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Chris Watts offered to give his third child to Anadarko Co-Worker Anthony Brown if it was a girl, and Brown saw Watts and Kessinger at work standing “extremely close” to one another [AUDIO] [41st Tranche]

At 19:32 in the audio clip, Brown mentions the day Watts announced his wife was pregnant for the third time at work. When he congratulated Watts privately, Anthony Brown confided that his own wife had suffered three miscarriages. Watts offered – or implied to offer – to give Brown his child, if it was a girl.

He also witnessed Watts and Kessinger at work standing “extremely close” to one another. He said this happened “five months ago” in an interview dated August 30, 2018.

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  1. Shannon

    Wow. I can’t believe he was willing to do that. I don’t think Shanann would have liked that.
    Reddit, I can’t link these. Sorry.
    Private msgs Shanann and 2 girlfriends just before she came home.
    Dec 7- Shanann planned to divorce him days before murders.
    Dec 8- Wisconsin, Secret prison files revealed, Chris Watts

    • nickvdl

      Shanann planned to divorce him days before murders>that’s a clickbaity misleading headline if ever there was one. What’s the implied argument, that he murdered her because she was going to divorce him? Absurd.

      • Shannon

        No he shows her private texts that nite before and on plane and landing.He’s a fucking liar, the pics changing on phone, house in his name. She can’t afford to live there…

        Also now on : askgolightly… YouTube.
        Apparently Frankie Rzucek called her to talk to her. I listened for abit. But I can’t stand this woman. Just posted few hours ago.

        Chris so far, no visitors.

      • Shannon

        Omg, it’s on RadarOnline .
        Shanann’ planned to to divorce him days before murder.
        That’s the title.

  2. Sylvester

    This is what happens as time goes by – a perversion of the truth as what we have seen in the JonBenet Ramsey case and they have had 22 years now to pervert the truth.

    Anyway, this is revealing info from Brown. Looks like maybe Miss Kessinger and Watts were seen talking together and standing very close as far back as April. Also Brown states “Watts was sleeping on the couch recently.” I thought he was down in the basement. Lastly, Watts told Brown Sha’nann (the day she “disappeared”) “had taken her wedding ring off and left it on the counter.” Hmm, I thought she always took it off and put it on the nightstand before bed. But notice when Nickole A. asks him if that was her habit, he muffles an answer. But the word “counter” is interesting. Was he originally planning on leaving it on the kitchen counter? And it also implies that if it were her habit to remove it before bed, Watts thinks she’s sending him a message by leaving it on the counter, that she’s left him. So does this clear up any doubts for anyone that she went to bed. I hope so. And guess who most likely removed it.

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