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Chris Watts Eating Pizza After Confessing



  1. Marie

    He has absolutely no remorse. Nothing. He thinks it’s all going to magically go away

  2. Love/hate true crime in equal measure

    Gross! Picks his nose and ears knowing there is a camera in the room. Imagine what he does in the toilet…

    • Carol

      Hahaha….I’m dying 😂😂😂

  3. Sylvester

    I wonder if he was given any psychological tests waiting around in jail. Average IQ is between 90-110 and 68% of the population fall between those numbers, which means we have less of the population that are considered above average and certainly not too many considered genius level. I would put Watts at the low end of the average spectrum. He could have sociopathic tendencies as well with his lack of feeling and here are a few (from my list, ha). 1)He researched when to tell someone you love them – that’s not odd, but he also included “what does it feel like when you do.” 2) Covering up the doll and taking a picture of it, then sending it to Sha’nann. Who would send such a message – then not say anything about it. 3) His relationship presentation. Delivered with no conviction, passion, or feeling. He would end up doing several of the things he mentions on his list, with no awareness that he “covered” it during his talk. Sociopaths are able to mimic feelings and are able to fool other people. Both of Sha’nann’s parents thought Chris was just so in love with their daughter and would do anything for her right on up to that last week in NC. And doesn’t he appear to be faking it most of the time? 4) Chomping down on pizza while he is a suspect and his family are missing. 5) Showing no stress after just burying your wife and dropping his two little kids in oil tanks when his co workers showed up. 6) Is convinced he passed the polygraph. 7) Delivers his statement and story convinced it’s believable but when called out by the Agent he wants to know what in his story isn’t believable because to him, it “sounded” completely plausible.

  4. Sylvester

    If you listen to David Colon’s interview he also says when he went over to Watt’s house around 9 p.m. Aug. 13 that Watts “was pretty blank.” Even if you didn’t have anything to do with your family’s disappearance would your demeanor be “blank”? But by 9 p.m. Aug. 13 Chris has put together another scenario in which he tells Colon “she left with someone and is hiding out with someone.” Would you be blank over that? Would you be cleaning your house and making a protein shake? Of course in hindsight we know he killed his family, but he doesn’t will himself to be blank, he really IS blank, except when he wants to fake an emotion to persuade you to think otherwise. And to me, that suggests sociopath. How long would it take after his infatuation with Nichole Kessinger wore off would he revert to blank, and she would likely chalk it up to “introvert.”

    • Marie

      I agree Sylvester! Does sociopathy include antisocial behavior? He didn’t really seem antisocial? I am trying to learn …

    • Maura

      @Sylvester Do you think Chris ever loved his kids or was he playing a role when he was with them? I’m surprised he didn’t Google, “How to act after you annihilate your family.” He’s clueless about what normal behavior looks like. I can’t believe anyone would be cleaning, doing laundry, etc. or any other NORMAL activity when your family is missing except for a murderer with a motive to clean up.

      • Sylvester

        Maura, I don’t understand sociopaths other than to say they mimic feelings. Given that 4% of the U.S. population (according to a statistic) are sociopaths there must be levels of sociopathic behavior, and of course not all sociopaths graduate to psychopath (like Bundy and Dahmer). Do I think Chris loved his kids? He couldn’t have, if he could kill them and dispose of them in oil tanks.

    • Carol

      Her brother said in discovery that he was obsessed with shanann when they met. Sounds familiar huh? He would have grown tired of her too

  5. Shannon

    Apparently it was Shanann who took the picture of the doll.

    • nickvdl

      Shannon…what’s your source for this “apparently”? Rookie mistake?

      • Carol

        No, he sent it to shanann when she was out of town

    • Shannon

      It was on YouTube, people saying she posted it and laughed about it. But others saying he posted it.
      My mistake.

      • nickvdl

        No worries. He sent it to her.

  6. Sylvester

    Okay – but he likely staged it

  7. Maura

    According to the documents Chris took the photo and sent it to his wife, who then posted it on Facebook. Chris told her the kids did it. I believe Chris staged it as a sick joke that only he would understand on 8/9 .

    The doll photo is revisited later in the nearly 2,000 pages of discovery documents, which were published by the Denver Post. Included in the documents is the report of a “Phone Data Review” performed by the Greeley Police Department, in which investigators scanned the data from the smartphones of Chris Watts, Shanann Watts, and Chris’s girlfriend Nichol Kessinger. The report highlights text communications, voice calls, and the internet search histories of each phone.

    The Phone Data Review includes an image of a doll covered by a sheet, which appears to be the same image referenced by Ronnie Watts. According to the report, the image was taken from Chris’s phone and he sent it to Shanann on August 9. She replied, “Don’t know what to think about this.”

    The time stamp on the text message would suggest that Chris was at work when he sent Shanann the message, and the report does not state when the photo was taken. There is no further discussion about the doll photo in the Phone Data Review.

    • Marie

      Maura, pure premeditation! There has to be something more in his past

      • Marie

        The time stamp of the photo, he was at work when he sent it. Was he just carrying this photo around and looking at it and planning?

      • Maura

        Yes, premeditation. Chris sent it to Shannan on Thursday, 8/9 when he was planning murders for 8/12. Her plane’s delay made her arrive on 8/13 instead of late Sunday night.
        The 2013 British study of family annihilators came up with similarities in who carries out these crimes.
        Chris fits:
        1. Male
        2. In his 30’s
        3. Murders took place at home
        4. Has a job
        5. Most popular day: a Sunday in August (when the husband has access to the kids)
        6. Family breakup was the most common motive. (He wanted his to disappear entirely.)
        7. Financial difficulties were the second most commonly cited motive.

        Both links reference the study:

    • nickvdl

      Theoretically easy to find the answer – just look at the metadata of the photo. Since it was sent to Shan’ann’s phone, it should be on there.

      Since that photo was posted to Shan’ann’s Facebook page, she and her family continued to comment on it and joke about it. Very few have remarked on that.

      It’s a possibility that Watts meant to send the image to Kessinger and sent it to Shan’ann by mistake.

      • Marie

        I did notice that her mom and her dad commented, they thought it was funny. As for sending kessinger photos, did anyone notice that Chris sent her a photo of flowers from the field where he had buried Shannan?

  8. Ava

    Ohhh didn’t even think about that theory, that Chris meant to send it to Nichol. hmmm?

  9. nickvdl

    @Sylvester Do you think Chris Watts loved his dad and/or Nichol Kessinger?

    • Carol

      Her brother said he was obsessed with shanann when they started dating. Seems like this guy becomes obsessed with his girlfriend’s. Didn’t sound from old school friends that he dated at all. I think had he hooked up with Kessinger and a couple kids later he’d have been exactly where he was with shanann. Kessinger seemed controlling as well, she consistently tried to direct the interview to where she wanted it to go

  10. Sylvester

    From here looking there, I think so. But this case has many layers to it and I think that’s what we’re doing here, exploring ideas because there are still questions, aren’t there? He lived with Sha’nann for 8 years and in the last few weeks or possibly months he just can’t take it any more? Or he can’t take her anymore so he meets and falls in love with Nichole – a relationship already built on lies – he’s separating, not wearing a ring but he is still in the house with her and oh yeah, he has two kids too. Ooops, yeah, and she’s pregnant – 15 weeks. What else did he lie to her about? He can’t tell his father the truth either, why can’t he. I’m guessing he married Sha’nann because he loved her – unless he felt coerced 8 years ago to marry her. None of this adds up to a husband who just had an overbearing wife with a huge mortgage and massive debt. Do you know how many men this describes – I’ll tell you – 50%. That’s how high the divorce rate is. What’s the kill rate of unhappily married men? (I’ll look that up).

  11. Carol

    Scott Peterson must want to give Chris a hug. He’s now the most hated father in America

  12. Steph

    Here this piece of shit is, eating what probably was his daughter’s favorite food, while they lay dead in oil.

    I hope he dies.

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