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Investigative Analyst Jillian Ganley’s Report [44th Tranche]

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Jillian Ganley can be heard speaking on the phone at 2:12 in the clip below.


  1. Sylvester

    Too bad work on the timeline ceased. For me, there are holes. Where did he go after Nickole Atkinson called him – where he’s begging her not to break down the door and call the police. Nick Atkinson told the police officer when they were waiting for him at the house “I don’t think he’s coming”, that they had called him over an hour ago and he still hadn’t arrived. Has anyone spotted the gas can in the back of his truck as he finally pulled up to the curb? I need to go back and see if it’s there.

  2. Sylvester

    Just as I thought, it’s not in the back of his truck as he pulled up to the curb. Any theories? I think he used his gas can to burn evidence somewhere. He went to a great deal of effort to make sure it fit in the back morning of – and then it’s gone afternoon of. There was also a little green disposable lighter found in the pocket of his truck door.

    • Marie

      Good catch Sylvester !!

      • Marie

        I don’t see any places in the surrounding field at burial site. Wouldn’t it have been risky to burn there?

  3. Sylvester

    Yes, Marie, it would be. But we’ve got 2 1/2 hours unaccounted for, and why would he get rid of his gas can? Maybe the two ideas don’t line up – burning evidence – absence of gas can, and probably don’t, but he took great care to squeeze it into the truck bed and later that day, it’s gone. He’s got items missing – the infernal blankies and toys, a black t shirt, now a dark navy blue blanket, possibly a pair of jeans, and a gas can. Of course he could have tossed all of the items or some of them in one of those red construction dumpsters, but would he want to risk being seen doing it? And what a stroke of luck that it got hauled off to a dump site before officers could check. So I think the gas can was specifically taken to burn evidence, but I don’t know why he didn’t bring it back, or where he left it. Thanks for indulging me Marie!

    • Marie

      Infernal blankets! Those things have been a problem! This is a crazy idea, do you think he could have had help? His luck or lack of, was incredible that day!

      • Marie

        Sylvester, around here, we have donation bin. For clothes, blankets, items for the needy. Colorado could have those , if one was on the route he took, it would only take a minute to drop things in.

    • Maura

      Would he have brought extra gas with him to ensure he didn’t run out or have to stop at a gas station?

  4. Sylvester

    Well I don’t know who he would have taken into his confidence. He didn’t seem to have any male friends He ran with Nick Thayer but that was sporadic. I think he thought things through. Planned ahead, as much as he could. He had such a small window of opportunity to bury his family though. Astounding. There’s also time he spent in the home in the early morning hours. If he killed his wife immediately upon arrival, he has 3 hours to “do things” too. Pack a change of clothing, hide items, bag items, and clean.

    Another thing that bugs me is he’s not completely backed into garage door opening #2. And although the surveillance footage is blurry and it’s dark, and although I’ve started and stopped it over and over, he doesn’t appear to be carrying bodies out to the truck. And, if he were (and Rourke says he was) again, he’s lucky as the other next door neighbor could have looked out her upstairs window and thought WTF? It seems more logical, from the standpoint of anyone who might have seen him, that he would prefer to put the bodies in the truck bed – and there were hair strands found there. That could be the reason he’s fidgeting with the gas can, trying it on one side, then the other t get it to fit. But if he were pulled over for any reason that morning – not good. So he obeyed the speed limit, and kept his eye on the road. Wonder if DMV has cameras on any stoplights on his route before he gets on the highway and if those were checked?

    Yes, a donation bin is a good thought! Clothes and other items could sit there for weeks before being sorted through.

    • Pasha

      This is just more evidence that he thought this thing through and had it planned… least to me that’s how it seems. So this is why I have a hard time believing the story about Shan’ann killing the children and Chris suddenly snapping. There are people on various youtube videos that I’ve watched who are so adamant about Shan’ann being the murderer of the children. It just doesn’t add up.

      I wonder if NK had maybe mentioned to Chris at some point that she wasn’t sure about being a stepmother to someone else’s kids…..that maybe she wasn’t ready to take things further with him. Maybe she casually mentioned something like what she texted her friend……that she wanted to start her own family. But Chris continued to pursue the relationship with her and things got more intense. And maybe this is what started to drive Chris toward the idea of getting rid of his family. People blame Shan’ann for controlling Chris all those years and say that he “snapped” suddenly that morning, but I don’t really see that as the catalyst. I see NK and the financial situation as the catalyst. He wanted NK and no longer wanted Shan’ann, but he knew it would be nearly impossible to be with NK after divorce and he didn’t want to lose her. I’m not trying to “blame” her, but I feel like she was the major catalyst.

      • Maura

        I find it crazy that anyone would think SW killed her kids especially when there’s evidence CW planned the murders, and was cheating and lying to his wife for awhile. If she were my family member I would have made a strong effort to prove to the public that CW was the murderer and not let SW be slandered.

        I agree that NK was the catalyst and finances a close second. NK somehow made her feelings known about getting married and starting a family with someone who didn’t already have kids. Perhaps she discussed it with another coworker who shared it with Chris.

      • Marie

        I admit when I first learned of this case. I thought she may have killed them. I played it all ways in my head. Her BAC was so high, seems some shady business in her background. I could picture her being drunk. She’s thinking maybe he will stay with her if not for the kids. I have tried to do as Nick suggest for us to do. I see her as controlling, drama. But I see Chris for a liar. And watching him with the duping delight, unless otherwise proven, he did it.

      • MattyO

        Pasha, NK did mention something to Watts. She told him to “fix” his marriage. He did. But not in the way she was expecting. Perhaps his plan was to elicit sympathy from her as a grieving Dad/Father (recall that Scott Peterson told AF that he recently “lost” his wife.) He told NK that it was SW that wanted a divorce. That was a lie that was not going to resolve itself, and likely be exposed if SW had lived. That was his quandary.

    • Marie

      Sylvester, at front of their house, the side that you are talking about, there doesn’t seem to be any direct view there. Notice the neighbors house juts forward. I apologize again that I don’t know how to send links from this phone but as I mentioned , there was a YouTube video that was enlarged and slowed down. I clearly could see him putting a black trash bag in back of the truck and putting the gas can near it. Video was from Hudson Cerone, Nick is going to get onto me for mentioning again and not sending a link,, lol

      • Mustang Sally

        Marie, is this the video you are referring to?

      • Sylvester

        He could squeeze two little bodies into the bed of the truck and maybe the backseat was reserved for Sha’nann. It boggles the mind that he would leave two black trash bags and the sheet on the ground there and if he was running out of time, couldn’t have at least thrown them into the hole he dug and covered them up.

      • Maura

        @Marie In reply to your reply, if Chris had left Shannan with 3 kids she would have done her best to get a good attorney, the house or what money she could after it was sold. She was controlling and he was passive throughout their marriage. I think this dynamic worked for them until this year when he changed and kept his true feelings from her. She saw his new body but didn’t know his motivation to get fit (NK).

        If he hadn’t killed her and there had been a fight at 4 am, I can’t see her hurting the kids she loved. If anything, she would have received more money from him in a divorce with the kids alive. So her “motive to kill” isn’t there in my opinion. Chris would have benefited financially in a divorce without the kids.

  5. Marie

    Yes Mustang Sally! Thank you!

    • Mustang Sally

      You’re welcome. 🙂

  6. Sylvester

    That’s interesting (video) as it looks like after he backed partially into the garage – and arranged the gas can – he pulled forward. Then walked back into the garage. But what it looks like he’s bringing back out is maybe the rake? Like -oops, I forgot something I need.

  7. Sylvester

    Maura and Pasha – agree agree agree! There is kind of an air to Watts in committing the crimes like – it’s hard to explain – almost like resignation. He might have gotten the idea that Nichole K. was going to move on if he didn’t come up with something speedy – some quick resolution – and although it may have occurred to him that she wouldn’t want him at all once he did it – he’d already made up his mind. But afterward it seems like he’s just resigned that he made a mistake and he wasn’t going to fight it. He lost the girl anyway.

    • MattyO

      Bingo Sylvester. It was all for NK. With her gone, all he had left was the burden of killing his family.

  8. Marie

    Maura, I agree. At the beginning of the case I did not know the facts. All that I had seen was them on YouTube. He seemed nice and she seemed nasty to him. Thanks to Nick and this site and the great commenters I see a different side of the story. It’s horrific the way this family has died. And in no way do I think Shannan deserved this.

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