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BREAKING: Crime Scene Footage CERVI 319 #TCRS

Fullscreen capture 20181201 090420chris-watts-murder-shanann-clothes-evidence-grave-20Fullscreen capture 20181201 133746chris-watts-murder-shanann-clothes-evidence-grave-18chris-watts-murder-shanann-clothes-evidence-grave-19

Fullscreen capture 20181201 132028

47578430_10157086382332932_8939821989644730368_n147325000_738402116526880_8912223809700888576_n7243352-6479963-Scene_Pools_of_the_oil_then_had_to_be_save_to_preserve_the_bodie-a-31_15444582878397243342-6479963-Going_in_The_troopers_who_entered_were_forced_to_wear_self_conta-a-28_154445828783547682096_10157086477802932_7607771297635893248_n47576029_10157086477867932_4926407439328215040_n48083577_10157086477787932_7643604854031515648_n47390702_10157086477877932_2335601763865853952_nFullscreen capture 20181201 133846


The image below is from the opposite angle to the one above, looking at the tanks from the side away from the cleared parking area. That’s why Bella ‘s tank is show on the left above and on the right side below. Fullscreen capture 20181201 130124Fullscreen capture 20181201 130126chris-watts-murder-shanann-clothes-evidence-grave-17Fullscreen capture 20181201 090843

Fullscreen capture 20181201 085709Fullscreen capture 20181201 085739Fullscreen capture 20181201 085743


Fullscreen capture 20181201 091728

Fullscreen capture 20181201 200343Fullscreen capture 20181201 200434Fullscreen capture 20181201 200509Child_9666download (1)

Fullscreen capture 20181201 085751Fullscreen capture 20181201 085756


Fullscreen capture 20181201 090852



  1. tbp

    The shallow grave seems unusual. It appears like the person buried in that hole was kneeling down. It appears he strangled her from behind. I initially thought she was most likely sleeping, but I would think she would not be in that position. Did he strangle her while she was bent over something with her arms stretched out. Could she have been bent over on the stairs? I would think she would have scratched him? If she did just come home, why is her pants missing?

    He seems like such a coward. My guess she was in the middle of undressing, and he came up behind her. If that is the case, she would have been deceased in the house for several hours. I would imagine the dogs would have alerted to that in her room.

    • nickvdl

      Yeah she appears to have been buried in a curled up position, not flat on her back.

      • Karen

        I don’t know if it’s only me but the way Chris was acting at times, in the beginning made me think he was in a state of shock. Did anyone else think that?

    • platinum

      She tried to make a purchase of hair products at 2:30am on her cell and her credit card was declined. Her cell was found in the couch cushions by Nicole A. son. Chris strangled her from behind because he is a Covert Somatic Narcissist and they are COWARDS.

      • Fesalazar

        You could be right! Declined credit card, they had money problems! I really believe the arguing of divorce after she got home escalated and he ambushed her from behind then he killed those little precious girls! He probably paced that house for hours before loading the in his truck! The fbi,cbi and police probably have more evidence then we the public know

    • Katherine Cassell

      Got him. He said he strangled her in the girls room. And then he controdicts what he said. He said she crawled into bed next to him. The liar cannot keep up with his lies

  2. Cheryl

    I look at the bra and the underwear, and especially the dirt-stained t-shirt, and think are these the artifacts, the remains of a person’s life—their hopes, dreams, and despair—an all-consuming despair during the last few weeks of Shan’ann’s life that had already buried her in fear for her own and her children’s futures. And then the murder—the final casting away in a shallow grave, kneeling, face-down, prostrated in death—a stark nullification of the power she wielded in life.

  3. Sylvester

    Why are there two holes dug?

    • tbp

      She was buried face down. The way the autopsy reads is if she was in what is called a ‘child pose” in yoga. I think the smaller hole is where her knees were were. It appears as if there are two indentations where her knees may have been. I think her upper body was dipped down into the larger hole with her arms stretched out. I don’t really understand why she was in this position, but is this how she died? or did he put her like this?

      • John Salchichon

        The victim was in a fetal position with her knees pulled up to her chest at the bottom of the grave and her feet directed
        up towards the top of the grave. Her chest and face primarily was facing down into the ground while her back was
        oriented up. Her head was towards the west while her feet were towards the east. Her left arm was extended to the
        east along side of her head.

        “taken from the police report”

      • Gabby

        No she was only in the deeper hole. Fetal position wouldnt create 2 holes. Her legs were pulled up under her body. Look at the yoga positions of the fetal position. The smaller hole was just police looking for the stuffed toys or whatever CW said he buried with her…I mean what for? To play with in the afterlife? God CW is insane…

    • Maryanne Newton

      Scroll up and you will see police dug a hole next to gravesite in search of missing toys and blankets belonging to the children,

  4. Shannon

    She was buried with her head to the side, left arm up towards face, her legs tucked up and under her body her bum in air. Feet straight up.
    Its called foetal position. She had a coffin birth. The fetus was in the sand. Explulsion of a non viable fetus.

  5. Diana

    I see Shan’ann lying in bed asleep when he strangled her, that could be a reason she had no defense bruising or wounds. Chris didn’t seem to have any offensive wounds or bruising either save for a possible red area on his neck. I think she could’ve been sleeping in the fetal position when killed. She may have been lying on her left side because unless I’m mistaken, she only had bruising on the right side of her neck. Since rigor mortis can start only 2 hours after death, maybe she was in rigor and he placed her face down to bury her, but turned on her side she would still pretty much be in a fetal position, the way she was lying when strangled.

    • Alyson Marie Rogers

      Or as sickening as it is, it was more efficient to bury her this way- less ground to dig compared with the full length of her body.

      • Gabby

        Yeah I thought this was the reason also….a shorter hole to dig. It wasnt v deep though. Only 9″ coverage of her body. Easy for animals to find. Once again, man is insane, grotesque. Or was he just lazy?

        • Shannon

          Rigor mortis possibly set in. You have to break bones to lay straight. You never see a person after death on a gurney not straight. They break the bones of the body to lay straight.
          Everything body wise is in that black body bag.
          Other hole was supposed to be for blankets and toys. But there were none there.

        • Shannon

          Lots of killers go back to the scene for many reasons….I won’t tell why some do.

          Chris thought he could go back to either move her to different location or the fix this burial area.
          He wasn’t counting on her friends.

  6. Maura

    Nick’s theory that Shannan was killed downstairs near the staircase where the dogs alerted makes sense. Since Chris planned the murders, it would be easiest for him not to have to carry her body downstairs, or create a crime scene throughout the house. If he killed the kids first that’s another reason he chose a surprise attack on the 1st floor.

    Shannan came in, kicked off her shoes, and put her suitcase down. She was wearing a tee shirt and yoga pants. She’s not feeling well and tired after the delayed flight. She bent over the stairs to take off her pants to be more comfortable and that’s when Chris attacks her from behind. He grabs the sheet from the Master bed to wrap up her body and puts her pants in the hamper. At Cervi he dug the holes to accommodate her body’s position.

    Earlier at the restaurant Shannan wore a sleeveless top while seated. Anticipating her late arrival she changed into a tee shirt before her flight. She normally wore a tee shirt and underwear to sleep so all she’d have to take off was her pants and bra to be ready for bed.

    • platinumtruth

      She had to of been alive longer because she attempted to purchase hair care products at 2:30am from her cell but her card was declined.

      • nickvdl

        How do you know she made that purchase?

        • platinum

          It was in the police report.

          • nickvdl

            The police report said there was a purchase. On Saturday night there was another credit card purchase for $62 on Shan’ann’s phone. Did she make that purchase too? In many criminals cases cell phones/purchases are used to distort the timeline. That’s the case in the Kelsey Brerreth investigation and in the Khashoggi murder. In true crime things aren’t always what they seem.

          • Ian Allen

            According to the police report in the redacted pages, this is what is said “COLORADO BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION


            Detective BAUMHOVER advised he had been hand searching through SHANANN’s cellphone looking for
            information related to the disappearance. Detective BAUMHOVER advised he did observe an email received
            by SHANANN on Monday, August 13, 2018, between 2:00-2:50 A.M. advising her that her credit card had
            been denied. Detective BAUMHOVER advised it appeared SHANANN was attempting to purchase some
            haircare products the morning she had returned.
            This is on Page 3

            DISCOVERY PAGE 554

  7. Shannon

    Hi Karen.
    Oh yes I thought that from the beginning.

  8. Maura

    He probably was in shock. Planning murders and actually doing them must feel differently.

    • Katherine Cassell

      Nope that was found to be from CW phone. His phone was turned back on at 2:30 am. It was not Shannans phone. Very odd maybe it was NK. The final hateful act in Shannans house

  9. Shortcake

    I still can’t believe Cindy and Ronnie watts saying horrible things about shanann in a way to justify their sons actions seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

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