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Why did Henri van Breda murder his family? | 60 Minutes Australia

60 MINUTES: Did you ever say to Henri, ‘Did you do this?’

DANIELLE: No, not… No.

60 MINUTES: You never said to him, ‘Tell me, look me in the eye…that you didn’t do this, you didn’t murder your family’?

DANIELLE [Smiles]: I did not do that to him, no.

60 MINUTES: Did you ever ask Henri if he did it?


60 MINUTES: Should you?

LEENTA NEL [Sighs, licks lips]: Um…I didn’t think I could, but yes, I would.

60 MINUTES: Isn’t it the one question that you almost have to ask? ‘Tell me Henri, did you do this’?

LEENTA NEL: I wonder whether I’m not bothered now, whether he did it or not…


  1. Sylvester

    This 60 minute clip is so apropos to what we are studying now with the Watts case. The Aunt and girlfriend in complete denial – that the mind will only accept what it can process and handle (“the Henri that I know”) -and the man who simply calls Henri a psychopath to explain it. But the lady in the pearls really is the perceptive one who when asked “is he cowardly” “does he have remorse” – she said no, “I think he’s actually arrogant.” I really wonder when all is said and done and the sentence has been passed, does a killer feel remorse, do they wish they could take it all back. And sometimes it looks like they do not, because whatever choice they made in the moment they had every opportunity to not follow through, then. I believe Watts could have stopped himself – he wasn’t a deranged person out of his mind. He was IN his mind. He still refuses to tell us the complete truth because he chooses not to. And that is an arrogance not dissimilar to the killer Henri van Breda. And there are those – Watt’s mother and father and maybe sister – who will say “it’s not the Chris that I know” because they cannot accept that Chris.

  2. Shannon

    Good one Sylvester. He could be feeling arrogant….he’s holding the cards.
    Also could be used down the road, if he wants to speak up.
    I’m only following the Watts Case. Too much time and thought with all these murders, which will never stop. Only if sensational.

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