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Is anything Trent Bolte said about Chris Watts true? Interview with Colleen Bolte, Trent Bolte’s mother [42nd Tranche]

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  1. Sylvester

    I think Trent Bolte is a damaged young man. I have alot of compassion for someone like Trent. It’s possible he did know a man named Chris from Colorado who gave him money but Chris didn’t have much money to give did he? If Chris from Colorado was paying $250, $80, and $60 for sex, I guess the price went down significantly. Trent may just be a confused person looking for a little attention. Wasn’t there a towel he had as evidence? I’ve not heard the test results of the towel.

    • petecowell1

      The chances are the Chris he knew was the same Chris, but it would ruin a lot of people’s made up stories that the woman from work was more involved than she was, if it was shown Chris was seeing other people on dating sites. Even though police didn’t find anything to see she was involved, she has to go on witness protection from threats online. He probably wasn’t even as serious about her as she thought, and she believed if she did an al he would marry her, and where he did get ideas for liking that?

  2. Aaren

    I don’t believe Trent. At all. Why?

    – mom says Trent is very secretive (repeats this numerous times)

    – mom appears to be easily persuaded by Trent (she comes off as clueless to me)

    – What Trent says, Damien says, and Trent’s mom say in interviews doesn’t line up; its conflicting, actually

    – introverts typically don’t “rip the clothes off” of the person they just met and might have their first homosexual experience with, though said person is still questioning if they are even bi or not. (Got this from one of the Trent interviews)

    – Chris is a common name

    – Colorado shares a border with Wyoming, but it’s still HOURS to drive there and if Shan’ann was away on business, CW was stuck with kids. Sounded like pre-NC summer vacation, he didn’t do a lot on his own.

    – Trent could have used a real text convo with someone and just changed their contact name in his phone to be “Chris w” before showing it to the police/media

    – were there communications with anyone beside Nichole hidden in CW’s calculator app? No recover comms w/ Trent?

    – were there any dating apps on CWs phone (straight or gay)?

    – if Trent is a drama queen and loves attention, he’s getting a lot of it right now, isn’t he?

  3. kcann216

    I do not believe this story, at all. All you have is the word from a “secretive” insecure young man. Evidence??? None.

  4. nan

    I don’t want to believe it either, but something is holding me back, there is some thread of truth to it, just what thread. Unfortunately, I can’t get past the visual of this guy and his Real Housewives of Wyoming lips, and he really does enjoy the drama. SA Coonrad is really excellent- he was not playing with this guy. From the video, it appears TB just came in? Is that true or was he asked to come in from the authorities?

    Obvious something is going on with CW. He is just as secretive as TB. TB appears to have an oil guy type. But the questions outnumber the reasons to believe it.

    When would CW have a weekend to stay with TB in his parents home in WY? The money exchanging hands appears it was physical business deal, but TB made it sound like a relationship. CW was spending $ on NK so maybe its not far off to think he’d spend $ for/on this guy. Agree a deep dive in CW’s technology would give more insight.

    TB’s mother sounds just as shady, err.. private, as TB.

    So bummed with the plea deal – selfishly hoping for a trial.

    • nickvdl

      If Watts is bisexual, or conflicted in his sexuality, it may explain his introversion and also his slightly off social skills.

      Wanting a trial isn’t selfish, Nan. It’s what a just society deserves.

      • SAC

        if the family is satisfied why does the public deserve a trial, more anguish for the family

  5. nan

    I believe the evidence is only a partial reason for the plea deal.

    All his secrets would be outed, he wants to be the “hero” to NK and protect her because “she’s gone through so much” and any introvert would rather be dead that have a lengthy trial where he and his behavior are the topic for the world to dissect.

    Maybe in time, he will speak.
    Hope its before his shelf life runs out at Waupun.

  6. petecowell1

    I think people don’t want to accept CW saw many people from dating sites, as there are many groups joining in together making up stories about the woman he was seeing at work, trying to make her more involved than she was. I know Chris was stupid and crazy, but if he was getting rid of his wife and kids, why would he so closely involve a woman so soon that he would have to stay with because she knows that about him? He was fat and living with his mother when he started pestering Shanann on facebook who already had her own house, and it was Shanann who encouraged him to have a healthy lifestyle, but it went to his head when he thought he was attractive to others so it’s why he was seeing so many

  7. petecowell1

    It’s interesting how USA seem to have a middle east type attitude, where a grown man can’t have done something awful unless a woman made them to it, as men don’t have their own minds, and if a woman caused them to do it then it’s the woman’s fault

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