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Chris Watts’ Mistress Nichol Kessinger August 23rd (TWO HOUR VIDEO)

This 2 hour interview is from August 23rd at around 21:00 MST. It’s labelled “2nd interview” but it was actually her fourth or fifth. It may be the second video/recorded interview.


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  1. Aaren

    She is extremely chatty about stuff the detective is not interested in. “Okay, so back to the important stuff you said you remembered…” I don’t think she wouldn have ever known he would kill his family, but I do believe she purposefully drew him more into her and away from his wife. Maybe coaxed him in to venting/talking shit about Shan’ann to tighten her clench on him. Typical selfish mistress shit. But if only she knew it was leading…. yikes.

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