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Bodycam Footage: Chris Watts answers a call from Nichol Kessinger

Right at the end of the video, as the officer is looking in to the rear seat of the truck [where he loaded the bodies], Watts interrupts, and suggests “getting the card”. This is presumably a bank card to help provide details of the finances.

His resistance about providing any financial information is a huge red flag. We still don’t know exactly what the state was of the Watts family’s finances at the time of the murders.


  1. Sylvester

    Do you see the for sale sign in Nathan T’s front yard? Very good time to be getting out, before there’s a drop in equity due to a murder in the neighborhood.

    • nickvdl

      In the Discovery Documents Watts said he was also aware of a fracking battery about to be erected across the road – or very close – to where they were, and so, anticipated an imminent drop in the value of their home. From what I’ve seen, there are two fracking batteries in the Wyndham Housing Estate as it is. So another would bring it to 3.

      • JC

        The fracking battery is currently being installed directly south of Wyndham, across hwy 52. There have been quite a few reports from residents there, over the past year or 2, of negative health consequences they attribute to the fracking operations. Of course it’s not in their best interest financially to bring attention to their plight since it could have a real effect on housing values if widely known. Interestingly (or sadly), an increase in occurrence of childhood asthma is one health issue.

    • Scott Stanford

      Yes, I saw that tool It was put up for sale on August 30th. Probably because of all the drama from his lovely neighbor. It didn’t sell, so it appears the media hype has died down.

  2. Trina

    Notices how he switches from “if there was” to “I mean if there is” any stash of the cash in the house he didn’t know about it … he flips back and forth from past to present tense throughout all of his conversations with LE.

    • nickvdl

      It also shows what a dumb liar he is. He must be the only person in modern history with a Smartphone glued to his hand, a Facebook account and an online connection at home but who doesn’t know how to log into his banking to check his/their balance.

  3. nickvdl

    @JC Could you take some photos of it?

  4. Sylvester

    What are you all thinking the reason is he’s being so cagey about the bank accounts? I haven’t run into anything yet in the documents, whether or not he was moving money.

    One other thing in the video Kaye provided – when Nicholas finds Sha’nann’s phone it’s been turned off. I’d like to know what time it was turned off. I think the lounge couch was the best place he could think of to hide her phone and the iwatch. The phone was turned off, it wasn’t going to ring, but it provides backup to his theory that she left the house (must have taken her phone because it isn’t ringing and it’s not there). Then Watts tells Nickole he can’t open it, and it’s she who comes up with Nico’s due date as the password – 1/18/19.

    • nickvdl

      Sylvester I think it’s obvious why he wanted to hide their financial circumstances. It plays directly into his motive and why suddenly on Monday, he was all geared up and ready to sell the house. Do you know when he arrived back at Saratoga Trail, he wasn’t coming in through the T-junction [the shortest route]. That’s because he went to scope out an alternate house Ann Meadows had told him about, on the way to returning to his own crime scene. Just shows how out of it he was.

    • T Marie

      I can’t even get sound on this video of the body cam with the alleged phone call from his SP.

      • T Marie

        SP—Side Piece

  5. Maura

    He used their VISA to take Nichol to dinner on Sat. night when his wife was away so that transaction leads right to his affair. Perhaps there were other transactions he didn’t want seen.

    If he had buried her phone, watch and purse in one of those storage bins in the basement they wouldn’t have been found quickly. They would have been “gone” like her and the kids.

  6. Sylvester

    He was also using Anadarko gift cards pretty frequently, in his escapades with Nichole.

    All of these criminal deviants think they can get away with it, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Some are craftier than others. Every time I read a story about a crime I think of ways I would have done it differently. For an introvert Chris is talking, alot – they were separating, he was sleeping in the basement up until the night or morning she was killed (“because the baby monitor was up there”), “I was passed out when she got home”, the tools he loaded into his truck were his computer, jug of water, book bag,container of O-rings – those things are not tools. But by saying someone is missing, just left, or in the case of JonBenet – kidnapped, it buys time, it uses police resources to try and find the kidnapped or missing, and the criminal is allowed to contaminate the crime scene, spin some stories and hide evidence and do some housekeeping. Chris knew this, as did Scott Peterson. He also stammers when they ask him where he went to work that morning. He went to Hudson. Okay – but where in Hudson. If he had been more specific they would have searched that area immediately. But his reluctance to BE more specific, to a trained police officer, sets off red flags right away. So my advice to criminals would be say as little as possible, don’t volunteer anything, and if you have the least thought they are trying to get too close say something like I don’t think I like this line of questioning, I’d like to speak to an attorney (who cares how that looks, if you are lawyered up your attorney will not let you speak – like the Ramsey’s).

  7. Sylvester

    My question is in a wrongful death civil suit does the defendant have to testify? O.J. had to. Can we have some hope that the Rzucek’s can force Watts to testify? Completely different case, of course.

  8. Kaye

    Just curious—how do you know it was NK who called? Does it show on her phone record at this time?

    • nickvdl

      Want to check and make sure?

  9. Sylvester

    What is off about the murder of Bella and Celeste? Other than Watt’s account of it. I’m not so sure they were smothered in their beds. The first dog did a few barks at the foot of Bella’s bed and none over by Celete’s bed. I notice you have a comment over in the right hand margin that you can’t prove it but you don’t think the girls were killed they way the DA thinks they were. For one Watts never truthfully admitted how, where or when.
    In doc #483 Watts says he left some of the girls clothing and some toys “wrapped in the sheet.” There was only one sheet at the burial site. “The drone was again deployed but no items were located.” So where are the toys and clothing. Also doesn’t Watts say they don’t go anywhere without their blankets and the Officer who was searching he house said their blankets weren’t there.

    • Karen

      Also, the blue blanket that was “almost always” on the upstairs couch has never been recovered.

  10. Bertie Obryant

    I thought shanann had put it in cushions as clue but she didnt fight must have bn 😴 asleep!!! Nicole’s ex husb sued nicole and chris 2017@@@ i think alienation of affection— he even advertised abt his lawsuit ( cheating wife) i think her ex is in guiness bk of word recds for most lawsuits— what a 🏆 winner!! Her prnts and family are wealthy !!! Her dad was chris boss!! She has kids too i guess her prnts wl gt them(witness protection) i think the enquire(sic) already fnd her in southern state!

    • Karen

      This is the first I’m hearing about her having children. (or kids) How do you know?

    • Pam Foldesi

      Bertie Obryant,
      who are you talking about, when you say “Nicole”?

      Nickole Utoft Atkinson spells her name N-I-C-K-O-L-E.
      Nichol Kessinger spells her name N-I-C-H-O-L.
      There is also Nickole’s son, Nicolas.
      But, no “Nicole”.

      If we could all take a wee bit of care with people’s names, things would go a whole lot smoother.

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