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Nichol Kessinger wasn’t the only one actively deleting her browser history…

The word “delete” or “deleted” appears 65 times in the Discovery Documents. Some of these are multiple references to Chris Watts “deleting” his Facebook page.  Interestingly, we have the exact context for when that happened: half an hour after agreeing to go away with Shan’ann for the weekend to Aspen, he deleted his Facebook account.

When Shan’ann found out, she was shocked and asked him why.

There are also many references to Nichol Kessinger deleting all information related to Chris Watts from her phone. Imagine if she hadn’t, and she’d instead come forward to shed maximum light on this case [including bravely shining it on herself], imagine how much more we would know.

On page 575 of the Discovery Documents Kessinger is quoted asking Watts to delete his text messages “to keep their relationship secret from his friends”. She asked her pal Charlotte Nelson to do the same thing. What Kessinger seemingly didn’t know was that Watts was already “on it”, in terms of his Secret Calculator app.


In fact, Watts was probably more effective at covering his digital trail than Kessinger, which is quite something given that he was directly or indirectly on social media [on multiple platforms] while she, for the most part, was not.

We get a clear idea of the scale of deleted data [on Watts’ personal phone] by comparing the storage used on his iPhone 7 and iPhone 5 [his work phone] compared to that used by Shan’ann and Kessinger.

The month of July 2018, arguably the most active month for Kessinger and Watts on their phone respectively, only held three messages in the device’s archive [personal phone], and all from one day – July 29th.

Shan’ann’s iPhone 7 plus had 29 796 SMS messages, and over 153 000 timeline entries. Her call log, however, was relatively sparse, at just 477. By contrast Watts had 304 SMS messages on his personal phone, and 125 messages on his work phone. His call log was 567 and 326 respectively.

Watts had more audio recordings on his work phone [191] compared to his personal phone [141], whereas Shan’ann had more than five times as many [756] and Kessinger almost none [only 12 audio recordings].

Kessinger’s phone had the least recorded number of calls logged out of the four phones, at just 206 entries. But Kessinger also had far more SMS messages than either of Watts’ devices, at 8 152.

In the same way that Watts’ phones show zero communication with Trent Bolte, or even his contact number, Kessinger’s handset is, to quote the Discovery Documents devoid of any calls, messages, photographs [or] videos involving Watts…nor even his number.



Interestingly, zero data extraction is recorded from Kessinger’s work phone, in fact it’s not even mentioned.

Arguably the most significant data removed from Watts’ phone was data I missed during my initial analysis, but was brought up yesterday [January 12, 2019] in the comments at this site. Strangely, when doing a filtered search for the word “delete” or “deleted”, the entry at the bottom of page 1768 doesn’t come up.

The word “Instagram” comes up seven times in the Discovery Documents, but also doesn’t pick up the deleted instance in the search term Watts’ used [Discovery Documents page 1769].

During the course of research along several lines of inquiry, I made multiple searches for various kinds of medication, including and especially Oxycodone. Oxycodone features only three times in the Discovery Documents as a compound referenced [but not found] in the autopsy reports.

I was particularly interested in this drug, because the work I was researching and concentrating on while writing the TREACHERY series [covering the chloroform aspect in the Casey Anthony case] strongly indicated a chemical/sedative as murder weapon. I refer to that work in greater detail lower down in this post.

Oxycodon [misspelled] is part of the Watts’ deleted and undated but retrieved search data. It is assumed that the search for how to delete his Instagram account occurred very close to his deleting/deactivation of his Facebook account.  It’s also reasonable to infer, in my opinion, that the search for 80mg Oxycodon took place after the search for how to delete Instagram account. This is based on the chronology of the search data, and the fact that the deleted search history as recovered may have been recovered in chronological order and reproduced as such onto the retrieved and reconstructed timeline.

If both these inferences are accurate, then the search for 80mg Oxycodon took place within 72-48 hours of the children’s deaths. Given the information provided by a 80mg Oxycodon Google search it is highly likely Oxycodone [also known as Oxycontin] was Watts’ preferred murder weapon of choice for his daughters:



Reinforcing Information:

A. Oxycodone is a common medicine used by Lupus sufferers.



B. Shan’ann was a regular user of medication, and so were her children.





There is a potential precedent for the “sedative-on-child” murder weapon.

In the Casey Anthony case, similar Google searches were made from the home computer for “homemade” murder weapons and various chemicals.



At trial it was postulated that a Google search was conducted in March, based on recovered search data. Cindy Anthony claimed that she was responsible for the Google searches.

The jury in the Casey Anthony trial felt the computer searches for Chloroform a few months before Caylee’s death/disappearance wasn’t necessarily a smoking gun.

What is less well-known is that after the trial, it was discovered that someone had searched “Foolproof suffocation” again, on the day Caylee disappeared in mid-May [likely the day of her death].


Like Chloroform, if there is an intent to murder [without causing excessive suffering], then Oxycodone is a conventional and very powerful [and potentially lethal] sedative that Watts probably had access to.

Was Oxycodone in the Watts home prior to the murders? A complete archive of prescriptions and medical records would easily verify this. It’s also possible that we may see a prescription bottle in some of the bodycam footage eventually, unless Watts got rid of all of them [which one can imagine, he would have tried to get rid of, wouldn’t he?]

But if Oxycodone was used, wouldn’t it have turned up in the autopsy?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Once again it’s revealing how difficult and how hidden this particular item of evidence is in the Discovery Documents, perhaps partly because the perpetrator hid/deleted/destroyed/concealed information. But potentially also because it was part of an agreement not to disclose this information to the public.


A genuine True Crime Rocket Scientist has to know a case, and the characters in them, forwards and backwards, back to front, inside and out. He [or she] has to know all the information, and have played all the inferences and scenarios in his [or her] mind.  And it all has to come together into something resembling God-like omniscience.

Omniscience is hard. It takes time and effort, and requires repetition. And an open mind. Even with all these elements in play, applying them logically and intuitively is a challenge.

A sculptor will tell you that the sculpture was always there inside the block of granite. It takes multiple sweeps to carve away the obstructions, and eventually what lies beneath is brought to the surface.

That’s what we’re trying to do here at True Crime Rocket Science. We believe there are answers, and we believe we can find most of them if we look hard enough, and keep looking. Some answers are right in front of us. Some are right there, not exactly hidden, but easy to miss. The more of us that search, the more secrets will eventually come to light.

Thanks again to those who brought these deleted search terms to my attention. You know who you are.



  1. Sylvester

    I wanted to add something, that I don’t know is relevant to an “oxycondon” search or not – one, it would stand to reason Watts – being a health nut – would not know much about drugs and their effects, so would do a search to find out. Two, iIt was he who was cleaning up the basement, and sent a photograph of his handywork and secreted it into his phone.The investigator thought he may have wanted to send it to Sha’nann to show her he was busy organizing the basement. But I don’t think the picture made it to her phone. I ran across that tidbit last night. If he was doing a bit of organizing in the basement it’s likely he came across that medication in one of the bins, and put together sort of a plan of action during that time. Also – on page 2089 – 7/19 between 1723-1957 hours, he searched Google for a CVS pharmacy in Westminster. Might he have wanted to get a refill? He also searched the area for other points of interest, but that stood out to me. Mostly he had a lot of time to himself while the cat was away, and during that time he was doing quite the clean up job in the basement. In any event, I like this area of inquiry.

    He made the drinks for the girls – he said so. I don’t think (sorry Shannon) he sprinkled it on their pizza, oxycodone has more potency if crushed. It may even say “do not crush” on bottles because it can work TOO fast if you do so. So if he crushed the tablets, he could put the powdered pieces into a smoothie and the girls would be out in less than 30 minutes. A silent kill for one passive individual.

    • marielangford3311

      Hi Sylvester. Dr’s do not give refills for opiates any longer.
      Even if he had found a bottle with refills, it would have expired by then.

      • Sylvester

        I agree Marie, he likely couldn’t get a refill unless he were the patient, so nix the Westminster CVS pharmacy refill idea. He may have been experimenting on Sha’nann as well. I think it was the day she arrived in Arizona that she said she was feeling dizzy and could barely stand. She wouldn’t be suspicious of Chris and would attribute this to being pregnant (although she did say at 15 weeks the nausea part of it would be over) or a return of her Lupus symptoms. But when she told Chris he said she was probably just tired. That he gave her a handy excuse casts my suspicious eyes on Dr. Jekyll doing something with her drinks. And wasn’t she sick previously the last week in NC? She was vomiting in the middle of the night, and hadn’t been sick until Chris showed up.

    • thetinytech2018

      So it says the search was for “80mg oxycodone” but here’s the thing… They don’t make oxycodone in 80mg, at least not in the US and they surely wouldn’t prescribe that high of a dose to her. Was it possible it was heard wrong, and they searched “oxycodone” instead of “oxycontin”? Technically, oxycontin is a brand name for oxycodone, but if you were to have an 80mg pill and you didn’t know what it was and typed the pill info into Google/pill identifier, it would come up as oxycontin. The pills also are branded differently, and they surely weren’t prescribing Shanann 80mg oxycontin on a regular basis, if at all. That’s a high dosage usually reserved for people who have end stage cancer or serious, long term, debilitating chronic pain who have been on opiates for years. A dose that high would make Chris, Shanann or any other occasional user profusely nauseous and may knock them out completely. I highly doubt either could function on that amount, and it would be obvious if they were on that high a dosage.

      However, it is available and common “on the street”, so to speak, and a good portion of the US has an opiate epidemic where those 80mg oxycontin are highly sought after, costing anywhere from $80-$120 for a single 80mg pill. When that’s not available, daily users of the drug will seek out heroin as it’s similar in strength but a fraction of the price. I just don’t see why anyone would prescribe that amount to either Chris or Shanann, even with her claiming lupus. If they missed a dose after being on that drug for a week or so, they’d experience opiate withdrawal. Its so odd to me that someone searched online for info regarding that drug in that dosage.

      • Kathleen

        That was such a great post, unfortunately it made me so curious I did some heavy duty research 🙂 uhm I googled it, but anyway to my surprise, they do still make 60 and 80mg oxy, it’s prescribed for “habituated users”. Now hopefully I won’t drop dead any time soon because that’s the kind of search that can make a person look really shady! 😀

        • Christina

          They do not make 80mg Oxycodone in the US- it’s only Oxycontin that comes in 80mg. I work in hospice, and it’s rare a patient is not on opioid medication. I just had a look on Google, and there do seem to be some websites that list 80mg Oxycodone, however, it is mislabeled. Reading through the comments, some wonder if he could have been crushing it up and administering the 80mg Oxycontin it to Shanann. Oxycontin is not crushable due to abuse potential. The formula was reconstructed years ago. It’s very hard to break, and if you do and put it in liquid, it immediately turns into a very visible, gelatinous ball and stays that way- even cutting off the tiniest part with scissors and putting it in liquid has the same effect. It’s quite interesting. There is no way she would not have noticed. Additionally it’s HIGHLY unlikely she would be prescribed 80mg- as someone said above, that’s severe cancer/end of life type of dose reserved for those who have been on the medication for a very long time (and still have swallowing capabilities). Oxycodone *is* “crushable”, but again, they do not make it in that dose. I saw a comment elsewhere that stuck with me: Was there someone close in Chris life, like the girlfriend, who may have been struggling with addiction and that was the total dose she was consuming daily and he was researching it? Taking 8 10mg pills over a day would be likely.

          • Kathleen

            Wow, that was some nice research. I don’t have anything to add to it, I just finished reading American Overdose ( it should win a Pulitzer) and your post only added to my overall disgust at opiates, but yeah what if she was addicted, it would go a long way towards understanding how/why she got involved in such a toxic mess, insanity was my first thought, but drug addiction works too. Thanks for the post.

          • siouxsays

            Oxycontin is the brand name of oxycodone. Oxycodone is the pharmaceutical ingredient (aka: drug). They are not two different drugs. Please understand what you are trying to assert so authoritatively before misleading other people with your own misinformation (and lack of simple research).
            And 80mg OXYCODONE is very much a regularly prescribed narcotic in the United States. Below 40mg, it is often called Roxicet (brand name) or Percocet (brand name), while above 40mg, it is called Oxycontin (brand name). (Ten seconds on Google will direct you to a host of medical, drug-related, and reference/research sites with this information.)

          • Smarter than You

            Oxycontin IS oxycodone.

      • Cheryl D Shewak

        Sorry.. dont know where you are getting your misinformation…. but the usa is producing 80 mg tabs of oxycontin…have been and are still. My husband is a kidney transplant recipient, and he got them for some problems arising from transplant.
        Know your info before you are talking out of the side of your mouth.
        Believe it or not, they aren’t some evil drug, it’s the idiots using them Incorrectly that gave it a bad name. They have their place and its unfortunate that people who really need them very rarely get them.

  2. Kaye

    I think it’s much more believable that he overdosed them instead of directly smothering them. In his mind, he knew they would be put in the tanks so he wasn’t worried about any drugs showing up in a tox screen.

    It’s possible that Bella might have had an adverse reaction, such as seizing or trying to vomit, and that could have prompted him to cover her mouth forcefully to put her out of her suffering from the effects.

    If he dosed their dinner and/or dessert, in his mind they go to sleep peacefully and never have to know what is going on.

    • CBH

      “It’s possible that Bella might have had an adverse reaction, such as seizing or trying to vomit, and that could have prompted him to cover her mouth forcefully to put her out of her suffering from the effects.”

      That’s an interesting observation. 👍🏼

      • Mustang Sally

        In a state of delirium combined with the inability to walk normally, Bella may have also “face planted” causing injury to her lip and jaw when first experiencing the effects of an overdose. It’s unlikely she would have cried out due to the drug’s pain suppressing properties; it’s more likely she would have simply passed out at that point.

  3. CBH


    1. Watts may have been unaware of the difficulties of getting refills, so may easily have been attempting to get info on it from CVS.

    2. Interesting how his probable drugging of Shannon mirrors same likely action by Scott Peterson.

    3. Watts may have been trying to make Shannon miscarry her pregnancy.

  4. marielangford3311

    I keep thinking it was the gallstone that was making her sick. But, it is very likely he could have been trying to make her miscarry the baby.

    • CBH

      I keep forgetting about that medical issue. Thanks for reminding me, as it should be factored in.

  5. Sylvester

    Thank you CBH. There are no coincidences! And I think the parallels to Laci Peterson are worth mentioning. Laci experienced fatigue and swelling, feeling lethargic, depressed, she could no longer walk her dog and while I understand when you approach your due date all of these symptoms can occur, it’s not out of line to think that a husband who does not want to be a father, or to be a father again, might try a first tactic to get rid of the baby to see if that works. Both Laci and Sha’nann should have been more concerned than they were about it. I think both Scott and Chris were plotters and planners. If you look real closely CBH, in the medicine bin, “CVS” is displayed on one of the containers, or a white prescription bag. Since his search was early in July – July 19 – it was recorded on his phone and obviously in the documents and I’d like to think it might have relevance.

    • CBH

      I think it does indeed have relevance. And I would also agree that women like Laci and Shannan underestimated what men who feel “stuck” (especially Watts who made his feelings known) are capable of.

  6. Rebecca

    I think the idea that the girls were given Oxy at a dose that could be fatal seems right to me. Much easier to watch your child go to sleep than to have to watch them struggle with being smothered. SW never struck me as someone that took many downers. Actually, the opposite. She wore 2 Thrive patches most of the time to speed her up! And organized like a fiend! But SW did have an anterior fusion neck surgery the year before she was killed and Oxycodone is often given for post op pain control. She may very well have not used all of her script and there was enough in the bottle to OD the girls. I have wondered though if toxicology on the girls would have shown the drugs in their system?

  7. Shannon

    Ok yes pills crushed into smoothie, if they had one that nite. Crushed on anything.
    Addicts crush Oxy and add water and needle it. It’s called Hillbilly Heroin. Huge in the states.
    Did I read right. Rzucek said Shanann Stopped taking her Lupus medication, once she discovered Thrive.
    Come on, that’s about as far fetched as birds flying backwards.
    Maybe Lupus Research needs to hear this. It would save them billions of dollars and save millions of people.
    I don’t believe, never had that she had Lupus, until I hear it from her doctor. A coronor wouldn’t probably be able to know this. I don’t believe anything that Nicole says either. Shanann probably made all her medical shit up, to get sympathy, Go to a doctor, fake illness get script. If she had that, she would have made more money then Thriving. Selling Oxy. Friends said that about her with commercials…oh I got that condition.

    • Pasha

      Faking Lupus to get opioids is not at all realistic. You can’t fake an illness to get opioids nowadays. In fact, most primary docs and specialists won’t even prescribe them……they send you to a pain management doctor for which the wait time can be months to get in, and in the meantime you are left to suffer.

      You can literally look at older pics of Shan’ann and see the Lupus flare up in her face…..a butterfly shaped red rash across her cheeks and nose, which affects many Lupus patients. Flare ups come and go……so one month she may feel fine, the next month bed ridden.

      Didn’t her parents state that she was diagnosed when she was younger? Lupus is diagnosed using a specific blood test… you can’t lie and fake lupus. No doctor in his/her right mind would write a script for any type of opioid without a confirmed medical reason. Not nowadays with the “opioid crisis” and the FDA and DEA cracking down on doctors in regards to how many scripts they write. It’s insanely out of control…..people with legitimate diseases causing chronic pain are having to fight for pain meds.

      • marielangford3311

        You are correct Pasha on receiving pain meds. However, her neck injury would qualify her for pain meds.

      • Shannon

        Ok then why her dad say when Shanann discovered Thrive, she didn’t need her Lupus Medication anymore?
        You can get any script for any problems, just have to have right doctor.
        I’d like to see her Medical reports and pill bottles and dates on bottles.
        You seem to forget that Shanann liked to Lie.
        If you Read watch listen, you will see.

      • Mustang Sally

        Shannon, quite a few medications are available and prescribed for those who suffer with Lupus. The specific medication depends upon the symptoms specific to that person as the symptoms can vary. They are not all pain related.

        While there is no one specific test that determines if a person has Lupus, as with several other diagnoses, there is a pattern of positive results to specific blood tests combined with other symptomatic behaviors and physical characteristic that will determine if someone has the disease.

        Because it has that absence of incontrovertible testing and took so long to be recognized by scientific researchers in the medical community, many lay people continue to question the validity of the disease. This is an injustice to those making the diagnosis, but most especially to those who live with the diagnosis. Not only do they suffer with something still being learned about and understood, but they must suffer with the ignorance of others who feel justified in questioning their circumstances.

      • Mustang Sally

        Pasha, 👍

      • atschmid5322

        No one is saying she faked illnesses to get meds. She faked illnesses to get attention, sympathy, admiration…. Also, she was not diagnosed till adulthood, but her dad speculated, in his police interview, that lupus may have been the cause of her blinding headaches as a child.

      • Pasha

        @marielangfor311 – Yes, I agree…..the meds were most likely from her cervical disc herniation surgery. I had surgery for a herniated disc in my lower back and was given the same med….my surgeon said it was standard.
        @Shannon- I just don’t believe the meds were for Lupus …..but most likely left over from her surgery (obviously either of us could be wrong, this is simply my opinion based on my experiences as a chronic pain patient and the experiences of hundreds of others I have spoken to about the issue). Doctors’ hands are tied and the DEA is cracking down on doctors for simply trying to be compassionate and treat their patients.

    • CBH

      At best, she was probably a hypochondriac. At worst, deliberately malingering. Lupus has such broad, vague symptoms that a doctor might easily prescribe for her.

      • mitzi2006

        Oh I really would question whether a doctor is credible if he took a patients self diagnosis. Lupus can be difficult to diagnose which is why it probably took her so long to get a diagnosis but it doesn’t go away, might be that it flares worse and better at times but it’s still doing great harm to organs. That’s most often what kills those afflicted with it, organ failure.

        • CBH

          Probably not the most responsible thing,ring 3 children into the world with such a bad prognosis, and the increased medical financial burder

        • CBH

          The first reply sent accidentally. What I meant to say is how responsible is it with that prognosis to have not one but 3 children, risking passing on health issues (given their asthma and esophagus problems it seems apparent) plus financial burden and possibility of early death or at least unemployment.

      • Kathleen

        I wondered if she was a pill seeker, fibromyalgia is a terrible flag regarding this, a scroll through pain med sites is edifying. She also mentioned prolonged constipation, a common opioids users issue. But no autopsy answers. Funny too, in Zahau, poor little Max had a false benzo positive, common for those given Valium, OxyContin can cause horrendous seizures and brain death in small children, so again an autopsy, hair sampling etc would clear this up. If there was oxy involved it may have been long term as the girls certainly slept a lot, the grotesque Casey didn’t just use chloroform once, she just used it once too often. On that case the defense missed such an obvious thing, shock powder, nail polish remover and ice creates chloroform and the Anthony’s pool shed was loaded with shock treatment. What was in the Watts house and in the girls system, even now a hair analysis might answer.

        • CBH

          Interesting, they didn’t do any hair analysis as part of the toxicology report?

          • Kathleen

            I know, how is there no tox screen? Even curiouser though are the internet rumors that Watts asked for ( and was obeyed) on a request to seal all medical records…uhm yeah states always honor this request from their putative killers, a more likely scenario would be that this was done at the request of her family, but if so, why so? What’s in those records? Any attorney who was not Rudy Giulliani repping their presumed innocent client, would fine tooth comb those records, nor would they ( see above exception) agree to that plea “deal of the century.”

          • CBH

            It seems very suspicious, yes.

          • Kathleen

            Arrrrrgggghhh! This is why I hate cases that don’t involve very rich people killing their significant others! There is no legal, no medical, no psych, no help, just forever in prison. When this case broke I saw it was Colorado, big house, big car, big tensions, large walk in closets, a culty MLM thingy, and thought oh good this one will show all sorts of human angles…jeez was I wrong!

            Hopefully Nick will switch to the San Antonio case soon, that’s cheerful and uplifting, the police ( you,ll love this) do acknowledge that the children were homicide victims and that the mother was a suicide….but that does not necessarily show her guilt.

            I could not agree more, rich, beautiful people are ALWAYS innocent and must be canonized posthaste. Or at least forgiven ala Clara Harriss despite the hamburger like condition of her husband, and so glad to see that Pistorius is teaching bible lessons in prison and that Amanda Knox has a talk show,and that Kate and Gerry and John Ramsey and O.J. And Robert Wagner and Jonah Shacknai are all doing great. These cases show real justice!

            Chris Watts is poor, and soon will be forgotten and left to rot, it’s what the people demand, me too how dare he try to fool all of us by appearing to be upper middle class and worthy of even the presumption of innocence, the gall!

          • Shannon

            That has to be one of the stupidest comments yet.

          • Kathleen

            Hi Shannon, it may well be one of the stupidest comments ever, I can’t deny that, but I still think it’s true there’s no justice for poor people, I don’t see it changing, and it saddens me, and you know what they say stupid people are the saddest people in the world. Have a good day, you,re in Canada so it’s probably easier right now. Oh one thing though, wasn’t Karla Homolka sort of a case in point on this theory? Every country no matter how good seems to fall for pretty woman or rich boy syndrome, mores the pity.😪

          • Shannon

            Karla Homolka and her husband were far from rich. Blue collar workers. Nor was she good looking. But we’re not here to discuss something that happened yrs ago. .
            I’d much rather be in Canada, the the “good ole usa”. Lol

          • CBH

            Yes, the double standard is very disheartening. The US has in recent years adopted the “lock them up and throw away the key” approach to criminal justice. The ‘human angles’ you speak of fall by the wayside, which is why I turn to Nick’s books 😉

          • Kathleen

            Too right my good man! His work on Pistorius was painful, heartbreaking, brave and oh so necessary. I think ( and of course I should try to stop this nasty habit) that he is able to write like he does because SA is a country where only the very brave do speak freely and where social injustice is so marked that if you have a mind or a heart and you can write you almost have too. We,re not ( yet) at Cry the Beloved Country but we do need writers like him who aren’t afraid to cover our sad tales. Cannot wait for his Zahau stuff, very Pistorius, very much needed. Bah sorry I’m really grim right now, note to self, must, must stop reading Wapo till shutdown ends.

          • CBH

            Yes, agreed; his being from South Africa gives him backbone. Right, reading WaPo at the moment is likely hazardous to psychological health.

          • Kathleen


          • CBH


      • thetinytech2018

        Kathleen – valium wouldn’t give you a false positive for benzos, by definition valium is a benzodiazepine. As far as Casey Anthony is concerned, I think it’s far more likely “Zanny the nanny” they she used to speak of was in fact the benzo “xanax”. I’ve long drive beloved she used to knock that kid out with Xanax so she could go party, one day she overdid it and the child didn’t wake up.

        Benzos like valium, Xanax, Ativan etc aren’t usually prescribed with opiates anymore as each of those cause respiratory depression on their own, and it increases your chances of death when those two types of drugs are taken together.

        • Kathleen

          Hi, you are so right, it is a benzo, I,m really bad at sarcasm, and like any idiot I assume that everyone is into the Zahau case ( hopefully after Nick does some more books on that case they will be) that whole false positive bs has always made me grind my teeth, it was in no way a “false positive.” It was just one more nail in a mass of evidence for a coffin that Jonah Shacknai will never lie in sigh. Sorry for mispeaking.

          • thetinytech2018

            lol oh no I’m sorry, reading it back now I can actually see that you were being sarcastic, I’m sorry! No need to apologize. I still can’t believe she didn’t get convicted, I remembering watching the trial that summer and thinking “there’s no way she’ll get out of this”. I needed a stiff drink after that verdict.

      • thetinytech2018

        Previous comment is supposed to say “I’ve long since believed that” as opposed to what my tablet autocorrected it to. Not sure what’s up with this today.

  8. Pasha

    A fatal dose of oxy would cause respiratory depression so severe that 2 small toddlers would stop breathing completely. They’d die of lack of oxygen. This would mimic asphyxiation through smothering I’m guessing?

    However, the autopsy mentions nothing about signs of cardiac arrest or liver damage. Surely a fatal overdose would at least show some signs of damage to other organs.

    Also, if the girls quit breathing due to respiratory failure and/or cardiac arrest, then why would Chris feel the need to smother them? He wouldn’t. And it would make sense that Bella’s tongue biting and torn phrenulum would be caused from seizing. This also goes along with the idea of him giving them a small dose….enough to just knock them out so he can smother them. A super high fatal dose just isn’t consistent with the autopsy findings.

    • Shannon

      When Overdoseing you don’t have a heart attack. You just die. Body goes into overdrive.
      You would need Naloxone to save the person, by needle.

      • thetinytech2018

        often naloxone (brand name narcaan) is given through the nose but they also have the needle version. I know that it used to be more common to be given through the nose, not sure about now. Overdoses can cause a heart attack, but for the most part you’re right – it would cause repeat respiratory depression where your breathing rapidly slows down and eventually you stop breathing altogether. Very common for opiate overdoses, as well as benzos, that’s why doctors won’t prescribe the two together anymore unless they can show the patient is tapering off one or the other.

        If you die of respiratory depression, usually it’s because the drug has caused CNS depression. You’d most likely notice other signs such as tachycardia in the person overdosing. When someone is smothered, you’ll see evidence of petichael hemorrhaging when doing an autopsy. That kind of injury isn’t usually observed in someone who died of apnea or asphyxiation due to respiratory depression.

    • atschmid5322

      No, a single acute overdose would not cause organ damage. Respiratory failure. Period. Massive overdose of tylenol can cause renal failure and liver toxicity. Maybe you are thinking of that?

      All along, NvdL has been making the argument that CW did NOT smother his kids. No need to. Give them an overdose, go barbecue chicken breasts, come in to find them blue. Bag them up, clean, wait for SW to come home.

      • Mustang Sally

        atschmid5322 👍

      • Maura


    • mitzi2006

      Would OxyContin not show up in the samples they sent out to the other lab. I understand they had a lot of chemicals in their bodies from the oil but OxyContin is technically a chemical as well, I can’t believe it wouldn’t have been discovered. That and the typical injuries that result from either holding your hand over their mouths or with an object in relation to Bella makes me still believe that’s what he did. I can’t wrap my head around him killing his own children and scoffing down pizza while staring at their pic. Animals protect their babies, even they’re above this guy

      • thetinytech2018

        Oxycontin doesn’t have a super long half life. It’ll stay detectable in your system for something like 4 days in urine, but only 24 hours in blood and like a day or two in saliva. However I believe it stays I your hair follicles for up to 90 days, although I’m not sure how possible that would be considering the state they were found in.

        • Kathleen

          I know, by which I mean I don’t know, what crude oil would do re drug testing, I know it’s certainly enough on its own to kill things, I went up and volunteered in Alaska at the bird cleaning after the oil spill and it burned the animals skin horribly, but I don’t know how that translates after your deceased or regarding hair either. God what a horrible thing to talk about huh? I really need a hobby! One thing, I remember when this first happened, I thought well people who work for oil companies are capable of anything, but I suppose that’s unfair social profiling 😀

  9. Shannon

    With Overdoseing on any drug, you do not move. He might have had to pick up girls and move them. You basically sit, lay and fall to a deep sleep.
    Depending where he gave girls drugs, they probably stayed there. Why put in beds. For what reason. Shanann’s not going to see them. Easier to keep downstairs. House dark when she comes in.

    • marielangford3311

      Shannon, I was in agreement with you on the above comment, about her parents statement.

      • Shannon

        Thank you Marie.
        Off topic : do you think Shannan a Bully.

    • Shannon

      I’m replying to myself here. Upon reading. Pregnancy and Oxy and Lupus.
      Ok is it just me or does this not make sense.
      You have all three above. Does it State anywhere…..anywhere…Shanann visiting Doctors alot while pregnant with all 3 kids, taking Oxy..with Lupus….NO..the Doctor would take you off Oxy, baby becomes addicted and is born addicted! I don’t see this anywhere.
      Oxy for neck pain….she always had that magnetic thing on her neck.
      Something here isn’t adding up.
      I think Chris sealed these records because it would show, she is lying.
      Even though he killed them, it’s like he’s trying to save face. Her face.

      • mitzi2006

        What magnetic thing on her neck? The hardware used to fuse her vertebrae? I broke my back 3 years ago and had a rod put in my back. That “magnetic thing” and fused vertebrae cause pain, and a lot of it. Not once was I offered OxyContin, morphine, dilaudid, Demerol, yes,but never OxyContin. It also shows in blood screens as do all painkillers. I knew a lady with lupus, took her three years to be diagnosed and she didn’t want to believe it but they said diagnosis was irrefutable at that point and she tried going through periods of doing without meds, sometimes for quite a while, but she always became symptomatic again eventually. It’s a difficult disease to treat and hard to live with. She passed away from it last May . I don’t believe she faked lupus, there are two types and don’t know which she had but it very much can take your life, and unless you love pain and discomfort you’d definitely want to pick a different disease to be tested for. This one is tough to diagnose.

        • Shannon

          I did do some research on Lupus. It seems it takes years and lots of tests to find it. There are a few different kinds.

      • Shannon

        Mitzi. Sorry about your back. Interesting how they didn’t offer you any pain meds. That must have been awful?
        I never read that there’s 2 kinds of Lupus…. interesting I must say.
        She didn’t seem to wear the magnetic thing to long, did she.
        Well anyways I’m open to seeing anything on Shanann commenting on the immense pain she had.
        But with Thriving, she felt Great….lol…no Meds needed here.
        Remember when pregnant We all get numerous blood tests.

      • atschmid5322

        Nothing in Shanann’s medical records has been released. Not one word. Given that SW apparently also claimed to have diabetes according to Nickole Atkinson, it would have been relevant to determine whether or not there was actual mention of even gestational diabetes in her medical records, but nothing. Chris would not have the power to seal anything.

        Also, no one is suggesting she was addicted to pain medication. Quite the opposite. But no Doctor would ever diagnose lupus without addressing pain management.

        Contrary to your impression, i would say this line of reasoning grows more and more credible and likely, especially for a passive narcissist who craves always being thought if as the good guy.

        • Shannon

          Chris Watts asked and got All Medical records Sealed.
          That’s why no Medical Records.
          As for Lupus, Shanann said that, not me.
          Maybe your confused?

  10. Diana

    SHANNON…When people take too much Oxycodone it causes respiratory distress which can then leads to not breathing. Once breathing stops you then go into cardiac distress.

    • Shannon

      My best friend died of a drug overdose, laying in an apt on the floor with her friggin boyfriend, she was breathing. I found her, called 911. He ran around like an Idiot hiding drugs. Hospital 1.5 months. At hospital with ODs they have a Wand they pass over the body, it tells them what drugs in system. The Only reason she lived in a vegetarian state was because she had visitors family almost 24/7.
      The cops didn’t even talk to him. Hard to prove, did he give her drugs or did She take them.
      If not they would have let her Die, days after coming in.
      Hospital’s have no Compassion for people on drugs. They could care less.
      That was 6 yrs ago.

      • atschmid5322

        Shannon, no offense, but you are a font of misinformation. Most of the things you’ve stated are absolutely false.

        Dilaudid, demerol, morphine yes. Oxycontin, no. What? Oxycontin is an opiate like any other opiate. The Sackler family, who developed a company similar to LeVel for MDs, claimed it was what they had been waiting for: an opiate that was time released, could not be used as heroin was used, and was not addictive. Lies, all lies. The differences between these opiates is merely strength, i.e., how concentrated they are and how tightly they bind to the opioid receptor. Oxycontin is actually at the low end of potency, and its coating does give it a slower release into the bloodstream when ingested orally, but it can be crushed, dissolved and injected like any other opiate. It has the same risks at overdose as any other drug and it causes death by respiratory failure as all of the opiates do.

        I’ll get to the other stuff later.

        • Shannon

          Don’t bother. My information is correct. Don’t waste my time.

      • Mustang Sally

        I’m going to agree with atschmid in regards to the prescription and medical information you have been stating, Shannon. As most of my rebuttal would begin with anecdotal narratives, I’ll leave it to atschmid to provide the facts. He/she appears to be properly educated in this field, unless I am mistaken.

        • nickvdl

          It’s unfortunate there is no definitive confirmation that Shan’ann had lupus. It may be that she had it and that she got over it [not clear if the disease works that way]. Another hole in the Discovery Documents, but perhaps this aspect was protected medical data.

          Guys, instead of attacking one another or belonging to one team, attack the merits of the case. That’s why we’re all here. What can we agree on? And what don’t we know that’s the reason we don’t agree?

      • Mustang Sally

        Shannon, for clarity: I think you have provided great psychological insights and perspectives which is why I qualified my statement regardinding medical and prescription information only. Absolutely no personal attack intended nor teaming up against you! 🙂

      • Mustang Sally

        Nick 👍

      • mitzi2006

        I was offered pain meds, but everything except OxyContin, even if they had offered oxy I would not have taken that, so much bad about that drug. I so far have just taken T3, I’m terribly afraid of pain meds as they all can be addictive. The fusion she had is permanent, the hardware is often removed as soon as vertebrae is healed or when the hardware becomes dislodged. Fusions are tricky because the vertebrae above it or below it are likely to cause problems eventually because they pick up the work for the fused one. Don’t think I ever read why she had a fusion as her neck wasn’t broke, thinking she probably had disc problems that affected her arm. You’d have to have a major incentive cause those surgeries are tough and take a long time to heal. Feel bad that she needed to take that route at such a young age already

  11. Diana

    *Cardiac arrest can follow cardiac distress. Accidently posted my comment before I could finish. Nick you figure out everything else, figure out how we can correct our posts without writing a correction like this lol!

    • Shannon

      Upon reading: like I said
      Oxy is like Hillbilly Heroin when cooked.
      Symptoms of drug OD.
      Imbalance to certain brain controlled -breathing.
      Profound heart rate- like dying in your sleep.
      Seizures, choking.
      Blueish fingernails, lips.
      Loss of consciousness.
      Limp weak muscles.
      No where does it State a heart attack or heart distress.

      • Shannon

        All this comes from documents and internet.
        I’m not wrong.
        As for 5322.
        My information is correct. Yours isn’t.

      • mitzi2006

        Oh, is the magnetic thing you’re talking about the brace on her neck? No, she wouldn’t have worn it very long. They only brace fusions to prevent too much movement of the spine until it’s healed enough. Your muscles weaken badly if you leave them on too long. They are very uncomfortable and restrictive too. I couldn’t wait to get rid of mine

    • CBH

      Really should be able to edit comments on a forum. It’s very difficult here as you can’t.

      • nickvdl

        It’s great that you guys want to edit your comments. Unfortunately this WordPress template doesn’t allow it.

        As a former magazine journalist I was required to send 1000 to 2000 articles on spec, and if they were littered with factual, spelling or grammatical errors, they were simply sent back for me to fix. I quickly learned to get in the habit of writing fairly accurately first time, and then reviewing briefly before sending.

        Pretty soon my work was basically published as is because most editors assumed the writing was 100% correct [and so, they stopped doing their jobs as editors, or grew lazy].

        We live in the social media age now where messages are written and published instantly, often with errors. All I can say is, this is a site that distinguishes itself by being thoughtful. So in the time you take to review a comment, you may have second-thoughts about your comment if/when you read it through, about what you really want to say, and how you want to say it.

        A lot of feedback I’ve been getting isn’t only to praise the content of this site, but the quality and the information in the discussions under them. So keep up the good work!

    • Pasha

      That’s what I meant when I stated “cardiac arrest” but I think some people got confused and thought I meant “heart attack” but the two terms are definitely not synonymous. Overdose would lead to CNS depression which would lead to respiratory depression which would lead to sinus bradycardia which leads to cardiac arrest if left untreated.

  12. Sylvester

    That basement is shocking. It’s organized clutter. There appears to be two of everything. Or more. All of that stuff is a product of compulsive shopping – and now of course you can order online and don’t have to actually go into a store. Once can just glance at that basement to see there was a problem in the family – not only the need to have stuff but to put it in bins and label the bins and keep buying more. They never would have been able to finish the basement, where would they have put all of the stuff.

    • Mustang Sally

      I can recall seeing a picture Nick recently posted of Bella in their pantry and I was a bit shocked at the personalized baskets labeling items for organization. It just seemed like such wasteful spending. Then again, who am I to judge what they chose to spend their money on.

      • CBH

        Well, it sure got them into a mess.

      • Mustang Sally

        That’s for sure!

    • mitzi2006

      Likely a lot of it is from having 5 Christmas trees, seriously who needs 5 Christmas trees and who the heck wants that many. I have trouble getting one set up and taken down and all put away properly lol. Not sure where they’d even use them all as the basement wasn’t finished. Ok, if anyone has 5 trees please don’t beat me up, I’m 59 and probably older than you energetic ones

  13. Shannon

    Mustang Sally.
    Did you read the info above about Lupus?
    Symptoms and drugs.
    The girls story?
    I don’t remember Shanann saying anything like this girl did, or her family.

    • Mustang Sally

      Shannon, I have a sister and a very good friend who both suffer with Lupus. My sister, in particular, would be the first person to attempt avoidance and denial of the disease as she has always practiced good fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It was a blow to her sense of self to have to accept the realities Of Lupus in her life. She certainly has not let it define her and doesn’t let it get her down…but to answer your questions, yes, I know a lot about the disease and the girls’ stories.

      I also have my own personal experiences that are very relevant (I do not have Lupus nor any experience with an MLM); although, I try to keep them in perspective while studying, reading about, as well as contributing to the discussion of this case.

      • Shannon

        You believe whatever you want. I could care less. You seem to flutter all over the place, anyways.

      • Mustang Sally

        Lol how so?

  14. Maura

    Shan’ann had a disease, Lupus, that can come and go. We don’t know if she took medication daily or only when symptoms flared up. If she was working for a pharma company she would not have been allowed to say in her Marketing Videos that Thrive cured her Lupus per FDA regulations.

    Level should have trained their sales people in what they aren’t allowed to claim about the products. Because SW was not an employee their Legal dept. would get around this if sued. When her Lupus was in remission Shan’ann may have believed Thrive helped her.

    Since Shan’ann was pregnant she wasn’t taking her pain medication. Chris could access her stash to murder the kids. Oxycontin is not supposed to be given to kids under age 12. Also, it’s not to be mixed with adults who take asthma medication. The kids took asthma medication. Overdosing the kids would have been the easiest method of killing them.

    By disposing of the children in the tanks, Chris knew the oil would disperse the deadly drugs, if the bodies were found, and not show up in autopsy results. They were saturated in oil for 4 days.

    He also had a gas can and a lighter in his truck. Did he douse the bodies to make them slip in the tanks? Or, if he couldn’t get them in the tanks, would he have burned their remains? He chose not to bury them to hide both their bodies and his method of death.

  15. Shannon

    It’s quite Oblivious 5322 you can not read right.

  16. Sylvester

    Back somewhere in the early 90’s fibromyalgia was a common diagnosis for somewhat vague muscle pain. I don’t recall any drug such as “Oxycontin” then, but hydrocodone and vicodin were prescribed for it. All of a sudden it became a popular illness! I had a friend who was addicted to all manner of opioids, and she said she had fibromyalgia. It’s another one of those illnesses that are tough to pin down. What causes it, are you born with it, can diet help keep it under control, etc. Sha’nann said she thought she had fibromyalgia in her young adult years. Then she was diagnosed with Lupus. She was also in a serious car accident where her forehead was cut with glass. It’s really unfortunate how many citizens we have who are always coming down with something serious. Sha’nann could have been psychophysiologically impaired – it’s a little different from psychosomatic, in that you aren’t imagining symptoms, you really do have them,there is an actual physical manifestation of the symptoms – but psychological treatment is still in order because you should find out why you continually? Why all of the time? And are you psychologically causing all of the impairments to your health – of course you have to want to get to the bottom of it and it’s hard, when you truly believe there is always something physically wrong with you. And it would be unbelievably tough for the person living with the intermittently ill person. At some point it becomes a racket, it’s used to manipulate and dominate the other. It’s a poor me I’m sick racket.

  17. Sylvester

    One more thing – I read, in the documents, that Leonard King said when he and S. were married he was the one in favor of couples therapy, or marriage counseling. And it was she who wanted nothing to do with it. He said she would come home late, or not at all. This may have been the “Dirty South” years. That she resisted therapy then but continued to manifest the same personality disorders – in fact I think they escalated – her manic interest in building her Thrive business, perhaps passing on her or projecting her preoccupation with illness on to her daughters, her constant need to control, label and organize her environment are all things that would have come up in therapy had she gotten it with Leonard, her first husband, and most definitely would have come up with her second husband, Chris, but it would have been a very difficult road to recovery, had she been open to it. And of course, we know she didn’t get that chance.

    • Mustang Sally

      Sylvester, do you think it could have been Chris with the OCD tendencies and she was trying to cater to his needs for that orderliness? I posit this as the domains that were exclusively hers such as her purse, office, nightstand drawer and closet where not obsessively tidy while his areas still seemed to be. He also seemed to be cumpulsive about household tasks. They didn’t all seem to be at her behest. I’ve long suspected that it was Chris with the actual OCD. I’m wondering how her controlling nature, fiscal irresponsibility, and desire to live beyond their means played against his obsessions…and I’m not referring to just NK.

      • Sylvester

        Very good point Mustang Sally. He does seem to be a compulsive cleaner, neat freak and health nut (don’t you just love all of the name-calling I’m doing). I think he was double dipping into those Thrive products too – losing an incredible amount of weight in a short amount of time, it was like he was on a speed high via all of the products. And it could be that her sloppiness with the finances galled him no end but he wasn’t going to do anything about it while it was happening because of the passivity – allowing her to be in charge, wear the pants – until he ultimately took her life. All of her attention was on Le-Vel.

      • mitzi2006

        I’ve always questioned too whether she had OCD. There was a lot of closet floors that were a mess, and so was her office, nightstand and no one with OCD in my opinion would have that much stuff on bathroom vanities. OCD sufferers usually have rituals as well. I’m wondering if shanann kept the parts you could see super clean, especially being she was trying to sell how highly efficient she was. She often gave the rundown of what she accomplished that day which I found strange, like who cares if you vacuumed and did three loads of laundry by 8? My closets are cleaner than hers and I certainly don’t have OCD as I can leave a closet not tidied up if I’m not feeling so great and it doesn’t bother me. She was very proud when her friends remarked on her clean house and how they wanted to be like her when they grew up, I found it sad that their remark was so uplifting to her

      • sheis

        *butting in* Whoa, Mustang Sally, you really hit it. As you perfectly put it, her personal domains were messy.

        Not that Shanann was a slob by any means, but I think that Chris was absolutely the one who cared more and did more. There’s a FB post where she is holding a bottle of rug shampoo and says that Chris asked her to buy it so he could clean the carpeting while she was away at a Thrive conference.

        I think she benefited from his diligence and claimed it as her own, self-effacingly calling herself “OCD”, but I don’t think that was true. I think she liked things to be neat and orderly, as it enhanced her “supermom” image, but she took the credit. And anything he wasn’t good at – like doing the girls’ hair – she pointed out publicly and giggled at.

        I was pretty astonished at how messy her office and closet were.

  18. Maura

    Maybe he was compulsively neat too as the house didn’t look like toddlers lived there. Regarding her purse, office and nightstand drawer we are seeing pictures/videos of them after her death. Chris could have searched them to look for cash she may have kept there. She was away a lot so I bet he was the last one to use her office.

    • Mustang Sally

      Good points, Maura.

    • JC

      And everywhere he searched in the house for hidden cash, he found more bills and mounting debt instead. It did look as though he had rifled through some of the paperwork in the office. July 2018 was the summer of his awakening, but not in the positive, spiritual sense. If he had been capable of revelation, he would have seen the MLM monster for what is was and how it was largely responsible for his world collapsing, along with the runaway spending. He couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Talk about misplaced blame and embracing the enemy…he needed a big time intervention.

      • Maura

        Also, he didn’t care about leaving her office a mess that weekend she was away because she wasn’t going to be around to see it.

  19. Sylvester

    On 8/11 at 1230 she asked him to lock her office. He replied “definitely” yet it didn’t appear to be locked when Officer Coonrod came in with his flashlight and bodycam. He may have been rifling through her desk, and obviously didn’t lock it as instructed. Or he may have then unlocked it. He may have caused the mess while looking for something. Bottom line is I think they were both neatniks in general.

  20. Bumblebee

    I was also thinking that Chris just didn’t realize he couldn’t get an RX refill on a controlled substance….as you previously could. (Bottle probably still said 1 refill) He then probably only had a limited amount & since Bella was larger/older, the dose may not have been as effective on her as it was on the smaller girl. She may have been sedated, but still breathing well, and he had to manually covered her mouth & nose with his hand to cause her to suffocate….and she still fought. Cece was overdosed, or she was so unaware that it didn’t take much to suffocate her small nose/mouth by hand.

  21. Nixer

    How do you passively delete your browser history?

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