank unless prompted by the interviewer or her father. I could make a lot more comments, but I’ll end with this: Overall, the inconsistencies and gaps in her statements leave the listener with a lot more questions than answers.

    • Kaye

      I felt like the crying might have been partly about the situation for the kids, but in general what seemed to prompt the crying was her discussing how it would be hard to go out in public for a while. She seems to feel most sorry for herself and how this affects her.

  3. Maura

    I agree with the above comments. The FBI noted that they didn’t recover all data from Chris and Nichol’s phones. There were more conversations we aren’t able to read. To me the affair had to have been longer than June-Aug 11. The timeline NK provided is condensed and designed to present NK in the best light just like her professional picture.

    If you barely know someone and are newly dating how are you also madly in love, shopping for wedding dresses, helping to shop for apartments? Many things are inconsistent. If I was in a new relationship and taking things slowly I would not be sending naked pictures. She wants us to believe that Chris wiped out his family for a 2 1/2 month affair. How would he know that the relationship would last after his family was gone if it was that new?

    Also, I found it hard to believe that NK was concerned about Chris and Shannan working things out in their marriage for the kids sake. I think she made it clear that she wasn’t ready for kids. She liked to travel and wanted to do more before having a family. Chris had been with Shannan since age 25 and hadn’t traveled much. Traveling costs money something CW would have less of after a divorce.

  4. Sylvester

    She said she didn’t spend much time at his house the first time she went there, yet she seems to have gotten a tour including his basement bedroom, and she had dinner there – grilled chicken and carrots. If he grilled the chicken out on his bar be que balcony that would have taken some time. I wonder if Nathan’s camera saw the comings and goings.

    He wants to make sure she knows he’s sleeping in the basement but she caught him in a lie, then she compensates for it by saying “sometimes he likes to sleep upstairs.”

    The officer doesn’t know who gave Chris the self-help book on repairing one’s marriage that ended up in the trash – so he asks her if she ever gave him a book on how to save his marriage.

    She was helping him find a place to live because she said “I liked helping him” but really wasn’t she helping herself – so that he would get the heck out of his house he shared with Sha’nann. Then later she said after they had looked at many houses and apartments in his budget range ($1100 a month) she appears to be pressuring him by telling him those places will be gone if he doesn’t act on it. I think she was starting to exert a bit of pressure on him while he was away for the week to NC. And I also think finding out his wife was 15 weeks pregnant – and that he lied by omission, not telling her, is what prompted her to cut him out of her life and run to the police. She knows she had no business trying to bank on a future with a man who showed up without a wedding ring, a man who took several days or weeks before he told her she had children, who took her to his house where she could see family photos and then to top it off, his wife is pregnant. She would have bailed if he hadn’t disappeared his family, imo. Her running to the police is to do damage control, for herself. Having said all of this I think she did love him, it’s just the same saga of a young woman who got involved with a married man and unfortunately people do it over and over while hoping for a happy outcome.

    • nickvdl

      I wonder if Nathan’s camera saw the comings and goings.>>>Good point. I wonder where the video footage is stored and for how long.

      In terms of the Vivint security, I’d like to know how to circumvent it if it’s your home and you want to commit a crime with the alarm on. Wonder if it’s as simple as covering the sensors or deleting the data afterwards.

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