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The Cops Found Virtually No Tissue or DNA Evidence of Shan’ann or the Children Inside the House. Is that because Watts did this…

Did Watts make an improptu Dexter-style kill room [or processing room] in the basement?


We know the cadaver dogs smelled something in the basement, but whatever it was, it was a weak alert. We also know all three bodies moved through the garage and were loaded into the back of the truck. So even though we know for sure the bodies were in the truck, the cadaver dog only showed mild interest in the truck. What that shows is the bodies were well-insulated from the outside world.




  1. Georgia

    Chilling. It’s a wonder he let the dog live, he would have added to the complexity of what he was about to execute.

  2. Sylvester

    When Dog #2, or the cadaver dog, was taken to the garage the truck wasn’t in the garage. But the dog did get up on it’s hind legs and “looked” in the Lexus car windows. Too bad the dog handler didn’t open up the car doors. Might Watts have “stored” the girls bodies in the back of her Lexus, knowing their smell would have co mingled with the wet trip home from the birthday party and the child car seats? If you watch Nate’s video again Watts doesn’t appear to be taking much time putting bodies in the back of his truck, and he’s backed half into the garage. A quicker trip from her car to his truck I would think.

    • nickvdl

      The truck doesn’t fit in the garage and it was never parked inside the garage. It’s more unfortunate that the dogs didn’t search inside the truck.

  3. Sylvester

    When he was loading up though if he had put the girls bodies in the Lexus prior to Sha’nann’s arrival home then when he backs up to the garage he doesn’t have far to carry them to the truck, and it would be logical to find their scent in the back of the Lexus.

    I think he’s a meticulous person. His shirts always look clean or new. He was wearing his old boots the day he buried the bodies because he didn’t want to get his new boots dirty with dirt from digging. And, he left a clean crime scene in the home. The night of the 13th he’s doing more cleaning, laundry, vacuuming. Even the manner in which he killed them was clean. And notice when he’s moved her suitcase upstairs it’s placed out of the way, against the dresser. Not thrown in the closet somewhere. Her wedding ring is dead square in the middle of the nightstand and someone placed a Thrive packet on the nightstand just slightly angled to the right, as if it’s arranged. The only thing that looks sloppy is the bedcovers and pillows have been cast on the floor, but he was going to get to that later.

    • Marie

      Sylvester, you were discussing the pillow cases in a previous post. To me, it looks like one of stains was a kind of butterfly shape. Maybe to pinch the nose of Bella? You make good points on the girls bodies possibility being in Lexus. Do we even know if they searched it? It seems they just said,, “oh well, he killed them” case closed.

  4. KT

    Quick clean killings. What evidence was there to be left behind? All were killed in beds, I think? No bleeding.

    Also, if he moved them almost immediately – (Watts mentioned in an interview it was minutes from the time he killed them to the journey to the truck. I realize he could have been lying about that) – would that have an impact on a cadaver scent? Meaning, the less time the less scent? More time there more scent?

    Just seems like it happened quick and he got them out of there. Doubt the girls were killed the night before otherwise don’t you think the dog would have picked up on that?

    God bless those 2 babies and their mama! Reading the texts and interviews gets more and more heartbreaking. Chris got totally transfixed on chasing a woman and in the process lost his normal sense. The “2 Chris’s” the interviewing agent spoke about is absolutely right on. This whole thing is senseless and it’s amazing that 3 people had to pay with their lives. What a bizarre yet fascinating story. The things we do…

    • nickvdl

      Quick clean killings where Bella fought back?

      When you look at other cases where a woman is murdered in bed, there’s typically a lot of evidence soaked into the “blotting paper” of the bed, with its huge absorbent surface area. That includes evidence of both the murderer and the victim. If the murders took place in bed, why weren’t any of the sheets laundered?

      If the children were murdered early and put in plastic bags, then they were sealed. No smell.

  5. Sylvester

    Yes, I do believe the children were put in plastic bags. In fact they found two plastic bags at the burial cite. And wasn’t there something about a bare footprint on plastic early on we were wondering about?

    Marie the cadaver dog jumped up on the Lexus looking in the windows and the handler took him around the car but I didn’t hear any barking. He should have opened the Lexus car doors.

    And I don’t know why we have no test results of the bed sheet or pillow cases. If it’s gunk from the trash so be it, if not what is it.

  6. Aaren

    I recall pics of the inside of the truck having two large plastic storage bins with some tools/supplies in them in the back seats. Similar to the kind that are stacked in a row in the basement. A 3 and 4 year old (one in each) would have fit in their no problem. After disposal he could have put tools in them so as to conceal their true purpose. Shan’ann could have been wrapped in something, then placed along the floor in the backseat.

  7. SNG777

    (Long post but bear with me).

    I don’t think Chris Watts was EVER the mastermind OR the instigator.
    In fact I don’t think he would have even considered going down the path he did, if the deviant…

    Note: this post has been edited down as it makes unsubstantiated and defamatory claims. If you do so again you will be banned.

    • SNG777

      Sorry, wrong site, posted in error.
      (But kinda surprised you’d cull a public comment so severely).
      What’s the point of a public forum (which, after all, are only people’s opinions – it’s not like they’re legal testimonies or Affidavits) when you’re going to so heavily edit and censor them?
      Seems a pointless exercise.

      • nickvdl

        Some sites have been taken down because of comments like yours. The entire site.

  8. SNG777

    So my comment saying I think the girlfriend was the motivator is “unsubstantiated and defamatory”.

    Yet suggesting he’s got a friggin’ Dexter-style Kill Room and Lab in his basement IS NOT??!!!

    It’s kept me laughing for the last half hour!!
    Absolute classic!

    • nickvdl

      Well he was found guilty of something, she wasn’t. Thanks though for clarifying your contempt for this site, and the facts of this case.

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