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The Ghosts of Christmas Past: Watts Family Christmases in Pictures and Videos [2010/2014/2016/2017]

The images below span the month of December over a four year period when Shan’ann and Chris first met, the aftermath of their wedding in November, the end of Shan’ann’s first pregnancy and birth of Bella, and the first Christmases spent in their new home on Saratoga trail in 2013 and 2014.

Date Unknown

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Fullscreen capture 20181224 055221

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Notice in the image below the familiar railing of the staircase behind Shan’ann. The hallway around it seems to be missing the stairway down to the basement, so this may not be their house on Saratoga Trail.Fullscreen capture 20181224 054908

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  1. Cheryl

    I can’t imagine what Shan’ann’s and Chris’s families must be going through as Christmas approaches. The pain must be extraordinary, unbearable. My heart goes out to them.

    • Cindy Reynolds

      I was thinking the same thing about the family and all. Weird how people I’ve never met have played such a role in my heart over the past few months and this holiday season.

  2. Sylvester

    Hi Cheryl. It’s Christmas Eve and we’re still going at it – thinking about it anyway. I think about what Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony and Chris Watts all have it common and it’s that they caught a glimpse of a way out of their current situations, they wanted it desperately, they were unable to do it responsibly, they felt that they couldn’t do it responsibly, and took desperate measures. Sounds simple but all three had thought in their own minds that they couldn’t take the responsible way out. How attractive would Casey have been to her lover Tony if he knew she had given up her child to Cindy and George for him – and she had no job. Watts knew he would be financially obligated to his family for the next 12 years if he filed for divorce, and she even said in a text above that she would file for total custody. And Scott – he’d never be on easy street having to support a newborn for the next 18 years and Lacy too. All three had no fall back plan that would have them come out any kind of a winner. All three had money issues. Their “solutions” were the stuff of la la land – delusional as Nick said. They all three had reasons they wanted to stick around too. For instance if they had all thought about running away that wouldn’t have worked because the people they wanted to be with were right there – not in another country. So perpetrators like Casey, Scott and Chris believe that if they can just pull off a “vanishing act” they can get what they want in the end – freedom. But it’s delusional thinking. It’s an example of extreme immaturity. All three were likely coddled as children – and I think you brought that up as well. So we, as a society, had better start doing a better job of raising our children – instilling independence, responsibility and accountability – less focus on things and financial success. It supersedes all else.

    • Cindy Reynolds

      Sylvester, that is one of the most well thought out, logical comments I’ve seen about this case since it started and I am in total agreement with you. Another thing is the why why why and how how how. Well once the psychiatrists and such explained how these peo0le are born without the chip that governs most peoples feelings of sympathy and empathy yet are able to successfully mimic these feelings as they watch others. Expecting this CW guy to feel is like expecting a blind man to see. Once it was explained to me I pretty much look at him as a freak of nature who is exactly where he needs to be. The whole thing is an absolute tragedy.

    • Cheryl

      Agreed Sylvester. Good summation. Have a great Christmas!

    • AC

      Some women still think that they must get married and have children– like there are no other options. Casey Anthony was very young and railroaded into having her child by her mother. Pregnancy termination was not on the table. Cindy Anthony honestly thought Caylee would solve all of Casey’s problems (i.e., turn her into a responsible adult) which was so unbelievably foolish. I think Shanann felt the societal pressure of childbearing (omg, I’m 30, must get married and have babies!), so she found an unwitting partner (on facebook, no less) in Chris (you’ll do! you’re going to be my husband and help me live out my magazine-perfect life!) Just– all the social media and pictures. Guh. She must have had tens of thousands of them. I think the pressure to be perfect coupled with the mounting debt and incompatibility was a perfect storm that ended in a most brutal tragedy.

  3. Jerry Manziel

    Everytime I see Watt’s smiling face from years gone by, I see a narcissistic self-absorbed ghoul. He dined at the buffet until he was full, and then he was finished. Those beautiful girls that he held while feigning love….despicable. The photogenic fashionable wife who stood with him and documented everything….just a pawn. Nobody (nobody) will ever be able to explain to me how that demented evil incarnate could/would even think about suffocating those little girls-making them suffer beyond what I can imagine (let alone even thinking/plotting such). There exists such evil in this world that almost anything is possible.

  4. Diana

    Looking at those photos just makes me feel sad. I can’t help but look at Chris holding newborn Bella and wonder – Did he have any inkling what was to come in 4 short years?

    • Cindy Reynolds

      No Diana I don’t think he even knew he as cabable of this kind of atrocity. He was able to mimic the feelings that he saw in others but I don’t believe he knew that is what he was doing, just mimicking that is. It wasn’t until his family no longer suited his needs that he was able to carry out such a heinous act and apparently there are many like him who never do go on to kill like that! It’s like I commented above, he’s a freak of nature that I’m not gonna waste my emotions on anymore hope despite this ugliness I hope u and your family are enjoying your holidays

  5. Kaye

    Was Chris forced to wear the Santa suit every Christmas? If so, I think probably that can be added on to the list of things that he resented having to do. Yet more acting for the camera.

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