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Chris Watts’ transfer to a prison out of state is “out of concern for his safety”. Do you believe that?

Unfortunately another video with analysis by HLN around the question of Watts’ transfer has been removed from YouTube. In that video a former inmate [if memory serves], bald, sporting a goatee and wearing dark glasses while on camera, remarked that Colorado’s correctional system must be feeling pretty humiliated that it doesn’t have the capacity to take care of the safety of a high-profile criminal like Watts.

I don’t think Colorado lacks the capacity, and I don’t think the former inmate is right about the system being humiliated by this. I think there’s another reason Watts – the most hated father in America right now –  is being sent to prison oblivion, far from the community and commerce of Colorado.

What do you think?


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City of Waupun now home to convicted killer Chris Watts – Fox6News

Historian James Laird told FOX6 News in the mid-1800s, the people of Waupun traveled to Madison to asklawmakers to put the state prison in their community.

“I think it had something to do with money,” Laird said. “During the Great Depression, the economy of the town stayed pretty good because so many of the people, a large percentage of the people, worked in the institutions.”

Dodge Correctional Institution came later. It was converted from the Central State Hospital for the criminally insane in the 1970s.

Using the same reasoning, does the transfer of Chris Watts out of Colorado have something to do with money, mountains of it, that needed to be protected on behalf of certain corporate interests?

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  1. Diana

    I only have 2 words to say after looking at those last photos – How depressing. Merry Christmas Chris! Oh, and have a Happy New Year too!!

    • Sandra Crosby

      Yes very sad about Shanan,Bella,CeCe and Unborn baby Nico..All 4 grandparents All Aunts All Uncles,ALL friends,ALL Cousins,ALL and Any nieces nephews,of both sides of Shanan And Cris Watts families!! Sad for the Parents of both!!

  2. Sylvester

    He’s been banished to Siberia. I’m beginning to think Colorado isn’t a safe place to live – no matter how rural and pristine the location. What is brewing there, besides Coors beer, among the beautiful Rockies, the yellow daisies and sage? Ted Bundy, JonBenet Ramsey, Columbine school shooting, James Holmes, the Watts family, now the disappearance of Kelsey Berreth.

    • Pj

      You are so right,I lived in Colorado for 2 weeks with my brother and his wife on the 80s they were both military members so was I, I remember it being so dam cold I forgot what town they lived in but it was beautiful,cold and I’m happy they moved from that state years ago

  3. Marie

    Kessinger had made phone call to Wisconsin, on the 13th, I believe. Maybe she can visit and they can blow kisses over the wall. They are both disgusting.

  4. Maura

    Two financial reasons to move CW. Both firms are headquartered in TX.

    1. December 14, 2018 headline:
    Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) expected to achieve earnings growth of 49.50% for this year

    2. June 6, 2018 headline:
    Le-Vel Celebrates Largest Month In Company History (May)

    Safety of the companies’ bottom line is paramount.

    • nickvdl

      I agree, I think that’s the real safety issue here.

    • atschmid5322

      Not understanding how his being in WI changes any impact on their bottom lines.

      • Maura

        As Nick said if CW remained in CO he’s an easy visit for reporters to keep the story alive. This case may not be interesting to WI media because it didn’t happen nearby. More PR about the case mentioning Shannan and Chris’s employers could impact their bottom lines. It would be hard to write about the case without linking their employers due to her thrive videos, his affair and work site used to dispose of his family.

  5. Sylvester

    I don’t see the association of LeVel with Colorado specifically, or having Watts family murders hurt their bottom line by keeping him in Colorado. LeVel is cloud-based. How would sending Watts to Wisconsin protect LeVel’s bottom line? If we’re going to follow that train of logic then Jodi Arias should be sent far far away from where Travis Alexander was selling PrePaid Legal.

    I think it’s more likely Colorado did not want the tax burden of supporting Watts in jail for the rest of his life. He also had been receiving quite a few penpal letters (from the document dump) and is considered notorious. Best to mix him into a larger prison population.

    • nickvdl

      So did Wisconsin want that tax burden?

      I don’t understand the thinking that if you have a high-profile prisoner, one prison isn’t going to know who he is compared to another.

      If Watts was on death row, safety would be less of any issue for everyone.

      Not going to argue the point re: Anadarko and Le-Vel. Either you think the case was rushed and is unusual in several respects, or you think none of that connects. I do wonder though, do you think Watts was a PR boost to Le-Vel, and if there was a trial [or ongoing exposure, perhaps] do you think Watts being easy to locate and or visit in a Colorado prison by Colorado based media, do you think Le-Vel would want, or wouldn’t mind that?

      • Sylvester

        Yes, you make some good points. My “tax burden” argument isn’t a good one. But his notoriety, plus being housed in a facility in the same state in which he committed a crime has something to do with whisking him out of state.

        It’s appalling that LeVel sales have increased – probably due to all of the free advertising and continued posting of Sha’nann’s videos. It’s really a travesty. That bad publicity is still publicity – and then again, nothing bad has been said about LeVel. They do (and all MLM’s) manage to keep their hands squeaky clean – primarily because people sign agreements that they are owning their own business and only use the company to buy products from. And most people haven’t caught on that it’s a failing enterprise, doomed to fail.

  6. Maura

    Anadarko is more closely linked. They were planning to build more oil wells in the Watts’ neighborhood before this case.
    Some of Shannan’s Colorado network are still Thriving even if only part time. There were other local events promoted by them as part of a “Healthy Lifestyle” hub. Le-vel had their best sales month 2 1/2 months before the murders. Bad PR in CO is picked up by national media and may affect sales overall. They hope moving him 1100 miles to a different region may cut down PR. How many people are Thriving in Wisconsin?
    The Le-vel co-founders also live in TX so he’s 1200 miles away from them.

  7. Sylvester

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but I hear the word “thrive” in the lexicon more than I ever have prior to this year. Similar to the self help movement of 3 decades ago when the words “making a difference” starting showing up in common every day talk, as well as the Nike phrase “Just do it” in the ’90’s. I’m somewhat of a wordsmith – interested in how phrases get woven into our culture and society after a certain period of time when they were at first, foreign to our listening.

  8. Sylvester

    I didn’t mean I was skilled with words, only that I’m interested in the magic of words. Language paints pictures. Think about “Thrivin'”. People aren’t just healthy when they use the products, they thrive. It implies something better than getting by. One can see why Sha’nann was attracted to it. She made a comment in one of her posts that she would rather do the talking because Chris would tell everyone what’s in it. The company was relying on not specifically disclosing “what’s in it” so that it would be seen as something that was mysterious and had to be experienced. What’s in it were likely appetite suppressors, like caffeine. But also some other agents to counteract the effect of too much caffeine in the system like green tea extract. Nichole K. said Chris was always wearing two patches at work. And that she thought at one point he was losing too much weight too fast. He didn’t have to know specifically what was in it to know that it worked, helping him lose weight. Unfortunately it won’t be pulled unless someone dies from using the patches and the drink mixtures, and blames it on Thrive.

    • Sharon L

      Dead people tell no tales.

  9. Dan

    No Thrive in Wisconsin, all Isagenix.

  10. Sylvester

    Listening to Watt’s mistress: what more she remembers – he was not able to sleep she says. She said he would fall asleep (at her house) then snap awake. He was wearing 2 patches when the routine is to only wear one. He would have one on each triceps or one on his arm and the other in the middle of his back – and doing the protein shakes too. She noticed he was losing alot of weight – but also that he couldn’t seem to stay still or sleep – he had incredible amounts of energy she said. SO, why does this matter? Someone could make a case that Level is a health hazard, and can cause severe side effects if not used properly – and since there are no FDA regulations on it, the FDA should step in and close this company down. Someone could even make a case that it could have been directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of three people. Good bye Level. Good bye great sales returns.

  11. Sylvester

    I thought more about this today. Could the magic ingredient in those patches and powdered shakes be amphetamines? They made him feel so energized and lose weight that he was wearing two at a time, and drinking the shakes. A co worker said he was drinking water all day long and Nichole said he would keep her up until 11 or midnight because he couldn’t sleep. It’s one thing to drink several Red Bulls a day but these Thrive patches, unregulated, could actually be dangerous. Withdrawal would be a bitch too. Up all night murdering his family, climbing up a set of stairs twice, jamming bodies down a hole, digging a large hole in the ground, working until he was called home after 2 p.m., seen by David Colon cleaning the house top to bottom and making another power shake. I think he was on speed, thrivin’.

    • Pasha

      The main ingredient in the patch for weight loss is garcinia cambogia.

      From WebMD:
      The active ingredient in the fruit’s rind, hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, has boosted fat-burning and cut back appetite in studies. It appears to block an enzyme called citrate lyase, which your body uses to make fat. It also raises levels of the brain chemical serotonin, which may make you feel less hungry.

      I’ve taken garcinia cambogia in pill form before and it did nothing to decrease my appetite or facilitate weight loss. What grabs my attention is that it can possibly elevate levels of serotonin. If you elevate serotonin in a person who is Bipolar without giving them an accompanying mood stabilizer, then you could potentially send them into a state of mania. I wonder if CW had ever been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or maybe he didn’t realize he had it.

  12. Hashem

    state inmates don’t get transferred to another state for any reason All prisons has protective custody There is no way they transferred him from Colorado to Wisconsin. Only way you get transferred is if you are a federal inmate He was a state inmate. HOAX

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