Unfortunately another video with analysis by HLN around the question of Watts’ transfer has been removed from YouTube. In that video a former inmate [if memory serves], bald, sporting a goatee and wearing dark glasses while on camera, remarked that Colorado’s correctional system must be feeling pretty humiliated that it doesn’t have the capacity to take care of the safety of a high-profile criminal like Watts.

I don’t think Colorado lacks the capacity, and I don’t think the former inmate is right about the system being humiliated by this. I think there’s another reason Watts – the most hated father in America right now –  is being sent to prison oblivion, far from the community and commerce of Colorado.

What do you think?


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City of Waupun now home to convicted killer Chris Watts – Fox6News

Historian James Laird told FOX6 News in the mid-1800s, the people of Waupun traveled to Madison to asklawmakers to put the state prison in their community.

“I think it had something to do with money,” Laird said. “During the Great Depression, the economy of the town stayed pretty good because so many of the people, a large percentage of the people, worked in the institutions.”

Dodge Correctional Institution came later. It was converted from the Central State Hospital for the criminally insane in the 1970s.

Using the same reasoning, does the transfer of Chris Watts out of Colorado have something to do with money, mountains of it, that needed to be protected on behalf of certain corporate interests?

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