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According to Trent Bolte, this was Watts’ favorite film…

According to Trent Bolte, he and Watts liked to watch Orange is the New Black together on Netflix. Piper Chapman, the main character in the series,  is based on the memoir of a real life bisexual woman.

Ironically, Watts finds himself [possibly] in a genuine Orange is the New Black situation right now. Talk about fact creating fiction creating fact.

Bolte also told CNN Watts’ favorite film is Weekend. Both gay characters in the film have more than a passing resemblance to Watts.



  1. Kim C.

    This T.B. stuff is so interesting to me…Please keep the info. coming! I wish we knew if anything on his phone could be verified as to social media apps for dating sites, etc. It seems cell phone records could verify if C.W. and T.B. ever knew on another. Also, remember the dating app. profile pic that surfaced… I noticed C.W. wearing a similar pair of cargo pants in a video with S.W. where they are making Thrive bites. I pulled it the video and the questionable profile pic on a large pc screen to see details otherwise missed. I had to slow the video way down to see the pants. I tried to zoom in and see details about the room this profile pic could was taken in and could not identify much expect it appears to be a bed with a denim colored spread on it and a bed skirt that is gold/tan ( neutral) in color. It appears to have an open lap top to the right of the person in the pic and I zoomed in and compared chin shape and facial hair and it seems plausible. The profile pic seems to be a slim man and the cargo pants worn in the profile pic seem to fit a little big. We know his weight fluctuated a bit and at times he appeared very lean. The guy in the profile pic is also wearing a gray sweat shirt which covers any possible tattoos or even possible a purple rubber bracelet he often wore. Although if you zoom in on his left sleeve it seems to hint of a bit of a purple hue? No wedding wing can be observed and the profile description is very interesting and hard to ignore as to hobbies listed etc. Does anyone besides TB know if CW liked these shows? What else did TB say that seems to be credible or a match?

  2. tbp

    With what I have read about CW, I find this information doesn’t jive. Specifically, the information given to LE by the mistress. Her text messages with the friend paint a different person IMO.

    • CBH

      Same here. If he were really into men, he wouldn’t have fallen so hard for NK.

      • Steve Taylor

        But NK is manly in face and voice.

        • CBH

          I actually thought of that after I posted. And she was offering anal sex, and threesomes, with another man. Do you think he was in a quasi “gay relationship” with her?

    • atschmid5322

      I don’t understand! I thought he had been discredited as a liar. Is there any reason to now believe his story?

    • Nick

      I have a friend who is bisexual. Again, we shouldn’t try to interpret Watts through our own sexuality. We should let his sexuality speak for itself. I think his introversion speaks of a second, shadowy face. As someone said early on: “There’s secrets there…”

      • CBH

        You make a good point. As I replied above to a poster who remarked that NK was manly in face and voice, that may be telling. She was offering anal sex and threesomes, perhaps involving an extra man. Could it be that CW viewed her as a quasi-gay male? Does anyone know why NK in addition to researching anal sex and 3 way sex, researched inter racial relationships? Did she take his talk of being part Cherokee seriously 🤔

  3. Steve Taylor

    In the DOC observation reports, when he was allowed a book other than the bible, his second read was ‘Body Of Evidence’. He should have taken up reading prior to murder, though that didn’t seem too likely. He was almost feebleminded and the antithesis of cerebral.

  4. Ilovedogsandcats

    Tbh I don’t believe Trent bolte’s Story at all. I watched his full 1 hr 20 minute interview with the CBI and he claimed all of his texts and pix with CW were on a phone that he left at an ex boyfriend’s house named “Damian” but claimed he deleted damian’s Number and couldn’t remember it.

    CBI found Damian (Ferns) an oil worker in Wyoming who said he met Trent Bolte in rehab, but wasn’t gay and never had a relationship with Trent. He said Trent stole his pix to use for dating sites. You can find Damian Ferns on Facebook.

    Trent Bolte is a prostitute who couch surfaces and looks for ways to get money. I guess he saw the fake CW mistress on Inside Edition and gave a recent interview there. I think they compensate guests monetarily but am not positive.

    CW could be bisexual but I doubt he was with Trent. Trent claimed CW gave him money three times in cash, even tho CW was cash strapped.

    • CBH

      All this makes his telling the truth about CW extremely, extremely unlikely.

  5. Sylvester

    There would be a way to verify what Trent Bolte has said – that he and Watts would have their trysts at motels. All he would have to do is name those motels, and also how Watts paid – credit card, etc.,the dates, and verify the registration with the motel. Bolte also said Watts wore overalls and sweats. Does that sound like Watts? Even the overweight Watts? And last – Bolte said he met Watts’s girls. If he didn’t want Nichole to meet his girls, why would he allow Bolte to meet them? Time of day Bolte introduced them would be helpful too. If it was in the afternoon when would Watts get a chance to drive around with the girls and not Sha’nann.

    • CBH

      He would probably say CW used a fake name and paid cash ( saying it was one of those just for sex type motels, not a credible one requiring ID and credit card). He seems very dishonest.

  6. sheis

    As juicy as it would be, I don’t believe Chris was into men. Trent Bolte is a pathological attention grabber.

  7. LGW

    Add me to the list of Trent Bolte doubters. I don’t buy his story. I think he is an opportunist or con artist, at worst. At best, he hooked up with some guy, and has convinced himself it was CW. Those detectives went through EVERYTHING with a fine-tooth comb and found no evidence of communication with that guy. And there would have been SOMETHING- CW was sloppy!!

  8. Ilovedogsandcats

    Trent’s Bolte supposedly provided inside edition with texts between himself and CW, texts he claimed were on a old phone he left at damian’s House, while he’s been claiming all along he doesn’t know how to reach Damian.

    Texts can be faked. There are apps which allow you to do so

  9. Diana

    I’m in the “Trent Bolte is a liar camp” as well. I never believed him from day one. He claims he had a towel with CWs DNA on it from 8 months ago. Dude must not do laundry. He’s just too shady. As for CW being bi-sexual? Well if he wasn’t, he may be now!

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